1. bajisima

    Former tv host Dylan Ratigan loses his primary

    Kind of surprised actually. He is well known in this district. Democratic congressional candidate Dylan Ratigan gained the second most votes at the primary polls Tuesday and gave two press conferences on the front lawn of the North Elba Town Hall, looking back on the race and ceding the victory...
  2. the watchman

    Fox Host Defends Trump’s Border Policy: ‘These Aren’t Our Kids’.

    direct quote....yeah, he actually went there. Fox Host Defends Trump: ?These Aren?t Our Kids?
  3. DebateDrone

    World Cup 2026: United States, Canada and Mexico Win Bid to Be Host

    Awesome!!! The New US President can use the Cup to repair all the damage caused by Trump. 2026 World Cup - US-Mexico-Canada joint bid wins FIFA hosting vote Thank You FIFA for making North America Great Again.
  4. BoiseBo

    Kim Jong Un offers to host peace talks between the US and Canada

    He's a giver! :angel:
  5. C

    [GW #110] MSNBC host Joy Reid may be lying when she denies gay slurs The Internet Archive website, which takes images of layouts of popular websites and archives them for viewing, is rebutting claims by liberal MSNBC host Joy Reid, who claimed...
  6. DebateDrone

    Who Is Jamie Allman? Conservative TV Host Resigns After Threatening Parkland Survivor

    Another loser bites the dust after threatening Parkland kid. Conservatives have a lack of control.
  7. D

    Mike Pence's hometown to host its first gay pride festival, with high school senior a

    Mike Pence's hometown to host its first gay pride festival, with high school senior at helm By Maureen Groppe, USA TODAY ==================================================== Is Pence going to attend the celebration? He should! The LGBT Community has invested much not only in his...
  8. T

    Melania Trump to host tech leaders at White House

    Melania Trump is meeting with tech leaders in order to discuss her sadly laughable campaign agaisnt cyberbullying. Indeed, the woman marred to the fellow who routinely attacks others on social media somehow has the temerity to at least prance about pretending to take a stand against the very...
  9. Amelia

    NE Wisconsin Talk Show Host Jerry Bader

    I should say former northeastern Wisconsin talk show host, Jerry Bader. He lost his job for occasionally criticizing Trump. I listened sometimes -- not as much as I once did -- but if I was in the car at that time. I heard some of the Trump criticisms. They didn't seem excessive. They...
  10. Dittohead not!

    Fox News host Shepard Smith chastised President Donald Trump

    Fox News' Shep Smith Smacked Down Trump for Not Going After Russia for Election Meddling
  11. T

    'Fox & Friends' host slams WH for Porter hire: 'You got burned'

    Our state media and our president's source of thought seems to have turned on him a bit. Indeed, Fox and Friends, normally lavishly gushing over the president's very being is critical of the Porter situation. That must have made for an uncomfortable morning for the president, having his...
  12. jacobfitcher

    CNN Host Tells Holocaust-Denying Congress Candidate: 'You'll Go Down In Flames'

    A Republican candidate for an Illinois seat in Congress on Thursday openly denied the Holocaust and said, “You jews media, you’ve gone absolutely nuts,” during an appearance on CNN’s “New Day.” Arthur Jones, the self-described former leader of the American Nazi Party, called the Holocaust...
  13. the watchman

    msnbc having a difficult day after firing of lauer. this isn't going to be fair. But, every time I've caught MSNBC today I've heard a host say how "difficult" a day is for them. Of course, they disclaim that by...
  14. A

    Fox News show host ticketed for 119 mph

    Jeanine Pirro was busted for speeding at well over 100 mph. Disgusting disrespect for the law. Hope she loses here license.
  15. Dittohead not!

    Fox News guest storms off show after host refuses to accept simple tax math

    Fox News guest storms off show after host refuses to accept simple tax math Numbers don't count, according to Fox, if they draw conclusions that they don't agree with.
  16. D

    'Morning Joe' host Scarborough officially leaves GOP

    'Morning Joe' host Scarborough officially leaves GOP - ABC News By The Associated Press ================================= Yet another Republican fleeing from his political party but who can blame him? What has his party done that deserves his full support? Apparently nothing. Expect...
  17. R

    ANTIFA terrorists threaten Daily Show host with guillotine for comparing them to ISIS

    Wow, they're showing their true colors and further marginalizing themselves from the mainstream: For the first time in a long while, the TV zombie that is The Daily Show got...
  18. PACE

    Fox news host gets death threats for speaking out against Trump

    Eboni K. Williams Has Received Death Threats Since ?Docket? Segment | Variety Yes, the free speechers are at it again, death threats? enough for Fox to add extra security to escort her into the building? Okay, reconcile this one one folks, do you condemn those who do this?
  19. bajisima

    Los Angeles will host 2028 Olympics

    The city has struck a deal with the International Olympic Committee to host the games. "LA 2024 and the Olympic Organizing Committee have worked out a deal for Los Angeles to host the 2028 Olympic Games," said spokeswoman Caolinn Mejza. "The LA City Council will hold an ad-hoc meeting on...
  20. Southern Dad

    Airbnb Host Discriminate?

    Airbnb is a home sharing program that allows people to rent out their house or apartment for short term rentals. The person who is providing the home approves or disapproves the potential renter. The story gives examples where a black man was unable to find a rental in a city but his white...