1. BigLeRoy

    I Am Leaving Political Hotwire.

    If anyone wishes to know why, they may contact HCProf. Fare thee well, everyone.
  2. R

    @All the ladies on Political Hotwire.....

    (Married ones, especially....) Just thought I would share the sentiments of the "stronger" sex:
  3. GordonGecko

    A sad prediction for Political Hotwire as it relates to Trump polls or potential loss

    If the Trump polls maintain their current level (or even worsen).... and DEFINITELY if Trump loses on November 8th.....I predict that.... apart from those few #NeverTrumper Conservatives here (Naming names: Wonderer, Crusher, Macduff) and a few "secret" Trump fans who "play it cool" and...
  4. pragmatic

    2015 Hotwire Fantasy Football Discussion and Smack Talk thread

    OK.....for the sake of clarity/separation lets get the 2015 season started off with a clean slate. Plus the fact that the 2014 season really, really, sucked and in Chicago we would sorta like forget about it. Immediate topic is Jets and his loss of a quarterback (which was prolly a blessing...
  5. kmiller1610

    Is society as oppositional as Political Hotwire?

    Is the real world defined by opposing factions or are we a distortion of real world politics?
  6. pragmatic

    2014 Hotwire Fantasy Football Discussion and Smack Talk thread....

    2014 PH Fantasy Football League "Hotwire Challenge" - ROSTER 1 CMAF Canadian Mafia East Dr.Gently Seraphima 2 ALOP Team alope East jackalope @mrjack 3 Joe Dumpster Divers East metheron 4 STIE Team Stiemsma West steezer 5 PMPK Lordof Pumpkins West @pumpkin I mean Mordent I mean...
  7. Ronin Tetsuro

    Political Hotwire: The Home Of Partisan Hackery

    So I'm chillin, reading my birthday emails... And I get a happy little note from PH saying Happy State Enslavement Day and junk, and I figure "Hey, there's a name I haven't seen in a while... I'll mosey on over when I get some free time." So I log in and holy fucking cats on fire did I...
  8. R

    A Dramatic imitation of life in Political Hotwire:
  9. Martingale

    Hello Political Hotwire

    Greetings All! Got interested in discussing politics online while frequenting the comments section of the Los Angeles times. Wanted to give this v bulletin style discussion a try. Hope i don't ruffle too many feathers:smileydrink:
  10. jpsartre12

    Wandering around in the intellectual wilderness, I stumbled upon Hotwire

    Since I've already made a dozen or more posts since yesterday, I figured I'd better back up and introduce myself. I'm a long-time devotee of internet forums, having been active in over a dozen since starting out. I'm such an old timer, in fact, that I can recall debating in AOL's Newsroom...
  11. O

    Hola Political Hotwire

    Hello there! New member here for some rousing debate and discussion, and hopefully more civility than the other political forums I've taken part in before.
  12. the watchman

    Hello Hotwire.

    Been here a few day. True to my name, I've just been watching trying to figure out if I want to commit to posting here on a regular basis. Ya see *tears up* , I've been hurt so many times on other politicalforums, and I don't want to be hurt again..LOL. The last one the moderators were the...
  13. Dr.Knuckles

    The Political Hotwire Labour Union of Foriegners (PHLUF) - join here.

    I am starting a Union to represent the wants, needs and expectations of non-US members of Political Hotwire. This collective bargaining unit will be voluntary to join, have no dues, and is open to all who want to see if we can attract a wider variety of English speakers to this website. It is...
  14. B

    Political Hotwire has never looked better:

    The place looks great! I missed it.
  15. S

    Political Hotwire Rules

    Rules 1. Insulting, rude, or offensive posts are not allowed. If the PH staff feels that you are a disruption to healthy debate your posting priviliges may be restricted or revolked. 2. Racism will not be tolerated. If it is believed that your agenda is to promote hate your privliges may be...
  16. S

    The Welcome To Political Hotwire Thread.

    This thread is for giving a generic welcome to new members. I'd like this thread to be helpfull for anyone considering membership, or to those who have already decided to participate. I'd like the senior members to offer advice on debate tactics, or anything else that you can think of that would...
  17. G

    Hello Political Hotwire

    I doubt I'll get a response to this thread anytime tonight, considering the fact that the Superbowl is on, and many people are watching it right now (myself included, GO COLTS). At any rate, I'm happy to be the newest member at this site. Posting my political views here is certainly an upgrade...
  18. M

    Howdy Hotwire!

    Hey guys, I am new here. In case you couldn't figure out the name, I am a moderate conservative from the only liberal city in Texas that isn't located along the border. There are a lot of misconceptions about Austin and its Austinites, so let me answer a few questions for those of you that may...
  19. S

    Political Hotwire n00b.

    Hello there forumers. I'd like to introduce myself, I'm Specialized. I browsed, I liked, I'll contribute. Thank you.