1. cpicturetaker12

    TRUMP tweets x 3 in the past hour! Noose tightening??

    Humm, 3 in an hour? Is that his norm? Anyway, any shrink on the planet would tell you this man is obsessing! PS. Anyone know if Melania is down here with him? Showing results for twitter trump tonight Donald J. Trump Twitter › realDonaldTrump ...a tool of anti-Trump political actors...
  2. cpicturetaker12

    DEPUTY FBI DIRECTOR just got out of 8 hour HOUSE INTEL COMTE over 'bias'...

    Eight hours by the HOUSE? To grill him for POLITICAL or FBI BIAS against Trump? I'd love to be a fly on the wall for that one! FBI deputy grilled by House Intel amid concerns over bias BY KATIE BO WILLIAMS - 12/19/17 10:54 PM EST 13 © Victoria Sarno Jordan FBI Deputy Director Andrew...
  3. the watchman

    bout an hour away from first Virginia exit polling...any predictions.

    it's a good chance for me to walk the cat. Nice day, too. Couple of place around here I wanted to explore. My prediction is bad news for Trump. Northam squeaks by a couple of points.
  4. bajisima

    USAF considers putting B52s back on 24 hour alert

    Interesting. The U.S. Air Force is preparing to put nuclear-armed bombers back on 24-hour ready alert, a status not seen since the Cold War ended in 1991. That means the long-dormant concrete pads at the ends of this base’s 11,000-foot runway — dubbed the “Christmas tree” for their angular...
  5. Blueneck

    Alleged 91 Hour Erection Results In Lawsuit

    Wow, 91 hours. :f_yikes: Hard to imagine. https://www.forbes.com/sites/brucelee/2017/10/21/alleged-91-hour-erection-results-in-lawsuit/#402e14cf7a75
  6. bajisima

    $2 an hour employees making luxury SUVs

    Auto worker Ivan Flores spends his days transporting parts for U.S.-bound Audi SUVs at a plant in central Mexico, but he laughs when asked if he could ever buy one of the $40,000 Q5 SUVs the plant produces on his $2.25 per hour salary. "For us it is a dream to buy a Q5; we never could," said...
  7. the watchman

    hillary live on Rachel in about an hour.

    just in case you're interested. Maddow got her. HRC is doing her book tour. But, Rachel Maddow is known for asking the tough questions and conducting quality interviews.
  8. Monk-Eye

    Feminist Muslim 24 Hour Police Protection After Founding Liberal Mosque In Germany

    " 'You Will Die!' Feminist Muslim Gets 24 Hour Police Protection After Founding Liberal Mosque In Germany " * Sexually Consternated Cult Contests Lofted Rear End Wafting Mosque Swingers * It seems this woman is living by a code that if you cannot beat them , then join them , then attempt to...
  9. Eve1

    Anybody get a better paying job or making more per hour yet

    So Trump has tweeted that he is creating lots of good paying jobs. Anybody been lucky enough to land one or get a raise because of Trump or even more hours because of Trump yet?
  10. DebateDrone

    Animals that KILLED their Son in a 12 hour Beating, in the name of God, get Prison

    Parents Sentenced in Beating Death of Son at Word of Life Church
  11. cpicturetaker12

    One hour ago, a new attorney general was sworn in....

    Why? Isn't Sessions do for a vote in the next couple of days? Did they know by firing the acting one, all hell was going to break loose, let's get someone in there TONIGHT? I'm trying to find a story put up to link... Jezzusf'gchrist!!!! This is NOT funny people.
  12. Puzzling Evidence

    Dan Snyder has 11th hour meeting with board of advisers to see if he can buy SB win

    Options include Last minute signing of Entire New England team including new rule to allow for deflated footballs. Also, Redskins are actually considering signing a real live nose-tackle, since they are still a 3-4 defensive team WITH NO ACTUAL NOSE TACKLE. (Kind of reminds me of the movie...
  13. Spookycolt

    Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos Loses $3 Billion In An Hour

    I can't even imagine playing at this level. Does money even matter at this point or is it just a game? Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos Loses $3 Billion In An Hour After Amazon Misses On Earnings
  14. Howey

    Trump's Lies In One Hour

    In front of America's veterans and the world to see. 1. Threatening To Fire Generals Trump called for firing most, if not all, of the current military brass, and actively ridiculed their experience and judgement. “I think under the leadership Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, the...
  15. bajisima

    Explosion at Cape Canaveral

    Looks to be a SpaceX rocket. SpaceX rocket explodes at Cape Canaveral hours before launch
  16. Dr.Knuckles

    Obama to address Parliament in an hour

    In about an hour Obama will become the 6th US President to address the CAN Parliament in Ottawa. He's there, along with the Mexican President for the "Three Amigos" summit. I was too young to remember Reagan's addresses, he did it twice, but I do remember Clinton. He absolutely charmed the...
  17. GordonGecko

    Late hour poll shows Trump up by 10 points in Wisconsin-

    POLL SHOCK. Donald Trump Leads by 10 Points In Wisconsin. Trump Says He Will Win | RedState Let's hope this is true. It would be a stunning defeat, not only for Cruz (who would be seen as "losing a sure thing"), but the anti-Trump Establishment. They've hyped Trump losing in Wisconsin as...
  18. S

    Trump: Gaffe of the Hour

    No, seriously. He really said this; it is not a joke story.
  19. bajisima

    Robots are coming for jobs that pay $20 an hour or less

    It’s intuitive that automation will take low-wage jobs. "But the White House, in its annual economic report of the president, has broken down just how much that is so. There’s an 83% chance that automation will take a job with an hourly wage below $20, a 31% chance automation will take a...
  20. Dr Sampson Simpson

    Sweden institutes 6 hour work day, meanwhile in America....

    Sweden introduces six-hour work day | Europe | News | The Independent We are being forced to work longer and longer hours, many not receiving overtime, for less and less pay and benefits. And people wonder why there are so many angry people in this country, so much violence. YOu can only...