1. excalibur

    McCaskill’s husband scored $131 million in federal housing contracts during her Senat

    Should be a big story, some real investigative reporting. Will it die with this story? McCaskill’s husband scored $131 million in federal housing contracts during her Senate tenure What a difference a Senate seat makes, eh? Before Claire McCaskill won Missouri’s Senate race in 2006...
  2. ptif219

    Florida lawmakers kept from entering facility housing immigrant children

    Stupid democrats think they can do anything they want. They must learn to follow the law and protocol and the rules This is whyNelson will lose this year https://www.clickorlando.com/news/florida-lawmakers-kept-from-entering-facility-housing-immigrant-children
  3. Friday13

    Ben Carson: Triple rents for housing assistance

    This "man" who grew up on welfare and every kind of government assistance believes that no one else should have the benefits that he received. Another tRump admin monster. Ben Carson wants to triple rents for low-income Americans with housing assistance
  4. bajisima

    CA proposed tax break measure to ease housing crunch

    Interesting. A proposed ballot initiative in California could encourage older homeowners with larger homes to downsize and move to other counties, freeing homes for younger families and potentially easing the state's chronic housing shortage. A state analysis of the proposed initiative...
  5. HayJenn

    Kushner Cos. filed false NYC housing paperwork

    NEW YORK (AP) — When the Kushner Cos. bought three apartment buildings in a gentrifying neighborhood of Queens in 2015, most of the tenants were protected by special rules that prevent developers from pushing them out, raising rents and turning a tidy profit. But that’s exactly what the company...
  6. Amelia

    Federal judge blocks delay of rule to help low-income people obtain housing

    Federal judge blocks delay of rule to help low-income people obtain housing HUD offered no valid reason to delay implementation of a rule to help poor people find housing. And they didn't post the planned delay for notice and comment which would have been required absent of some other...
  7. Sassy

    In Texas, a high-end housing community designed for doomsday.

    Holy shit, this is COOL! In Texas, a high-end housing community designed for doomsday. https://www.curbed.com/2017/1/4/14165188/bunker-prepper-doomsday-development-trident-lakes
  8. Babba

    House flippers triggered the US housing market crash

    It was NOT subprime borrowers. Blaming the poor was always stupid and tinged with racism. House flippers triggered the US housing market crash, not poor subprime borrowers
  9. T

    Trump seeks sharp cuts to housing aid, except for program that brings him millions

    Look at for number one, don't step in number two. Someone in the administration is looking out for Trump's bottom line. Indeed, cutting funding for housing, but not the funding that trump made $5,000,000 off of last year. That part stays...
  10. T

    Trump appoints family event planner to oversee NY federal housing: report

    You know, I am starting to think this Trump fellow was a bit full of crap when he touted his managerial and business acumen. Latest case in point. An event planner appointed to oversee federal housing in New York. I mean, she claims to have a law degree but appears to not have graduated from...
  11. D

    Lesbian couple wins housing discrimination suit in Colorado

    Another VICTORY for LGBT Rights In Housing Right Next to the Previous One With Regard to Employment! A Federal Court has once again affirmed the rights of LGBT Citizens and courts are making more and more rulings that recognize the rights of those citizens who, after all, are innocent and just...
  12. BigLeRoy

    George W. Bush WAS The Number One CHEERLEADER For The Housing Bubble!

    How ANYONE in their right minds can deny this after reading the following is utterly beyond me: Expanding Home Ownership "This Administration will constantly strive to promote an ownership society in America. We want more people owning their own home. It is in our national interest that more...
  13. BAZINGA DrumpF

    AG Sessions rescinds ban, orders Bureau of Prisons to spend 3X more housing them!

    AG Sessions rescinds memorandum that directed the Bureau of Prisons to decline to renew private prison contracts. Attorney General Jeff Sessions has rescinded an Obama-era memo aimed at reducing and ultimately ending the Justice Department's use of private prisons. The memo, penned in August...
  14. reedak

    Hong Kong's failed housing policy

    Get Rea! S15 - Toggle Get Rea! S15 - EP7 The Long Wait 43 MINS By Channel NewsAsia Published: 14 Feb 2017 Audio: English Hong Kong can't build public housing fast enough. Families wait 5 to 8 years to get public housing. Singles, up to 30 years. Failed housing policy is one of Hong...
  15. T

    Saudi Arabia capable of housing a million + in vacant tent city.

    As Saudi Arabia faces mounting criticism for refusing to take in any of the millions of Syrians fleeing conflict in their homeland, it was revealed this weekend that the country has over 100,000 empty, air-conditioned tents that could house up to 3 million refugees. The tents, located...
  16. Rasselas

    Launching into another Housing Bubble

    It nearly brought down the economy nine years ago, but we're on our way to doing it again: http://www.wsj.com/articles/as-home-prices-rise-flippers-make-a-comeback-1482921000 I've already heard radio ads inviting homeowners to "cash out" their equity with a new mortgage. Trump and the GOP want...
  17. GordonGecko

    Ben Carson Warns That The Bible Makes No Mention Of Housing Or Urban Development-

    Ben Carson Warns That Bible Makes No Mention of Housing or Urban Development - The New Yorker :) See, here's the problem now. "Poe's Law" How can you REALLY tell that....that that's a parody....or if it's reality???
  18. C

    Ben Carson nominated for housing secretary

    Ben Carson nominated for housing secretary in Trump administration President-elect’s former rival for Republican presidential nomination says he can help in ‘making our inner cities great for everyone Donald Trump has nominated former opponent Ben Carson as the secretary of housing and...
  19. D

    Joe Biden Slams Donald Trump's Comment That Housing Crisis Was 'Good Business'

    Vice President Biden has hit the nail right on the head and is Spot-On with his comments on Trump. Who wants to see the housing market fail except Trump? But then again why should a Multi-Billionaire care about the Middle Class, the poor, minorities, women and other groups when he has absolutely...
  20. Madeline

    Elder Shoots Neighbors At Elder Housing Facility

    Wyoming senior resident 'shot 3 people before himself over poker game dispute' | Daily Mail Online Seems to me, this population presents some unique 2nd Amendment challenges. What say you? Should advanced age, alone, warrant closer scrutiny of gun ownership?