1. C

    What's Your Favorite Stupid Movie?

    I'm afraid Monty Python and the Holy Grail doesn't count. Too easy. For me it's Evolution. I've had the hots for David Duchovny for a couple decades now.
  2. Frecks1710

    Michelle Wolf’s humor

    Was anyone else offended? I think she stooped below low with her personal attacks on Sara Sanders and her remarks on abortion. She accomplished her goal: She made a name for herself. I wouldn’t be proud of that name
  3. bajisima

    Elon Musk finds humor in bad month for Tesla

    Funny tweets. Some thought they were real. After the worst month for Tesla Inc. shares in more than seven years, punctuated by company blog posts about the death of a Model X driver, Elon Musk is joking about his electric-car maker going bankrupt. “Despite intense efforts to raise money...
  4. M

    RIP Dick Gregory

    Dead at 84. Comedian and activist. Also a committed conspiracy theorist. 9-11 truther and JFK assassination CT believer.
  5. cpicturetaker12

    Class, character, INTELLIGENCE and HUMOR --Hillary speaking to her alma-mater

    Will put up a link as available. ON MSNBC real time. Don't know how long she has been into it.
  6. cpicturetaker12

    Gallows humor?? NIXON library tweets, "at least Nixon didn't fire the FBI director"

    I'm surprised that someone from the "Nixon library" Tweeted this but that's attribution in the article so I'm going with it!! The Nixon Library, however, drew an important distinction. "FUN FACT: President Nixon never fired the Director of the FBI #FBIDirector #notNixonian," it tweeted...
  7. zitiboy

    Part humor, part current events, classic

    This piece is imo one of the Onion's best submissions, it masquerades as humor but is as true and relevant as any news story. I consider it a classic and worthy of reposting from time to time. God Angrily Clarifies 'Don't Kill' Rule - The Onion - America's Finest News Source
  8. T

    Does ISIS have a sense of humor?

    You read just a sampling of quotes from our nation’s current administration and alleged “leaders” of the free world and you want to cry. Yet, I think in between beheadings and slaughters some ISIS militants might check out the internet and actually have a good raucous laugh amongst themselves...
  9. KnotaFrayed

    A break from politics.....with some humor..

  10. BDBoop

    Political humor on TV, in Movies

    If you recall any scenes that made you laugh out loud, relating to politics - my first example should give you a good idea what I'm talking about. I LOVE this guy.
  11. PACE

    Prety stupid thing to do; place obituary for Hillary Clinton as "humor"?

    Clinton obituary notice prompts Secret Service report | TheHill Dumb, in my view.
  12. Djinn

    Some unintentional humor from the Carson campaign

    The Carson campaign posted this to their Twitter and Facebook feeds - and then deleted it when they realized that the cartographer has no clue about the geography of New England, or the latitude of Maine. (Normal map for comparison)
  13. meridian5455

    White House/Cpollege Humor push debunked rape statistic

    White House/College Humor push debunked rape statistic If there are two things about which there is nothing funny at all, they are College Humor and sexual assault. And yet College Humor today served up a series of dead-serious tweets about rape, along with an allegedly humorous video starring...
  14. BDBoop

    Abortion humor

    I know there's gonna be a fair amount of unamusement, but this did crack me up. "Signed up to help at a pro-life bake sale. I'll be selling cups of uncooked batter and insisting that they're actually cupcakes."
  15. BDBoop

    Homophobia: A little humor

  16. R

    Game of Thrones Humor:

    WARNING: There may be Spoilers in these threads!!!! First off, a recap:
  17. godlessheathen

    Humor, Racism, Sexism. and SHIT it's ALL Funny

    People bitch about political correctness, I just don't get it Here's what I get. I'm white, my ancestors are fuckbags. Why should I give a damn? I love racist jokes. I love sexist jokes. I hate racists, I hate sexists. But there's no DIFFERENCE to a lot of people. It doesn't matter...
  18. Engine-Ear

    Apparently Kim Jong Un has no sense of humor

    The little dictator says that releasing this movie would be an act of war. I kinda want to see it. I guess little Kim doesn't realize his comments are the best publicity imaginable. Kim Jong Un Swears Retaliation if Seth Rogen The Interview Released - TIME
  19. Telecaster

    Political humor only off the top of my head...

    This thought came to my head after posting on Toldyaso's 'Father of Navy SEAL' thread... Isn't it funny how the Left, Progressives, and all-around Democrat/Obama diehards (also only occasionally called - "LWNJs") spend so much of their commentary of the Right using sophomoric insult and general...
  20. BoiseBo

    I hate posting John Oliver's excellent bit on death penalty under "humor"

    But you need to watch this segment from his new HBO show.. worth every second! John Oliver Talked About The Death Penalty For 12 Minutes On 'Last Week Tonight' & You Need To Watch All Of It