1. the watchman

    Trump Thinks He Can Convince Mueller's Team Their Own Investigation Is a Witch Hunt.

    President Donald Trump reportedly wants to meet with investigators working on special counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia probe because he believes he can convince them it is actually a “witch hunt.” The New York Times reported that Trump is pushing against the advice of his lawyers not to sit down...
  2. the watchman

    WH: Trump believes Mueller probe is a witch hunt ok, so if the Mueller investigators have proven there was no collusion why is Trump calling it a "witch hunt"?
  3. T

    Trump tweets 'WITCH HUNT' following his attacks on Mueller

    Is the president becoming increasingly unhinged? Trump appears to have started his Monday tweeting advertisements of sorts for Fox and Friends, then came a short verbal explosion where he screamed with hunt on Twitter, presumably regarding the Mueller investigation. While I ma of the mind the...
  4. Monk-Eye

    Should Big Game Hunters Be Able To Hunt Big Game Hunters Without Fear Of Prosecution?

    " Should Big Game Hunters Be Able To Hunt Big Game Hunters Without Fear Of Prosecution ? " * Animal Heads On The Wall * Yes ? No ? Why ? * Degenerates At Large * This one should register as a big game hunter and , because of the types of animals killed , get on the list of available...
  5. EnigmaO01

    Trump Tweets Independent Counsel is a Witch hunt

    I said this a long time ago: The man is his own worst enemy. If he could only learn to keep his mouth shut, but he can't. Can you imagine being on this guy's staff? I sure can't. Trump assails 'witch hunt' after naming of special counsel - ABC News
  6. D

    GOP, Dem foes of health care bill in scavenger hunt for copy

    Why Are Republicans Hiding? Are they that ashamed of their somewhat under development health bill? Why not be completely open and transparent with Democrats and other Republicans we just have to ask? Why all of the secrecy? What's Going On Here? As for Medicaid, Republicans need to equal...
  7. the watchman

    House Intel Chair says Trump-Russia ties can't become witch hunt.

    House Intelligence chairman Devin Nunes says Congress should not begin a McCarthy-style investigation based on news reports that a few Americans with ties to President Donald Trump had contacted Russians during the 2016 presidential campaign. “We just cannot go on a witch hunt,” Nunes told...
  8. cpicturetaker12

    Trump "PISSED" tweets fake news - a total witch hunt!

    Man that didn't take LONG! ‘You seem pissed’: Donald Trump drowned in derision after angrily denying he’s ‘compromised’ by Russia TRAVIS GETTYS 10 JAN 2017 Donald Trump angrily denounced reports that suggested Russia had gathered compromising information about him — and social media users...
  9. Southern Dad

    The Hunt for Hillary - SNL
  10. cpicturetaker12

    Judge refuses to make HILLARY testify under oath for ANOTHER RW witch hunt!

    Oh shit! Another opportunity to grill the 'BITCH' in front a RW entity. You know this many be a godsend. Every time they do it, she ends up with her numbers going up. This will be a Q&A behind closed doors. Judge says there's enough SHIT out there on the subject. They can use that...
  11. ptif219

    Hillary Clinton referred to Jews, others using slurs, Bill's ex-lover claims

    Once again we see who hates the disabled and who the racist party is Hillary Clinton referred to Jews, others using slurs, Bill's ex-lover Dolly Kyle claims | Daily Mail Online
  12. BAZINGA DrumpF

    WANTED! Dog abuser in Highland! 30+German Shepherds, live dogs abandon! Owner Hunt On

    More than 30 German shepherd-mix dogs were removed from a Highland residence on Monday. Animal control received a call about abandoned animals and left a notice at the residence for the owner to contact them, said Greg Beck, program manager for San Bernardino County Animal Care and Control...
  13. bajisima

    Easter egg hunt turns into a riot

    See this happening more and more with parents at their kids sporting events, plays and such. No wonder Trump is popular. "According to Pez, event organizers placed more than 9,000 eggs on three different fields. The goal was to have staggered starts for each age group. “When it came time at...
  14. cpicturetaker12

    GOUDY formally endorses Rubio. SHOULD that be the end of BENGHAZI witch hunt??

    Seemingly from this article that is not the case. So if the INVESTIGATOR who still has his Benghazi committee open and ENDORSES (any) A CANDIDATE running against HIS PRIME TARGET, then this NON-PARTISAN, 'sticking only to the facts maam' prosecutor is lying through his skinny PARTISAN WEASLY...
  15. PACE

    Lions dont' need licenses to hunt,

    Feel bad for the dogs, the humans? they are replaceable Lion hunter killed by a lion during an illegal hunt
  16. BoiseBo

    Need more evidence that Ben Ghazi is a Clinton witch hunt?

    Look no further my friend. Zippy the Pinhead and his bogus Select Committee are dead. Trey Gowdy Focusing On Hillary Clinton Allies In Closed Benghazi Committee Interviews
  17. GoaTlOver

    Hillary Clinton email witch hunt getting surreal

    Hillary Clinton email witch hunt getting surreal Hillary Clinton email witch hunt getting surreal: Column I've always liked always know where he is coming from. Sort of like the Left's version of Karl Rove, and just like Rove, you can count on not believing much of what he says...
  18. B

    A Shameful Climate Witch Hunt

    A Shameful Climate Witch Hunt - Rich Lowry - POLITICO Magazine libs... flummoxed by,well, pretty much everything.
  19. BoiseBo

    Zombie Dr. Jonas Salk returns from the grave to hunt idiots

    Don't limit your hunt to Christie and Paul Dr. Salk .. Michele Bachmann's brain won't be filling, but could make for a lovely appetizer! Zombie Jonas Salk Rises from Grave to Hunt Idiots - The New Yorker
  20. Use Caution

    THE GREAT Christian HUNT in Middle East? Levels down over 100 years, needs restock'g!

    You are being redirected... christians seem to be Disappearing from the Middle East? christian population in CRAZY Muslim Middle East lands have plunged from 20% a century ago, to less than 5% today and it's falling fast STILL. Would chopping off christian kids head, if it does not turn to...