1. Oscar99

    Martial law, FEMA camps, new 9-11 invesrigation, hyper-inflation, on its way!!!!

    All the signs are there!! any month now, any week now, any day now.......martial law will be declared!! or FEMA camps will be open and hundreds of thousands of Americans will be imprisoned!! or there will be a new federal 9-11 investigation!!! or the USA will suffer hyper-inflation!!!! or...
  2. muffins

    Primed for Hyperinflation?

    Just a thought that trickled into the concious side of my synaptic array today. Washington's Blog An unimaginable $16 trillion (that's trillion with a 't') printed into existence and loaned out into the wider economy, where it sits, ready and waiting, on the balance sheets of the banks. $16...
  3. conservative

    Explanation of our Future: Hyper-Inflation

    Any guesses on how much we have increased the money supply?
  4. conservative

    The Worst Episode of Hyperinflation in History

    The Worst Episode of Hyperinflation in History: Yugoslavia 1993-94 Under Tito Yugoslavia ran a budget deficit that was financed by printing money. This led to rates of inflation of 15 to 25 percent per year. After Tito the Communist Party pursued progressively more irrational economic...
  5. conservative

    The Joys of Hyperinflation

    The Joys of Hyperinflation Credit isn’t wealth. A lot of people are discovering that the hard way. Welcome to the credit deflation prelude to hyperinflation. During a credit deflation, things get cheaper. Without lines of credit, people can’t bid things up and prices fall to their...
  6. michaelr

    Hyperinflation Nation

    You have to take the 27 minutes and watch this video, do not believe your cable news, they only leak the truth when it serves their purpose. Hyperinflation is coming, Bush tripled the money supply during his reign of terror, and Obama doubled that in just his first year of his reign of terror...
  7. M

    “Examiner Editorial: Get Ready for Obama’s Coming Hyperinflation,â€

    “Examiner Editorial: Get Ready for Obama’s Coming Hyperinflation,†San Francisco Examiner It is sad that such an article has to be published in the OP-Ed section of the paper, hell it is fact. The money machines have been running full speed, China is trading the dollar for gold, copper...
  8. C

    Depression and Hyperinflation Examinations

    Adrian Salbuchi an Argentinian International analyst, who has lived through three hyper-inflationary periods in Argentine history, discusses the American future. YouTube - Salbuchi - Global Financial Collapse - Part 1 YouTube - Salbuchi - Global Financial Collapse - Part 2 Thomas Woods...
  9. C

    Our Future? the Consequences of Hyper-Inflation

    Our Future? the Consequences of Hyper-Inflation On August 1, the dollar exchange rate topped the million mark level. On August 7, it was 3.3 million marks to the dollar, and in September it rose to 5.6 million. On October 19, it rose to 12 billion marks, and three days later it was 40 billion...
  10. M

    Hyperinflation forces Zimbabwe to print $200 million notes

    Hyperinflation forces Zimbabwe to print $200 million notes Could the same thing happen here?? You bet is can and probably will. Right now we are in a contraction phase, thats soon to be over, and hyperinflation is next. Deflation virus is moving the policy test beyond the 1930s extremes
  11. M

    Beginning of Hyperinflation

    Beginning of Hyperinflation Phase two damn near complete, depression around the corner. If you haven't done so, by Storable food, or you will rely on the government for your survival.