1. DairyHeiress

    Remember the Heads Exploding Over HRC's use of a Private Server?

    HRC was universally criticized for her use of a private server in her home. Democrats and Republicans alike agreed that Hillary should have known better. This gave Trump ammunition for relentless attacks. So one wonders how at least two top WH "advisors," Ivanka and Jared claimed "ignorance" of...
  2. The Man

    Ethnic hypocrisy

    Alina Zagitova became the young darling of Russian figure skating this year, at the Pyeongchang Olympics, winning Gold at just 15 (fellow Russian Evgenya Medvedeva took the Silver and Canadian skater Kaetlyn Osmond - the Bronze) She was among the best athletes who got the special rewards...
  3. J

    America, Land of the Free... and hypocrisy

    I love my country. No. Really I do. Our democratic institutions - while far from perfect - are revolutionary in scope and provide for the most effective democratic republic the world has ever known. Our constitution and the individual rights enshrined within are literally sacred to me. But...
  4. Davocrat

    The Family Values Hypocrisy Hall of Shame Thread

    I'd like to open this thread for people to post examples of "family values" political leaders who do hypocritical things.
  5. cpicturetaker12

    (Hypocrisy much) PENCE slams menacing N.Korea parade showing its military strength

    You just can't make this shit up. Yes, timing is everything. Save your keystrokes, I KNOW IT'S AT AN INTERNATIONAL SPORTING EVENT. Doesn't make US look any less HYPOCRITICAL. Pence slams ‘menacing’ North Korea parade while promoting Trump’s planned military spectacle TOM BOGGIONI 09 FEB...
  6. Friday13

    tRump's "made in America" and "hire Americans" hypocrisy

    He has exempted himself and Ivanka from standards he sets for the rest of the country. Trump's Mar-a-Lago granted visas for 70 foreign workers
  7. Monk-Eye

    Texas Taxes Hypocrisy Without Representation

    " Texas Taxes Hypocrisy Without Representation " * Bureaucratic Coffers Is Communism * 13 Undercover finds out you're still paying for toll roads that you've already paid off | abc13.com
  8. cpicturetaker12

    [GW post #52]GOP hypocrisy! How it FOUGHT E-VERIFY-enabling ILLEGALS to take American

    Republicans wanted CHEAP undocumented labor to keep more money, not to have to pay taxes, not to pay workmens' comp, no benefits, no insurance. Keep 'em illegal!! The ignorant POSTS on this board and equal ignorance about the subject to rank and file Republicans, including the 'poor ones' makes...
  9. KnotaFrayed

    Comedians and hypocrisy and doing unto others as they signal they would have others..

    .....do unto them.... An interesting take on the Kathy Griffin "scandal". I personally have no love of Kathy Griffin or super crude and profane comedy that she seems to represent, but because that is her shtick and because of what is said in the following, as well as Trump openly saying...
  10. GordonGecko

    2010 House GOP Tweet....hilariously exposes Republican hypocrisy-

    Old House GOP Tweet Demanding Obamacare CBO Score Now Going Viral For Obvious Reasons | Mediaite So, let's go ahead and anticipate the Rightwing responses of... 1. desperately trying to change the subject 2. lamely trying "But, but, but....that was DIFFERENT!" :)
  11. Isalexi

    Disgusting Fox News hypocrisy

    A large part of FOXNews audience is evangelicals who overlook the disgusting sexism and bullying by oreilly and ailes....o',Reilly has paid over $13,000,000 to women who he bullied with sexual threats...same with ailes . These men are abusers and yet lO'reilly is still on the air. It is also...
  12. Zephyr

    Russian Payments, Impropriety and Political Hypocrisy

    The disgusting problem with partisan politics is the result is that both sides are left screwed in the end by those who take advantage of the rift. The newfound fears of Democrats about Russia were strangely absent prior to Mrs Clinton's defeat in November. My position on this matter is this...
  13. cpicturetaker12


    So remember about a month and half ago how this board was lit up on fire about the fact that MILO was told by the UNIV of WAS, we don't want you? The left was slammed for daring to say throw the bastard off the campus. The right screamed about HIS constitutional rights. So until CPAC said...
  14. Eve1

    We may have a Senator tied with Trump on hypocrisy scale

    I am watching the opening speech by Senator Hatch (R) regarding the confirmation of Dr. Price. In one speech Hatch just said he has never seen the House being soo partisan and the opposing party Objecting to each nominee without even hearing them out. OMG is this guy for real? Is this not...
  15. the watchman

    Priebus Interview on John Lewis: (you won't believe the hypocrisy)

    Reince Priebus: Democrats Need to ?Grow Up? and Accept That They Lost Election | Mediaite especially, the part where he claims that Republican's never questioned Obama's legitimacy as president. Oh and "electoral landslide". :smiley_ROFLMAO:
  16. cpicturetaker12

    UH OH, he's done it now. "OPIE" calls out (by tweet) TRUMP hypocrisy over Streep...

    Okay, you know it's bad when OPIE gets pissed enough to start taking down the next PRES of the United States. And there is nothing subtle about it! (Come to think of it, I don't think I ever remember Howard saying ANYTHING in the past that was political). Ron Howard rips Trump fans’ hypocrisy...
  17. Isalexi

    Right wing hypocrisy

    Right wing hypocrisy is despicable. Remember Ben Ghazi? Remember all the investigations because they thought it was so serious? Where are the same people demanding investigations into Russia hacking the United States? Can you imagine if the same thing happened if Hillary won? This is so serious...
  18. Wonderer

    On The Eve Of Trump’s Presidency, Right Wing Hypocrisy Is In Full Swing

    On The Eve Of Trump’s Presidency, Right Wing Hypocrisy Is In Full Swing Posted at 4:00 am on December 2, 2016 by Kimberly Ross We are in the waning days of the Obama administration. If you label yourself a conservative, this is a beautiful thing regardless of who you supported this past...
  19. GordonGecko

    Post-election: Trump and Rightwing Hypocrisy-

    On The Eve of Trump's Presidency, Right Wing Hypocrisy Is In Full Swing | RedState Naturally, I'll point out the author is a conservative. It was posted on a conservative website. The author criticizes people for being hypocrites on their conservative principles... But of course...
  20. Babba

    Trump Hypocrisy

    What a piece of work he is. *eyeroll* Trump supporters scorn street protests - CNNPolitics.com