1. Monk-Eye

    Kratom Versus Abstinence Only Hypocrites - Addressing Opiate Dependency

    " Kratom Versus Abstinence Only Hypocrites - Addressing Opiate Dependency " * Open Discussion * https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-d6X8Jaant4 Can the kratom plant help fix the opioid crisis? - CNN https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mitragyna_speciosa
  2. A

    Christians are hypocrites

    Christians strive to meet a very high standard, but they inevitably fail. It's not that Jesus set the bar too high, it's just how people are. Although Christians fail to live up to their own Christian standards, we still owe Christians a tip of the hat though, for having a standard.
  3. Madeline

    Hollywood Hypocrites Silent On Sexual Abuser Weinstein, Fellow Liberal

    Hollywood quiet after Ashley Judd Harvey Weinstein claims | Daily Mail Online The silence among PH liberals is likewise deafening. What gives, boys and girls? Is sexual harassment only offensive to you when it is committed by a conservative...
  4. Eve1

    Trump, charity, the right and hypocrites

    If Trump only knew how much of a hypocrite he sounds like in some of his tweets he would stop. Problem is he has no self introspection. Where was all this concern when he was demanding the Clinton's shut down their foundation during the campaign. Donald's tweets my presidency. Isn't this a...
  5. Monk-Eye

    Smaller Government According To Pro-Birth Imbeciles And Constitutional Hypocrites

    " Smaller Government According To Pro-Birth Imbeciles And Constitutional Hypocrites " * Indiana Control Freaks * https://www.yahoo.com/news/state-mandated-mourning-aborted-fetuses-120000134.html * Elected By Populous Clown Makeup *...
  6. Davocrat

    Here come the gays, y'all! Alabama lesbian legislator says she'll out hypocrites

    I'm beginning to think About Enough is right about these gays gettin' all uppity! Gay Alabama Lawmaker Threatens To Out Closeted And Cheating Colleagues - The New Civil Rights Movement[/FONT][/COLOR]
  7. mrmike

    Rock the Vote Hypocrites! LOL

    Go figure... Rock the Vote hypocrites: Lena Dunham, Whoopi Goldberg and other celebs who urged young people to turn out didn't take part in last midterms themselves, records reveal At least five stars in a recent Rock the Vote PSA urging youth to exercise their franchise didn't bother to show...
  8. B

    The Big Money Democrats Make Most Democrats Hypocrites

    The Big Money Democrats - WSJ - WSJ bunch of hypocrites. Democrat: 'Big money is evil!' Donor: 'Here's $2 million, Mr. Democrat' Democrat: 'Thanks! That very kind of you.'
  9. mrmike

    Whoa! Philly LGBT community being hypocrites?

    I went to read further about the people whose bakery business was destroyed for not servicing a same-sex couple and found this other article floating out there. Like I indicated in my post in the one about the bakery. I support equal marriage. But seeing stuff like this (below) and how much...
  10. Use Caution

    NFL: Arian Foster RIPS Anheuser-Busch as hypocrites for selling POISON! HAHAHA!

    Anheuser-Busch hypocrites for ripping NFL: Arian Foster Arian Foster is GOING OFF on Anheuser-Busch for daring to criticize the league's handling of the domestic violence crisis -- saying the beer giant is, "Selling poison on that high horse." The Houston Texans running back's blood was...
  11. Use Caution

    2013 FarmerCARE! or just UN-American socialism for hypocrites?

    With the 2013 farm bill passing, we decided to ask our colleagues at Harvest Public Media to help up take a closer look at what it is and how it shapes food policy and land use in an occasional series. First up: How we got to today's farm bill,and where the political winds might blow in the next...
  12. bajisima

    Nazis and hypocrites: What Russian tv is saying about the US

    Today on Russian tv, the media there is calling Ukrainians Nazis and Americans hypocrites. Interesting perspective they have there! "When even one citizen of the U.S. or Israel finds himself in a dangerous situation, everyone uses every power they have to save just that one person,"...
  13. Blueneck

    Four Americans are dead

    They were ambushed and the administration did nothing to save them. What a disgrace. The administration should be held accountable for this.
  14. Blueneck

    Pete Dominici's love child

    She was only 24 years old at the time she got pregnant. Michelle Laxalt?s Awful Secret: A Baby With Pete Domenici - The Daily Beast But he's sorry and says: Pete Domenici secret son: Many questions left unanswered | World | News | National Post This is the part that pisses me off: Former...
  15. S

    Republican Hypocrites on Parade

    Selfish, cold-hearted Republican hypocrites. Who would have imagined? :f_laugh:
  16. sparsely

    Conservative Hypocrites

    There is often talk of conservative hypocrisy, like holding seemingly opposing positions such as: claiming to be charitable and compassionate while campaigning on platforms which would deny government "benevolence" to help individuals or being in favor of individual rights while fighting gay...
  17. Oscar99

    Conservative Hypocrites

    Conservative walks in a bar and sees a guy wearing an Obama t-shirt. He gets in his face and says: "You Freedom-hating, gay-marriage supportin', Liberty-killin', pot smoking, Constitution-bashin', Muslim-loving, Liberal pig!!!!!!" How do we fix such a man's malfunction?
  18. Vortex

    Former senior aides to Mitt Romney have hit back at the 'craven hypocrites' ...

    Romney aides blast 'hypocrites' who asked for cabinet jobs just before election and are now trashing him Presidential candidate has come under fire from Republicans after loss But aides say figures like Bobby Jindal and Newt Gingrich were desperate for positions in his cabinet if he had won...
  19. The Man

    Pathetic hypocrites

    You know, the Russian Parliament is called Duma, and this comes from the word "dumat", "to think". That is, in theory, what Duma members are elected to do. However, it seems they just refuse to do so. Now, today, when everybody is saying, in unison, that Russia needs a professional, meaning...
  20. Monk-Eye

    Malevolence With Anti-libertarian Hypocrites

    "Malevolence With Anti-libertarian Hypocrites" Amsterdam struggles to evade ban on dope-smoking tourists | Yahoo! Health The two parties forming the Netherlands' next government want to allow cities to circumvent the national ban implemented by the former government, which included the...