1. A

    Palin: I'm big supporter of offshore drilling

    It is really good to see our former Governor supporting the Oil Industry in this manner despite the small accident BP had in the Gulf of Mexico. The Governor understands the risks that goes with drilling and she knows that America can't be prosperous without it. It is our number one National...
  2. A

    I'm Baaack!!

    I'm back people. Just thought I would let you know.
  3. C

    Sarah Palin: I'm Sick and Tired of Obama's Manufactured Crisis.

    She was on Hannity tonight and she really put it to him. She really hit Obama hard. Sarah went with the facts and point by point. I loved her talking about Obama's race-baiting. She talked about uniting our country and bashed Obama for his divisiveness. That will resonate. Sarah Palin...
  4. michaelr

    Why I'm Not at CPAC

    Why I'm Not at CPAC Damn Stack, wrong building wrong time...... The GOP sold its soul to the lowest form, the greedy criminal establishment. The left and the right are married, and that is going to be one long lasting marriage. Both sides are to invested in their criminal activity to...
  5. M

    I'm voting Republican.....

    This is pretty good.
  6. Mertex

    I'm a Newbie, here

    Hi, I'm new here. I've been on other Forums, still am, but I was invited here by Justonemorevoice, so here I am. I'm trying to get familiar with posting and navigating, this is totally different from other forums and I'm still not sure how to get around here. I think I'll just look around...
  7. L

    Hello, I'm new here.

    Hello, everyone. I'm new here and I would like to discuss with you on political issues, especially in China-US relation because I'm a Chinese.
  8. T

    Hi I'm new

    Hi everybody, I hope you like my posts
  9. Sparta

    I'm under audit

    So I get a letter from the state telling me I failed to file a tax return for 2006. The letter goes on to say that failing to file a return is illegal, and I have x number of days to respond. I could swear I filed but can't find the documents, I called the feds and they confirmed I filed with...
  10. L

    Hi, I'm new here.

    Hey guys. Welcome me.
  11. nonsqtr

    i'm sorry, but Fox needs to be censored

    Fox "News" needs a little good old fashioned censorship. This is Fox in New York, a madcap collection of oddballs.... Keep an eye on the female anchor in this one....
  12. Blueneck

    I'm assuming this is good news

    This is good, isn't it? http://www.bizjournals.com/albuquerque/stories/2009/08/31/daily61.html
  13. Disappointed not surprised

    I'm new too

    Well not entirely true. I grew up back East and moved to Southern California in the mid-1980s. Worked hard all my life and the wife and I raised my family's standard of living over the years. I am a fiscal conservative and a social "what you do is none of my business as long as you leave me...
  14. C

    I'm new here

    Hi, I'm new here and this is my first post according to my profile. I already have lots of friends, though, 25 in fact according to my profile. This place looks familiar and has familiar names, but yet I have no prior history here. Strange. Oh well, hello to all and I look forward to...