1. The Man

    ICE working for Putin

    Much more: How Russia Persecutes Its Dissidents Using U.S. Courts Insane...
  2. jacobfitcher

    Child Died in ICE Detention, Lawyer Mana Yegani Says

    Horrible. Just horrible. This is NOT going to go well. A child has reportedly died in ICE detention, an immigration lawyer named Mana Yegani claimed in a series of tweets on the evening of July 31, 2018. She later provided an updated tweet, writing, “Update: The child died following...
  3. John T Ford

    Occupy ICE PDX in Portland

    PORTLAND, OR (KPTV) - Cleanup has begun at what, for five weeks, was the Occupy ICE PDX camp. Portland Police Bureau officers limited access to the site earlier today, calling it a biohazard. The mayor’s office confirmed to FOX 12, the city will pay for a portion of the cleanup bill, as will...
  4. excalibur

    Illegal Alien Sex Offender Victimized Pre-Teen Girl, Freed by NC County Rejecting ICE

    Another instance of liberal insanity. You know, the liberals who whine about how much they care about children, when it is politically expedient that is. But so many cases like this where illegal alien perverts are let out into the community by liberal politicians. Illegal Alien Sex...
  5. bajisima

    GOP mulls vote to Abolish ICE

    House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) and Majority Whip Steve Scalise (R-La.) are looking to bring a progressive-backed measure to abolish U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) to the House floor in an attempt to force Democrats to show where they really stand on the issue...
  6. rwb72

    Quadruple ICE Budget

    A necessary and cost effective move by the federal government would be to quadruple the budget of ICE. If only added to ERO and HIS, this would go a long way to getting rid of huge numbers of illegal aliens. As Eisenhower did back in 1954, with Operation Wetb*ck, ICE agents (ERO), upon...
  7. Goofball

    Another Dem Congress man calls for abolishing ICE.

    The Dim party does not want the USA to have borders. Plain and simple. Fucking morons.
  8. RNG

    Top Democrats see danger on sudden party push to abolish ICE

    Again it appears that the Democrats are playing the game poorly. And the Republicans are capitalizing on it. Many Dems have been calling for the abolition of ICE. If you look at detail, something many people never bother to do, what they are saying is that the current force needs massive...
  9. MaryAnne

    ICE Agents

    Write letter to Homeland Security that Crackdown is hurting their real job, which is to protect us. 19 ICE Agents Call to Abolish Agency in Letter to Homeland Security Head Kirstjen Nielsen
  10. Babba

    ICE whistleblower interrupted by surprise visit from government agents

    And you wonder why some of us call ICE the Gestapo.
  11. bajisima

    Seattle ICE lawyer facing prison for stealing identities of immigrants

    Federal prosecutors and defense attorneys have agreed to recommend a four-year prison sentence for the former chief attorney for Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) in Seattle for stealing the identities of immigrants to defraud banks and credit-card companies. Raphael Sanchez “abused...
  12. bajisima

    Abolish ICE?

    Thoughts? Does this go too far? As the Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency continues to draw criticism for its arrest of immigrants and abuse of detainees, the idea of abolishing the agency entirely is starting to gather momentum among some Democrats. Deb Haaland is the...
  13. bajisima

    Lawsuit filed against Boston schools for cooperating with ICE

    A coalition of civil rights and student advocacy groups sued the Boston Public Schools on Thursday to find out how much student information the system shares with federal immigration officials. The groups, including the Lawyers Committee for Civil Rights and Economic Justice, allege in the...
  14. O

    Occupy Wall Street promotes killing ICE agents in gory, step-by-step cartoon

    Apparently it's quite funny and clever for OWS activists to tweet instructions on how to kill ICE agents. I'm sure this is just reasonable satire, as opposed to hate speech or actual incitement of violence, right? But when your audience is the left, there's no end to the potential for unhinged...
  15. excalibur

    The Person Doxxing ICE Employees Is A Professor At NYU

    These people are insane, they think that they can do whatever they want. They have no belief in a civil society, just the opposite, the want to destroy what remains of the thin veneer of a civil society. This is Nazi like tactics. Or, if you prefer, Soviet like tactics. Two sided of the same...
  16. ptif219

    Dem lawmakers make surprise visit to ICE detention center

    The democrats did not follow procedure and get permission. Where was their outrage when Obama did it. Just more hate Trump and democrat double standards and hypocrisy
  17. bajisima

    Pizza delivery guy turned over to ICE after delivering to military base

    A pizza delivery man could soon be deported after he was turned over to immigration officials after trying to drop off food at a military base in New York. Pablo Villavicencio, 35, arrived at the Fort Hamilton base in Brooklyn last week to deliver an order from the brick-oven pizza restaurant...
  18. the watchman

    ACLU: ICE To Destroy Records Showing Their Sexual Abuse Of Immigrants. this is why Trump insist upon using divisive terms when talking about immigration. The man really doesn't know what's really going on under his own...
  19. Friday13

    Money for police cannot be pegged to cooperation with ICE, judge rules

    One more defeat for tRump/Sessions DoJ...delivered by CA. Money for police cannot be pegged to cooperation with ICE, judge rules
  20. DemoWhip

    ICE no longer exempting pregnant women from detention

    ICE no longer exempting pregnant women from detention By Luke Barr ==================================================== Of course it is "an egregious human rights offense." Unequivocally it is. They need to reveal just how they are going to take care of those ladies who are...