1. B

    Without Single-Payer, What Would an Ideal Market-Based System Entail?

    This is an open thread, for people of the Left, Right, and Centre. Ignoring single-payer for a moment along with any questions about its efficacy, what would an idea market-based system look like? How would it be organized, and what laws/safeguards would be put in place to ensure it works...
  2. Madeline

    How Much Sexual Repression Is Ideal?

    Humans want sex (for the most part) their entire adult lives. But no group of humans can survive if it has no agreed-upon mores for such things as family, property and the protection of children. Extremely permissive societies that we know of -- e.g. the Ancient Romans immediately before Rome...
  3. FrankCoil82

    Trump supporters vs ideal human beings

    Trump supporters vs ideal civilized intelligent human beings
  4. Madeline

    The Ideal Welfare System

    If you were king/queen for a day, what would you put in place as an ideal welfare system for humans in this country? I think you have to first identify what you want welfare to accomplish. I imagine we all agree that poor children should be given the necessaries if their parents cannot --...
  5. arock0627

    The logical extreme conclusion of the "Real American" ideal

    Well, probably murder. Justified murder, of course, because the entire goal seems to be removing Americanism from anyone who doesn't align themselves with a certain viewpoint. We've got people here, right in front of us who are practically chomping at the bit for the deaths of their fellow...
  6. W

    "Ideal" Government

    Another political junkie at another place inquired "Do any conservatives have an ideal government?" to which I replied: Do you have an "ideal"? discuss. (apologies for the split quote....I don't know how to correct that) ---------- Edit: split quote fixed & excess tags from within the...
  7. Daktoria

    Rugged Individualism: A Progressive, Not Conservative, Ideal

    The Success Ethic, Education, and the American Dream - Joseph L. DeVitis, John Martin Rich - Google Books This is an excellent piece on how rugged individualism stretches back to the progressive era's social gospel back when the Republican Party stood for advocating social programs in order to...
  8. Bassman

    Liberal's "Ideal" Congressional makeup

    435 Democrats in the House with zero Republicans 100 Democrats in the Senate with zero Republicans 'nuff said.
  9. Bassman

    Liberals' "ideal" America: In Pictures

    Here is the housing Liberals want you to live in. Pretty cool, eh?? Time to get those bennies they promised. If you're even lucky to get a job under Liberal Democrat rule, then you have to get there. And if you're even luckier to get a government job, this is the ONLY...
  10. (I) Doomsday

    Which of these is closer to your ideal candidate?

  11. Bassman

    The Left's "Ideal" Republican

    We hear all this crap about how the GOP must "moderate" and "shed its Conservatism" and other such drivel, but the truth is, Democrats want Republicans that act exactly like them. Leftist Liberal to the core! And yet why not have a party that reflects the true Conservative roots of this...
  12. S

    Your ideal man/woman?

    I'm 17 and my ideal woman would be 14 years old, have black hair, and look very cute. She wouldn't be tall, but she wouldn't be super short either, so about average or slightly below average height for a 14 year old girl. She'd be emo and a girl gamer. She wouldn't have a low self esteem or cut...
  13. T

    High Level outlines of an Ideal Healthcare System

    Let us take as a starting point that each American has the right to life, and it must be paid for. Overall point of healthcare - Those who naturally would lose their right to life keep their right to life Overall Health Insurance Industry - A tax on the wealthy and healthy to pay for the...
  14. C

    Your ideal candidate

    What stance on all the major issues would your perfect candidate for president have? Mine: Pro-life Strong defense; support war in Afghanistan, support war in Iraq, would not allow Iran to have a nuke, strong ally of Israel Cut taxes Elinimate almost all non-defense spending Against the death...
  15. R

    The Ideal Leader for Texas

    What qualities do the Texans look out for in their ideal representative? The Texas 22nd is known for its conservative values and ideologies. The ideal representative for Texas is someone who can stand up to the conservative rights and values of the district. This is the reason why Texas showed...
  16. J

    What is your ideal America?

    Here is a very board and open question: What is your ideal United States? How do envision the economy, legislative policies and culture of an ideal America? I am giving out as much creative license (rope to hang yourself) as you are willing to use. Include as much you would like. Some terms...
  17. Z

    Your ideal society?

    What would your ideal society and how would you run it? This includes government, economy, anything you wanna include. Mine: Exactly what we have right now minus the electoral college. Only give welfare to those who need it. Drug addicts get nothing because in my opinion if you are...