1. Monk-Eye

    Contentious Political Science Ideological Religions

    " Contentious Political ScienceIdeological Religions " * Focal Pointing * A purpose of this thread is to open a discussion about valid distinctions between religious creeds for nomian versus non nomian ( antinomian ) legal systems . Numbers translate into votes that translate into politics...
  2. Amelia

    Ideological cognitive dissonance

    Post up some titillating examples of dissonance ... .... such as opponents of fracking congratulating themselves for our current fuel prices and relative energy independence. Your turn! I know you have some good ones!
  3. Raoul_Duke

    Time for another anecdote that illustrates the ideological bankruptcy of the left...

    A CEO recently told me that they are having to make changes in their staffing specifically to address Obamacare. They had slightly over 50 full time employees so they had to restructure and cut some people back to part time status (and scale back part timers to under 30 hours) to get out from...
  4. MaryAnne

    Ideological Test

    This test has been changed over the years,but mine has not changed much. Still middle left leaning. Thought some might like to try it. The Political Compass - Test
  5. Daktoria

    Ideological Imposters

    I was talking with a couple friends from college yesterday who are admitted bona fide socialists, and we had an interesting conversation about how some of their friends who were self-proclaimed socialists didn't seem to be what they appeared. Despite calling themselves socialists and referring...
  6. Raoul_Duke

    The left distorts the data (again) to make their ideological case...

    Seem to be valid. Just like they have with their "study" showing "no jump in part-time employment" when, in fact, we just had a huge, statistically significant jump in the last month of the data they average to make it look less significant, they are now using the same tactic to distort the...
  7. Raoul_Duke

    The President's ideological soul mate in France achieves Marxist nirvana...

    In excess of 100% tax rate on "the rich" - due, of course, to a tax on wealth in addition to high marginal income taxes: Taxes on some wealthy French top 100 pct of income: paper | Reuters But, of course, since they didn't confiscate all wealth (yet) our esteemed left wing counterparts...
  8. sparsely

    Ideological Evolution

    The idea for this thread stems from a discussion we were having in another thread in the Current Events forum. I believe, or at least would like to believe that most thinking, concerned people have gone through an evolution of sorts, concerning their estimations of our problems and goals as a...
  9. Cicero

    Another one bites the dust: Caine's ideological missteps

    Posted at 04:55 PM ET, 10/20/2011 Cain excoriated on abortion By Jennifer Rubin As I reported earlier today, Herman Cain’s gibberish on abortion could cost him badly in Iowa and with Christian conservatives more generally. He’s been high in the polls in large part because he has, or...
  10. C

    GOP to block any 'overly ideological' Supreme Court nominee to replace Stevens - Sen. Kyl Fires First Shot in Battle Over Next Supreme Court Nominee I get the feeling that any potential nominee will be deemed 'overly ideological' by the Republican Party's leadership, which will likely filibuster anyone considered liberal. Many are saying that former Harvard...
  11. M

    Ideological Identity

    I'm interesting in learning what everyone here would label themselves if they were to give themselves an official name for their political ideology. There are many variations out there so what is yours. Nothing obscure or subjective either, but legitimate ideologies, no matter how extreme.
  12. S

    France Gears Up for an Ideological Election

    BBC NEWS | Europe | France opts for left-right battle Centre-right candidate Nicolas Sarkozy will face Socialist Segolene Royal in the run-off of France's presidential election on 6 May.
  13. T

    Bush Says U.S. In 'Ideological Struggle'

    You can read the rest of the story on Yahoo. So, this is now a war against terror again. Hmmm, I thought Bush just said Iraq had nothing to do with 911? I see now why so many people are confused as to why we're there.