1. Goofball

    Antifa idiots threaten to kill Trump.

    These pics and videos tell you the intellect of the libwinger party. The meltdown continues. ?Do Him Like Gaddafi? ? Antifa Protesters Caught On Video Threatening To Kill The President | The Daily Caller
  2. 5 stringer

    Dem Official Won't reach out to Trump voters. Calls them "idiots"

    This is not how to win elections. All Pence did was talk about the issues. Pence didn't have to cuss or call names. Democrats are digging their own grave. Republicans need to keep to the issues and refrain from getting into the gutter with them. Top Tennessee Dem Party official snubs...
  3. The Man

    Idiots taunt huge bear

    That one moron is lucky to be alive, the bear very nearly knocked him off the snowmobile: Happened in Russia, of course, where the hell else (well, on a group of Far Eastern islands, SOME of which are disputed with Japan lol Not this one, though, this...
  4. cpicturetaker12

    POWELL's hacked emails, he RIPPED CHENEY & DAUGHTER, "idiots"

    Well, I wonder if Cheney was able to stomach Powell and VICE VERSA during the 8 years?? Or this was animus developed later. Not clue. Anyway, he didn't think much of their new book, called them both IDIOTS and went on to talk about the $$ or efforts 'promoting' it. Interesting. Colin...
  5. zitiboy

    ISIS idiots & Walmart weapons
  6. Howey

    Homophobic Idiots Alert!

    Oklahoma Introduces Measure To Impeach Obama Over Transgender Bathroom Rights
  7. G

    Jeb Bush says Donald Trump's supporters aren't a bunch of idiots

    Washington (CNN) — Jeb Bush on Saturday said Donald Trump is a skilled politician with a "very powerful message" about shaking up Washington, but he argued the presumptive Republican nominee is campaigning in a way that's "preying on people's angst rather than offering tangible solutions." At a...
  8. Goofball

    White House credits useful idiots in the press for selling Iran deal lies.

    A very good article on how the White House spoon feeds info to the useful idiots in the press to sell their idiotic foreign policy to the Dimwit mouth breathing base. White House admits it played us for fools to sell Iran deal | New York Post
  9. meridian5455

    Chrysler recalls 812,000 cars because people are idiots

    Some 812,000 US vehicles are part of this recall, split between the 2012-2014 Dodge Charger and Chrysler 300, and the 2014-2015 Jeep Grand Cherokee. There are another 300,000-plus vehicles outside the US involved in this recall, as well. Chrysler lays out the problem succinctly in its...
  10. Friday13

    Tribe Asks Feds to Restrict Oregon Idiots' Travel

    Tribe asks feds to stop armed group's free travel at refuge
  11. Singularity

    BLM idiots force resignation of Mizzou professor for standing up to "KKK" threats

    BLM offshoot forces resignation of Mizzou professor for standing up to "KKK" threats Oh, I guess they're "Concerned Student 1950," not BLM. Whatever. The link says it all. Oh, and that "professor of mass media" who threatened the photographer on Monday and tried to block him from doing...
  12. C

    Farking MMGW idiots...

    It takes a special kind of brain dead zombie to believe the junk "science" of MMGW. Nothing but a bunch of BS but there are fools who soooooo want to believe. Fucking idiots... Deceptive temperature record claims Warmest month announcements have no scientific basis The U.S. government is at...
  13. Winston Parker

    Idiots among us. Strange and awkward accidents that happen to people.

    There's a big problem that needs to be solved asap. I'm talking about those people who hurt or even kill themselves by accident or a mistake. For example just recently a 44 y.o. man strangled his 74 y.o. father by sitting on his head to prove that he was "big and bad" Missouri man kills father...
  14. TennesseeRain

    Attack on Faith? Seriously? These people are idiots DOOCY: It was released earlier, and extraordinarily, they called it a hate crime, and some look at it as well, because it was a white guy, apparently, and a black church, but you made a great point just a moment ago about the hostility toward...
  15. meridian5455

    Idiots Pay Big $$$ to Attend NYC 'Adult Preschool' (Another reason to hate Hipsters)

    Getting in touch with your inner child has never been so expensive. The Brooklyn-based Preschool Mastermind, as it's called, is a preschool-type experience for adults. No, really. And according to its founder, there's show-and-tell, arts-and-crafts such as finger paint, games (think musical...
  16. Blueneck

    People can be such idiots

    Road rage incident that left a mother dead. So she went and got her armed son so they could "find" the guy who yelled at them, but when they did, they didn't bother getting his license plate number. Fucking stupid people on both sides of this incident. :shake_head: LAS VEGAS: Mom killed in...
  17. BoiseBo

    Zombie Dr. Jonas Salk returns from the grave to hunt idiots

    Don't limit your hunt to Christie and Paul Dr. Salk .. Michele Bachmann's brain won't be filling, but could make for a lovely appetizer! Zombie Jonas Salk Rises from Grave to Hunt Idiots - The New Yorker
  18. L

    Study supports the theory that 'men are idiots'

    Study supports the theory that 'men are idiots'
  19. J

    How and when did we turn into idiots?

    I was on a waterfall in Iceland. Along with others, I stood on a small stone platform, overlooking the waterfall. There were a lot of children. And only stretched rope separated us from the abyss. And I thought: in America, there would be very high fence. There would be one thought in mind: if...
  20. MaryAnne

    Media Turning Us Into Political Idiots.

    How long have I been posting this very thing? How many others have given up on cable news? They simply repeat what blogs tell them,bring out the most crazy of the Politicians and try to pass it off as news? Now,this is another so called biased site so read it or not. I do not explains...