1. J

    Two black women killed by white supremacists (Separate Incidents)

    Conservatives sweep this white terrorist behavior under the rug while screaming "but muh illegals!" And they wonder why most blacks, most Hispanics and even now most ASIANS (!!!!!) vote Democratic?
  2. excalibur

    SELF-INFLICTED SUICIDE: Being A Daycare For Illegals WILL Eventually Turn America Int

    This is what the left wants. How else to remake America? SELF-INFLICTED SUICIDE: Being A Daycare For Illegals WILL Eventually Turn America Into A Third-World Country
  3. excalibur

    Obama Prosecuted Nearly Half A Million Illegals

    And the MSM, and the liberals were silent. What, it didn't matter then but matters now? Politics, pure and simple. Obama Prosecuted Nearly Half A Million Illegals | The Daily Caller
  4. cpicturetaker12

    "Illegals" aren't afraid of Trump--3 straight months of INCREASED 'migration'

    March was the highest single month since about 2003 or 04. Yes, PEAK illegal crossing were during BUSH. Started in 2000. Although I would assume it really never stopped all along. Post NAFTA it surged? Now we could assume that this is their last ditch effort before there is a wall. OR...
  5. Devil505

    Should troops shoot illegals sneaking into our country?

    Legal questions aside......from a moral and practical viewpoint would this be good idea?
  6. excalibur

    Oakland Escaped Illegals Commit New Crimes

    Follow up to another thread: Illegals who escaped after Oakland mayor’s alert already committed new crimes, ICE chief says...
  7. Kallie Knoetze

    Illegals drive recklessly, die in fatal crash, leaving 6 children orphaned

    California Parents Killed In Car Crash After Fleeing ICE Officers Who Mistook Father For Arrest Target Of course, supporters of illegals blame ICE for doing their job, not the criminal illegals for endangering others and causing the accident that killed them.
  8. Kallie Knoetze

    2 Less illegals to worry about

    California Parents Killed In Car Crash After Fleeing ICE Officers Who Mistook Father For Arrest Target
  9. T

    "City Key" ID card to benefit illegals in Chicago.

    Rahm Emanuel follows failing California, launches new voter ID available for illegals in Chicago Another progressive idea to benefit illegals. The concern is will it be valid ID for voting. Lot of contention here. Obviously democrats want that ability. The alderman pointed out that Chicago...
  10. Goofball

    California to automatically register illegals to vote.

    But illegals don't vote............according to Dims. Major state to register illegal aliens to vote ? automatically
  11. T

    New Jersey governor to MAKE ILLEGALS GREAT.

    The new governor of New Jersey, plans to establish an Office of Alien Defensive Protection to aid illegal immigrants in his state. In regards to the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program, Murphy claimed, “Illegal Aliens… are every bit as American as my four kids.” Aside...
  12. Spookycolt

    Confirmed: Illegals busted voting in our elections.

    We tried to tell the liberals this was happening but they kept denying it and now we have proof. These are only the ones found so far in one state, can you imagine how many millions across the whole nation there may be...
  13. ptif219

    IBD: Trump Is Right, Illegals Cost Him in Popular Vote

    It seems Trump is right the illegals voters gave Hillary the popular vote Did Votes By Noncitizens Cost Trump The 2016 Popular Vote? Sure Looks That Way | Stock News & Stock Market Analysis - IBD
  14. cpicturetaker12

    [GW post #52]GOP hypocrisy! How it FOUGHT E-VERIFY-enabling ILLEGALS to take American

    Republicans wanted CHEAP undocumented labor to keep more money, not to have to pay taxes, not to pay workmens' comp, no benefits, no insurance. Keep 'em illegal!! The ignorant POSTS on this board and equal ignorance about the subject to rank and file Republicans, including the 'poor ones' makes...
  15. ptif219

    1.4 million illegals working under stolen Social Security numbers

    How do you explain the income when an illegal uses you SS. That mens you may have to pay income tax on the illegals money earned. The IRS is doing nothing about it 1.4 million illegals working under stolen Social Security numbers ? GOPUSA
  16. TNVolunteer73

    Democrat Texas Lawmaker Threatens GOP Lawmaker, for calling Ice on Illegals

    Democrat lawmaker tells GOP Lawmaker "We will get you on your way to your car" after he grabbed (assaulted) the GOP lawmaker. GOP Lawmaker's response. You do know I carry a Gun? Assault ends. Matt Rinaldi assaulted by Ramon Romero over Texas immigration report - Washington Times
  17. Goofball

    Illegals crossing border down 70%

    The trend continues. How long until the bullshit race card is played in this thread? Illegal immigration across southwest border down 70 percent under Trump - Washington Times
  18. KnotaFrayed

    Stop the illegals!!!!

    I've decided if you can't beat the chants, join them!! The Many Scandals of Donald Trump: A Cheat Sheet Hey, if you're a billionaire, you can simply ignore legality and then buy or BS your way out of of...
  19. Kallie Knoetze

    76 Illegals busted in Florida and another 95 illegals busted in Texas

    Last week was a busy week for ICE.
  20. the watchman

    Drop the I Word

    Joy Reid famously took a Trump supporter to task for using it. Note that it was a Republican Hispanic that said he found the term offensive. Speaking of which. Most media outlets...