1. HayJenn

    Illinois manufacturer is closing their factories

    A storage safe manufacturer is reportedly planning to shut down two Illinois factories and move to Mexico in response to President Trump’s tariffs on Chinese metal imports.Stack-On Products will close its two Chicago-area plants in October and lay off 153 people, according to the Chicago...
  2. Friday13

    Ben Carson's HUD to the residents of Cairo, Illinois: We're done here. Get out.

    Ben Carson...hypocrite... Ben Carson's HUD to the residents of Cairo, Illinois: We're done here. Get out.
  3. excalibur

    Illinois County becomes first ‘Sanctuary for gun owners’

    Two can play the sanctuary game.
  4. bajisima

    Deerfield, Illinois bans assault rifles

    Owners must also get rid of ones they own, but they dont say if they are paid for turning them in. That doesnt sound legal. The Deerfield Village Board voted unanimously to ban some semi-automatic firearms. The amendment to the village's gun ordinance restricts firearms village leaders...
  5. L

    A Civil Right Restored in Illinois

    Read more here: Illinois high court says gun ban near parks unconstitutional | Charlotte Observer
  6. M

    Illinois considers pension-fund gamble

    Lawmakers in Illinois are so desperate to shore up the state's underfunded retirement system that they're willing to entertain an eye popping wager: borrowing $107 Billion and letting it ride in the financial markets. Illinois owes $129 Billion to it's five retirement systems...but the stock...
  7. PACE

    Chris Kennedy, in Illinois gov race tells idiot opponent to go f=ck yourself

    in so many words Or if you like,,,,
  8. N

    Illinois Governor Rauner: "I am not in charge..."

    Rauner’s ‘Madigan statement’ could have lasting impact CHICAGO (AP) — Illinois Gov. Bruce Rauner raised eyebrows, then questions about whether he misspoke after he declared “I am not in charge” of the state. Now it looks like the comment could haunt him all the way until Election Day. The...
  9. T

    Illinois To Ban 'Gay Panic Defense' In New Year

    Interesting. No longer will, in Illinois, a criminal defense of a crime be that the defendant thought the other person was gay. Not sure why that would have been a valid defense for an egregious act anyway, as it seems to be supporting violent bigotry...
  10. N

    The Illinois Catastrophe and the 2018 Election

    2018’s most important, expensive and strange election
  11. DemoWhip

    'Barack Obama Day' Is Now an Illinois Holiday

    Thanks and Kudos to the Governor of Illinois for signing this new law to honor President Barack Obama in this manner from now on! Hats off to Illinois state legislators also. I also like Brewman_Jax's posted definition of "Conservatism." It can be found as you scroll down further...
  12. boontito

    It's Officially Barack Obama Day In Illinois

    It's Officially Barack Obama Day In Illinois | HuffPost Illinois Gov. Bruce Rauner (R) has signed a law designating Aug. 4 as “Barack Obama Day” in the state, the governor’s office confirmed Friday. The honorary holiday commemorates the former president’s birthday. It’s not a legal holiday —...
  13. T

    Chaos over Springfield and Rock River concerning gun laws in Illinois. SPRINGFIELD AND RRA TURN THEIR BACKS ON US! Big blow up over Springfield Armory and Rock River over gun legislation going on in Illinois. These two companies supported a lobby group that sold out. Many videos on this subject. This is the...
  14. ptif219

    Illinois could be 1st state with 'junk' credit due to budget

    ' This is what democrats do. Obama has the federal government on it's way to that. Trump must fix it and States must also learn to live in their budgets. This is why democrats lose elections they are not responsible. Associated Press
  15. DemoWhip

    Illinois Rep. introduces 'COVFEFE' bill to archive Trump tweets

    The Covfefe Act is one that should be fully supported by all Republicans and then Trump sign it into law. If Republicans do not support it and Trump does not sign it then why wouldn't they is the big question? What would they be hiding or afraid of...
  16. DemoWhip

    Illinois Rep. Luis Gutierrez allegedly handcuffed at ICE office

    It is simply outrageous that the good Congressman was treated in such a heinous manner! He is charged with looking after the concerns of all in the district and state that he represents. And in so doing, he needed to be at that meeting in order to drive the point across that those folks have...
  17. BAZINGA DrumpF

    Federal Officials Raid 3 Caterpillar Offices in Illinois! Gee great business values!

    Haha ..No Guns or illegal workers, haha be nice! U.S. Agents Raid Caterpillar Over Offshore Tax Practices Federal agents raided three Caterpillar buildings near its Illinois headquarters on Thursday, company and law enforcement officials said, in an escalation of an inquiry into the heavy...
  18. DemoWhip

    Catholic Illinois College Linebacker Comes Out as Gay: WATCH

    KUDOS to the linebacker! More who are Gay should emulate his stance and position on that. KUDOS also to his football coach for his great understanding and support! =========================================== Catholic Illinois College Linebacker Comes Out as Gay: WATCH - Towleroad by...
  19. bajisima

    RFKs son to run for Illinois governor

    Chris Kennedy, son of the late Robert F. Kennedy, has announced he's running for Illinois governor, ending months of speculation. "We need change. Not incremental change, fundamental change," Kennedy said in a video statement announcing his candidacy Wednesday. "I believe in working with...
  20. Ginger

    Registered Voters Exceed Population in 17 Illinois Counties

    [S]eventeen of the state’s counties have a roll of registered voters which exceeds the number of voting-age residents in the county. The Public Interest Legal Foundation reports 141 of the nation’s counties have this problem, and Illinois trails only Michigan and Kentucky in the number of...