1. N

    Imagine you could recommend a Justice for Trump to tap. Who would it be?

    The catch: there has to be a chance Trump would agree or at least consider the person. A little background though, for context. Justice Antonin Scalia, speaking to David Axelrod: So imagine you could bend Trump's ear, or one of his closest advisors, and recommend someone that, although the...
  2. PACE

    Imagine, if you will the ability to find one single breast cancer cell

    Ladies, here's the future: Is this doable? of course, convergence of these...
  3. cpicturetaker12

    Imagine if OBAMA just let the JFK files release date slip!!

    Can you imagine the velocity of the WING-SHIT going around the internet FOX and this board? All day people waited--professionals. There was a great deal of worktime LOST because of this simpleton's stupidity or NEGLIGENCE. 25 years to get ready. Screw you, wait another 6 months. WHY??
  4. vikingbeast


    Imagine these rankings when Trump gets through! Blahahahahahhahahahahahahahahaahahahahahahahahahaah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. cpicturetaker12

    Imagine Hillary won! Chelsea is a top advisor and sends hubbie to Iraq, plugs MSNBC..

    ...had 5 investigations going on simultaneously in the 2 top intel and other agencies. RUSSIAN connections were at every level her staff and her cabinet appointees, paid for by Putin. She was killing civilians in large numbers with her okays for orders at the Pentagon. Chelsea said she would...
  6. GordonGecko

    Imagine going on trial for a parking ticket....and facing life in prison for it...

    and the Judge in the case is a well-known mass murderer and war criminal... who has already said in the opening statements that your crime of a parking ticket is worse than anything he ever did, in fact, his crimes weren't even "crimes"? Would you consider that a "just" legal system?
  7. Davocrat

    Can you imagine how bad things would be...

    ...if Clinton had won? E-mail, totally unsecured. Jesus. We dodged a bullet.
  8. G

    Imagine all the families with young children trying to explain..

    When they are asked by their kids."Mommy daddy what is pussy grabbing and why would a man who is trying to run for president telling everybody he likes doing it to girls?"
  9. Devil505

    Imagine if Sander was the Dem nominee right now

    With the viciousness of Trump's attacks on HRC......what would be his tactic against Bernie at this point: 1. Vicious anti-0semeism.....up to and including the "K" word. 2. Equating Sanders with Stalin. 3. Add more you can think of Sanders would have been an easy target do Trump and the GOP...
  10. D

    Donald Trump Billy Bush Tape: Imagine If Hillary Clinton Said This About Men

    Yes these women would be called any one of these names. However, would people call these comments misandristic? Would these comments be perceived as degrading to men? Would media pundits say, "Would you want her to say this about your son?" Would we describe these comments as "vulgar or lewd"...
  11. HadEnough2

    Can You Picture or Imagine..........

    ...Trump giving the type of speech that President Obama gave today, addressing the victims of the Atom Bomb dropped on Hiroshima on August 6th, 1945? Not apologizing but comforting those who lived through it. Can you imagine or picture Trump giving a speech to Hispanic Communities around our...
  12. Isalexi

    imagine a woman able to do this

    The Washington post asked...what if a woman..... Got her start with more than $1 million from her father’s business, parlayed into billions via four bankruptcies and various business failures. ● Wouldn’t disclose tax returns ● Ran a university racked by allegations of fraud. ● Imported two of...
  13. Sprockey

    This is pretty much how I imagine all Trump supporters talk

    Jimmy the bookie handicaps the election, from a front-row seat *Cringe*
  14. N

    Imagine if Hillary were the Republican nominee & Bernie the Democratic nominee

    How excited would you left wingers be about Bernie, and how passionately would you hate Hillary? You guys are going to have a real moral quagmire on your hands if someone figures out how to take Bernie out and Hillary ends up your nominee. Because then you'll shamefully have to rally behind...
  15. L

    New Book: America Was Built On Slavery And It Was Much Worse Than You Might Imagine

    Slaves as money. A breeding industry. Founding fathers of white supremacy. This August, when Hillary Clinton met with Black Lives Matter protesters, they told her that ongoing violence and prejudice against blacks was part of a long historic continuum where, for example, today’s prison system...
  16. jackalope

    Their Son Wasn't A Popular Kid Imagine Their Surprise When This Happened Right Before

    wow, what a great bunch of kids. *chokes up*
  17. GordonGecko

    Can you imagine 30 years ago, rightwingers siding with a (former) KGB agent and

    dictator of Russia.....against an American President or a Vietnam War combat vet Secretary of State? What would Reagan say about that if he were alive today?
  18. Mertex

    Imagine Storm Sandy with Romney as President

    I can't imagine what will happen when we have a big storm if and after Romney has become President. Remember what he said last June - well, I'm sure once he gets elected, after he gets rid of Obamacare, changes Medicare and SS, sends Medicaid to the states, he is going to reduce the number of...
  19. slowlicks

    Imagine this: Sarah Plain is Elected as President (NSFW)

    Every guy in the world would want to hit it!!! Talk about passes and incinuendo's at Summits etc.... Guys walking around with hard ons.. Lesbians drewling.. Fuckin Funny! I never once gave thought to fucking our President.
  20. G

    Imagine ...

    John Lennon would have been 70 years old tomorrow. His son, Julian was 17 when his dad was murdered and is now 7 years older than his dad was when he died.