1. Madeline

    Trump MUST Be Arrested TODAY

    Not Safe For Children: There is no longer ANY doubt, Trump has chosen to use his presidency as a bully puppet to incite violence among and against Americans who are white supremacists against those who are not, as well as among and against Latin Americans, whether living in the U.S., Mexico...
  2. excalibur

    Mueller Reportedly Offers Podesta Immunity

    How fitting if true, a team full of Democratic operators helping one of their own. Tony Podesta, founder of the now-shuttered Podesta Group and brother to former Hillary Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta, has been offered immunity by special counsel Robert Mueller to testify against...
  3. RNG

    Mueller seeks immunity for 5 witnesses in Manafort case

    So things keep getting better or worse, depending on your hopes and desires. I suspect this is the prelude to many more cans of worms being opened.
  4. Ian Jeffrey

    TSA screeners win immunity from flier abuse claims

    TSA screeners win immunity from flier abuse claims Fliers may have a tough time recovering damages for invasive screenings at U.S. airport security checkpoints, after a federal appeals court on Wednesday said screeners are immune from claims under a federal law governing assaults, false...
  5. cpicturetaker12

    Agt. STRZOYK volunteers to testify--NO subpoena, no lawyer, no request for immunity

    And will testify in front of anyone or group that calls him. Boy, he must have SOMETHING TO HIDE!! He must really feel he has broken the law and/or the rules. Look at everything he is asking for in exchange for his testimony. He sure sounds guilty as hell of gross criminality... “He thinks...
  6. bmanmcfly

    McCabe seeking immunity deal. First one to call for immunity... isn't this going to make it more difficult to argue that nothing criminal was happening?
  7. the watchman

    Russian Once Tied to Trump Aide Seeks Immunity to Cooperate With Congress.

    Oleg V. Deripaska, a Russian oligarch once close to President Trump’s former campaign manager, has offered to cooperate with congressional committees investigating Russian meddling in the 2016 election, but lawmakers are unwilling to accept his conditions, according to congressional officials...
  8. Eve1

    Flynn denied immunity by Senate Intelligence Committee

    The Senate Intelligence Committee turned down the request by former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn's lawyer for a grant of immunity in exchange for his testimony, two congressional sources told NBC News. A senior congressional official with direct knowledge said Flynn's lawyer was...
  9. GordonGecko

    Breaking- Senate Intell Committee turns down Flynn's request for immunity-

    Senate Intelligence Committee rejects Flynn's request for immunity: NBC Which means......they don't need his testimony.
  10. cpicturetaker12

    SENATE INTEL says NO to granting immunity to FLYNN

    Just breaking. Have no idea if it is timing, process, legal standard process (HIS attorney) or he's guilty as shit and committee knows it. Will post when a link comes up.
  11. TNVolunteer73

    Trump tells Flynn to take immunity

    Trump tells Flynn take immunity and testify for the witch hunt committee. This is not a good thing for the obama camp since the finding obama ompalumpas committed felonies releasing classified documents and illegally unmasking US domestic calls.
  12. GordonGecko

    Ex-intell chief- There's ONLY ONE person Flynn can "flip" on to get immunity-

    Ex-intel official: There?s only one person Mike Flynn could give up to get immunity ? Donald Trump "The Don" on the Crime Family.
  13. the watchman

    Mike Flynn Offers to Testify in Exchange for Immunity

    President Donald Trump's former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn on Thursday told the FBI and members of Congress that he is willing to be interviewed in exchange for a grant of immunity, the Wall Street Journal reported. Flynn made the offer to the House and Senate Intelligence...
  14. excalibur

    Greenpeace Claims Immunity from Lawsuits Because Its Claims Are ‘Hyperbole’

    Greenpeace Claims Immunity from Lawsuits Because Its Claims Are ‘Hyperbole’ :f_laugh: Dr. Patrick Moore was right: @Greenpeace IS full of sh*t
  15. C

    Immunity deals stopped FBI from investigating BleachBit use in Clinton email case

    Immunity deals stopped FBI from investigating BleachBit use in Clinton email case Immunity deals stopped FBI from investigating BleachBit use in Clinton email case | Washington Examiner Immunity agreements offered to two of Hillary Clinton's top aides prevented the FBI from looking into...
  16. Macduff

    James Comey’s Clinton Immunity

    James Comey?s Clinton Immunity - WSJ So why was the FBI giving out immunity so freely? They got nothing in return for it. And why was Cheryl Mills, a material witness, allowed to serve as an attorney for Clinton?
  17. excalibur

    Judge links Clinton aide's immunity to 'criminal investigation'

    There's that word"criminal" again. Judge links Clinton aide's immunity to 'criminal investigation' - POLITICO
  18. C

    Emails From Hillary Clinton’s IT Director at State Department Appear to Be Missing

    First off, this is not "spamming the boards". If you don't want to talk about another Obama Official's information disappearing, then go find a thread in the Lounge for Pet Peeves. No Emails Found for Hillary Clinton's Senior IT Staffer at State Department - ABC News The State Department...
  19. mrmike

    DOJ grants immunity to Clinton staffer

    As part of a "criminal investigation" I hope he rolls on her... Justice Dept. grants immunity to staffer who set up Clinton email server t has granted immunity to a former State Department staffer, who worked on Hillary Clinton’s private email server, as part of a criminal investigation...
  20. Southern Dad

    Justice Department Give Immunity to Staffer Who Set Up Clinton's Email Server

    This could be very important because Bryan can no longer take the fifth amendment.