1. Chief

    Not civil war, but some real hard times coming, imo

    Should Trump be removed from office, and especially if he's jailed, I suspect that some number, perhaps many, of his hardcore followers will consider it a coup d'états, and I would not at all be surprised if we had another Oklahoma City style bombing. What do you all see coming down the pipes?
  2. R

    IMO - Biden is not going to run.

    2 reasons. his personal situation as it involves his family as in dealing with the emotions with the death of his son. and that the democrat leadership local/state/national don't want him to run.
  3. J

    Ray, Imo sit on my ass till hep comes, Nagin, heading for jail

    10 years in the slammer. It couldn't happen to more deserving piece of shit
  4. Chief

    Republicans Redistributing Wealth (imo)

    Looking at the last few decades, with the middle class shrinking and the wealthiest getting wealthier, doesn't it stand to reason that one of the GOP's favorite talking points is actually happening, but in reverse? The wealthy are able to "invest" in their government, resulting in the...
  5. Chief

    another Newt weakness (imo)

    Gingrich says he received Freddie Mac compensation - Yahoo! News This is an organization that the GOP has taken a hard stand against, and the current "up and coming" candidate is going to have to answer for his contrary stance... particularly this: So in addition to his infidelities, which...
  6. Dr Sampson Simpson

    #1 reason for our economic problems IMO

    Greed. CEOs and owners making 400x its average employee salary (over 40X in the past when we were thriving economically). The last time the discrepency in the top and the rest? Right before the Great Depression. In fact, it is highetr than it was before the depression. This day and age...
  7. S

    N.Y. Times go too far IMO

    This is about as low as it gets. A major newspaper who openly supports Obama goes after Cindy McCain. I hope this backfires on Obama bigtime. I can't imagine the outrage, non ending coverage and accusations of racism if Michelle Obama was attacked by a major newspaper. Also keep in mind...
  8. T

    Iraq military dismisses 1300 personel, and IMO, its a bad thing

    1,300 Iraqi troops, police dismissed - Yahoo! News 1300 personal from the army and police force were dismissed today from service. People who get dismissed need money, which the insurgency will be more than willing to provide. 1300 people who have intricate knowledge of the working of...