1. nonsqtr

    let's try again - IMPLIED CONTRACTS

    All right, I've tried this three times already, here on PH - and no one seems to "get" what this means. So, let's try again. The topic of this thread is: IMPLIED CONTRACTS. And, specifically as it applies to our government! (or rather, YOU and our government). Here are the staging...
  2. nonsqtr

    more on implied contracts

    Gee, well, last time I posted a whole long blurb on implied contracts, and no one seemed to be interested. Odd, that, since every time you sign your name there is an implied contract looming somewhere.... Remember these words: "Without Prejudice" And note, that UCC 1-207, has now...
  3. nonsqtr

    implied contracts

    What is your relationship with the entity known as “government� How about, your relationship to “a corporation� Turns out, the US Government, often masquerades as a corporation! And because of that, they get away with a lot of stuff they “shouldn’t†be getting away with...