1. BAZINGA DrumpF

    Trump Tells Ryan & Price to WAIT a YEAR or so, to R&R ACA to show it IMPLODES! FFS!

    In today's Oval office BS Show meeting. FFS! WOW!? THE orange Douche TrumPigOlkini running away fast! From the great ACA! Trump Tells Ryan & Price all the time (WE'RE HARMING OURSELVES HERE!) to wait a year or so to R&R ACA! To show it implodes! FFS! FFS! Trying to get an escape plan for...
  2. GordonGecko

    Interestingly, if Trump wins, the GOP implodes...if Trump loses, the GOP implodes-

    1. If Trump wins? A. His natural inclination to being social liberal would destroy the Religious Right as they'd have to either support him as President or rebel against him and fracture the GOP. If the former over the latter?...they lose all credibility as many of them already have...
  3. BDBoop

    As Britain implodes, Voters Learn That Brexit Was Giant Con All Along

    The pro Brexit politicians who whipped up fear and stoked divisions in Britain are being exposed as charlatans who lied to voters about what leaving Europe would mean. This is what "A life lived in fear" leads to.
  4. R

    If Hillary Clinton is indicted, or implodes, who will be the Democrats' Plan B?

    Hillary Clinton is the Democratic presidential front runner. She will most likely win the Democratic presidential nomination, despite democratic socialist Bernie Sanders gaining momentum in states like Wisconsin, Pennsylvania. However, if she loses more primaries or implodes with the FBI...
  5. aboutenough

    Hillary’s Benghazi Story Implodes

    ENLARGE Hillary Clinton listens during a House Select Committee on Benghazi hearing in Washington on Oct. 22. PHOTO: PETE MAROVICH/BLOOMBERG NEWS By JAMES FREEMAN Oct. 23, 2015 7:24 a.m. ET123 COMMENTS “Thanks to Hillary Clinton’s Benghazi testimony on Thursday, we now understand why the...
  6. HayJenn

    Most Incompetent Governor in the Country?

    Opponents of Maine Gov. Paul LePage (R) said that they were delighted this week after the governor and his staff misunderstood the veto process for nearly 20 bills, destining them to become law. The Bangor Daily News reported on Wednesday that LePage had attempted to use a “pocket veto” maneuver...
  7. GordonGecko

    Jeb Bush Implodes-

    Jeb Bush Embraces Amnesty, Invasion of Iraq, Common Core Well, it looks like the RNC may have to go with "Plan B"......a "stealth Jeb Bush" who will talk like Ted Cruz during the Primaries... then flip-flop back to "RINO" once he locks up the Nomination and can ignore the Far Right...
  8. B

    Trump implodes

    The latest PPP poll shows that Trump has taken a major hit, moving from 26% in GOP polling for the nomination down to 8%. You can read the report here. The .pdf data report is here. Text of the PPP posting: Trump collapses "Donald Trump has had one of the quickest rises and falls in the...
  9. Bluegrass

    Fraudulent Ex-Health Care CEO Implodes on TV

    This is amazing. The fraudulent ex-health care CEO and founder of "Conservatives for Patients' Rights" (neoconservative) actually tears himself down on prime time CNN. (No credit to CNN). His company defrauded the taxpayers-- and paid a record 1.7 billion dollars to settle charges of...