1. R

    US Retail Sales Increase Strongly In July

    Good sign for third quarter GDP growth.
  2. Friday13

    Art of the Bum Deal: Trump has managed to increase the cost of Air Force $1 Billion

    This is maybe why he filed bankruptcy 6 times...but this is taxpayer $$$ that he's spending, and on a plane that he will never have access to (won't be finished till 2026). Art of the Bum Deal: Donald Trump has managed to increase the cost of Air Force One by $1 billion
  3. cpicturetaker12

    AAA AVG gallon of gas $2.97 5/25 as 54% of consumers see NO increase in take home pay

    So that would mean that the 54% of all Americans who have seen NO RAISE in their paychecks after the tax cuts (the much touted tax cuts) are in the hole by at least the amount of gas they pump each month. 600 gals a year is the average. JAN 1, gas was 2.45 a gal. x .51 a gal--that's $306...
  4. Dittohead not!

    A 100,000% increase in cost

    Surely, there must be competition for a drug used since 1952, right? Well, yes, but: And, once you have a monopoly, just expand the market: But, it's the right one for the bottom line. It turned out to be ineffective for RA, but cost Medicare some half billion dollars anyway...
  5. bajisima

    Big increase in Antarctic snowfall

    Scientists have compiled a record of snowfall in Antarctica going back 200 years. The study shows there has been a significant increase in precipitation over the period, up 10%. Some 272 billion tonnes more snow were being dumped on the White Continent annually in the decade 2001-2010...
  6. J

    This is a a boon for the right wing, hate groups increase over the last year

    I think since small hands likes this type of person , he says some of them are good guys. So a increase in these groups would definitely make the right quite happy. It's a beautiful thing , for the first time in history your president is supported by the KKK, the white supremacists and the...
  7. MaryAnne

    Debt Increase

    By Presidents.
  8. DemoWhip

    McConnell 'misspoke' on claim that no one in middle class would get tax increase

    McConnell 'misspoke' on claim that no one in middle class would get tax increase | TheHill ​By Jordain Carney ==================================================== Ah Hah! Caught!! Of course the Middle Class is going get hit and HARD with the Republican tax plan! That's why the...
  9. S

    Increase Congressional terms to 3 years.

    Increase Congressional terms to 3 years: I don't believe that 2 year congressional terms of office has provided us with U.S. congressional representatives more responsive to their constituents, but rather they're more dependent upon their campaign contributors. I perceive increasing their terms...
  10. DemoWhip

    Want to increase black turnout? Make the fight for voting rights a core campaign issu

    Want to increase black turnout? Make the fight for voting rights a core campaign issue By Ian Reifowitz ==================================================== The time has rightfully come to End All Complacency with regard to elections...
  11. Æthelfrith

    Increase taxes!

    IMF: higher taxes for rich will cut inequality without hitting growth Its a sad state of affairs when even the IMF give up on right wing rhetoric...
  12. bajisima

    NSAIDS increase heart attack risk

    Taking even over-the-counter doses of common painkillers known as NSAIDs -- nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs -- has been linked to an increased risk of heart attack in a new study. The likelihood of experiencing a heart attack was calculated to increase by an average of 20% to 50%...
  13. cpicturetaker12

    RACHEL MADDOW: 107% increase ratings surge march 2017

    Even with the "breathless" tax return episode recently, her ratings soared over the past 2 months. This is well into OREILLY territory, the 'SEXUAL PREDATOR' cash cow of FOX. You go girl! Smartest person on any of the news sources, cable or broadcast. Hell, I hadn't thought about this till...
  14. TNVolunteer73

    Greates increase in Manufacturing jobs since 2006 Median Wage increases as well... MY MY.. TRUMPS WAND really is bigger than obama who is the only POTUS to have a decline in median incomes. he said he was going to reubuild the US Steel industry Well...
  15. R

    Republican governor of Tennessee proposes a 7 cent increase in gas tax.

    I support it because my state needs many needed improvements in its transportation infrastructure. How do you feel about it your state?
  16. Eve1

    Suggestions to increase attendance at the Trump inauguration

    Maybe I'll send the Trump inauguration team a suggestion about borrowing a big Russian bear from the Washington DC zoo. You can get your photo taken with it and Trump and the Russian Bear. It would be great publicity and might even get more people to actually come and watch Trump get sworn in...
  17. DemoWhip

    Pay to Rise for Millions as 19 States Increase Minimum Wage

    Those are the intelligent states with intelligent people who obviously know and understand that American workers can no longer exist and survive on the current minimum wage. But the other states that did not incorporate this raise for their own workers, one just has to wonder, what's their...
  18. DemoWhip

    Social Security Recipients to Get Tiny Increase in Benefits

    This frightening revelation is certainly foul for senior citizens and others in this country. And it can only exemplify the need to Vote For Hillary Clinton for President as she is the only one who could help to keep seniors and others afloat. Trump would just as soon abandon seniors and others...
  19. Devil505

    Will the desperation/anger on the right increase towards election day?

    I think as the Right sees their chances of winning the election on 11/8 seemingly drain away, the anger and vitriol coming from Trump supporters will be increasing both IRL and here on PH. (just watch) Thoughts?
  20. L

    The biggest increase in healthcare costs in 32 years

    Thanks Obama! Obamacare is adding $112 billion to the budget deficit and national debt this year. Sick: The biggest increase in healthcare costs in 32 years - LA Times