1. T

    List of countries by Human Development Index

    | Human Development Reports United Nations Development Programme Human Development Reports Should immigration factor this in
  2. R

    The Conference Board Consumer Confidence Index Increased Sharply in March

    looks good. the media's drive on negative trump news doesn't seem to be having an affect on confidence. -------------------- The Conference Board Consumer Confidence Index®, which had increased in February, improved sharply in March. The Index now stands at 125.6 (1985=100), up from 116.1 in...
  3. excalibur

    U.S. Small-Business Optimism Index Surges by Most Since 1980

    U.S. Small-Business Optimism Index Surges by Most Since 1980
  4. Two If By Tea

    Understanding Chicago Murder Index Beyond The "Hype"

    Boy if ya listened to headlines and the pundits why youd think its "Beruit" circa 1988.... Well 762 homicides seems HUGE on the surface and creates Shock and Awe factor but lets Scratch beyond the Surface for a moment... "Per Capita".....Chicago proper has a population of nearly Three...
  5. Goofball

    World Peace Index Report: World is less peaceful today than in 2008.

    Wait......WHAT!!!! I thought the whole world was gonna be singing Kumbaya once Obama was elected. This can't be right. I mean, he cooled the Earth and made the rise of the seas slow......oh, and Hillary was amazing as Sec of State. Oh, and terrorists were "decimated". Global Peace...
  6. L

    Claims for economic freedom index simply don't stand up

    Once again, Hong Kong has been pronounced the world's freest economy. Yesterday, US free market lobby group Heritage Foundation published its 20th annual index of economic freedom. And for the 20th year in a row, there was Hong Kong sitting at the top of the ranking. Naturally, the Hong...
  7. Kropotkin

    Misery Index Predicts Obama Win

    Misery Index predicts Obama will win the election - Economy So much for all the "Obama is worse than Carter" wishful thinking, and all the silly comparisons to 1980, from the GOP. The misery index today is down compared to where Bush left it in 2008.
  8. Oscar99

    Consumer Confidence Index highest since 2007

    Consumer confidence index jumps to five-year high - its at its heighest level since a full 2-years before the Great Recession. Nice job, President Obama and Vice-President Biden.
  9. michaelr

    Dollar Index Headed for Rapid Collapse: Chart

    Dollar Index Headed for Rapid Collapse: Chart Gee really, who would of thunk it. It is a good thing that the EU is doing the exact same insanity, and China is going after Japanese bonds. Can we say currency wars? You bet your ass. A race to the fucking bottom. There was a time when people...
  10. michaelr

    Baltic Exchange Dry Index

    Baltic Exchange Dry Index I said on the board just the other day to a member that they should look at Chinese exports....while they still exist. This says they don't, well at best they are at a 10 year low.
  11. jackalope

    Judging penis size by comparing index, ring fingers

    Am I reading this correctly? A longer index finger is correlated with a reduced risk of prostate cancer, but a shorter index finger is correlated with an longer penis?
  12. conservative

    22.3% unemployment + 11.2% consumer price index = 33.5% misery index

    Why the Misery Index Is Higher Than the Feds By Eric Fry 06/21/11 Laguna Beach, California – The Dow Jones Industrial Average continues its hiatus from doom and gloom yesterday – up more than 100 points so far today on what would be its fourth consecutive winning session. A four-day winning...
  13. (R)IGHTeous 1

    Breaking: OBAMA MISERY INDEX highest in 28 YEARS

    More real talk. More reality. I mean this news just keeps PILING on. No matter how the left still tries to blame Bush, lie, revise, slander, distort, THIS is the glaring truth. The Obama administration and its Jackass Party have FAILED this nation. They have FAILED its downtrodden, un and...
  14. michaelr

    Dollar index up 0.3 pct, recovers from three-year trough

    Dollar index up 0.3 pct, recovers from three-year trough It better do better than this or we are in trouble, because this bump will be short lived and reality for the dollar continues to show its devaluation.
  15. Rasselas

    The Toil Index

    Just read this article, which describes a new method for illustrating a situation we all agree exists, but that some believe isn't a problem: income inequality. Here is an economist arguing or a new economic statistic he claims will demonstrate the level of economic inequality and show why...
  16. JayGatz

    Index of Opportunities

    This article is relatively economics-heavy; so for the sake of a general audience I'll condense it a bit: Overall Sophistication: Graph 1: Showing Ranks Overall Diversification: Graph 2: Showing Ranks Standardness: Graph 3: Showing Relationship Between Diversification and...
  17. michaelr

    US Money Supply Plunges At 1930's Pace And Housing Index Dives

    US Money Supply Plunges At 1930's Pace And Housing Index Dives People really shouldn't forget history. Look at the "Roaring 20s, and then the Depression", then look at the last decade and today. The parallels are strikingly familiar, well except the inflation factor. Forget it, relive it...
  18. michaelr

    ECRI Leading Economic Index Plunges At -6.9% Rate

    ECRI Leading Economic Index Plunges At -6.9% Rate, Back To December 2007 Levels When Recession Officially Started Add massive inflation, Obama Tax, failed states, massive unemployment, and other nice wonderful things that the government shoved up our asses, and we are in a world of hurt...
  19. S

    China and Index Futures

    Index Futures will be a huge boom come April, it should be horrifying when you really think about the speculation; the last similar-style basket that was launched kept having to be closed down every day because it was rising too fast. Though with all speculation and boom investments, such...
  20. Amit

    Redfining the Poverty Index

    Disclaimer / This article is from a partisan source / Disclaimer Although the article is from a partisan source I ask folks to focus on the core question of what the poverty index should be measuring. I can see both sides here and was interested in hearing what others thought...