1. bajisima

    Youth are returning to India

    After decades of leaving India, this new generation is choosing to stay and not seek a better life in the US or other western countries. Even American born children of Indian immigrants are leaving the US for India. "But dimmer economic prospects in the developed world have turned the flow...
  2. TennesseeRain

    India Removes Security Barriers Around U.S. Embassy

    Move Follows Arrest of Indian Diplomat in New York NEW DELHI—India retaliated Tuesday for the arrest of one of its diplomats in New York by dismantling security barriers on streets around the U.S. embassy in New Delhi and revoking some privileges given to American consular officials. U.S...
  3. S

    India: Direct democracy or anarchy?

    Hi, I am a new member on this forum. I have been following recent developments in Indian politics recently, and there is a new popular political party called Aam Admi Party(Common man party) that has piqued my interest. This party was born from an anti-corruption movement headed by a social...
  4. The Man

    Just like India

    In two summer camps in Perm krai, Russia, about 100 children are hospitalized with suspected intestinal infection. None of the children's lives are in danger, most are in light to medium severity of condition. Governor Viktor Basargin has ordered the local health protection authority to take...
  5. bajisima

    Poisoned school lunches in India

    Over 20 children are dead and more are sick after eating poisoned school lunch in India. It is suspected that there was an insecticide in the food. The schools headmistress is on the run after the school cook questioned the cooking oil and was told to use it anyway. Indian principal on the...
  6. bajisima

    4 year old girl dies after being raped in India

    A 4 year old girl has died after being viciously sexually assaulted in India. This follows several gang rapes all over the country. Sad. Girl, 4, dies after rape in India -
  7. bajisima

    Another gang rape in India

    It has happened again, another gang rape of a young woman on a bus in India. What is going on here? Is this something new or just not reported before? Police: 7 men gang rape bus passenger in India -
  8. Seraphima

    Sexual violence in India

    Ten reasons why India has a sexual violence problem - The ten reasons provided in the article are: It's notable that there are many reasons provided in this article that are also major issues existing outside of India but to a lesser extent. There are obvious cultural and...
  9. meridian5455

    Hitler Clothing Store In India Sparks Outrage

    Hitler Clothing Store In India Sparks Outrage, Owner Claims Innocence (PHOTOS) He is either an idiot or a very poor liar! And he is wearing a shirt with Ghandi's picture on it! Proprietor Rajesh Shah told The Times of India that he had no idea the moniker would be controversial. "Hitler was a...
  10. Red Eft

    India Power Outage: 600 Million People Affected By One Of The World's Biggest Blacko

    NEW DELHI (AP) — India's energy crisis spread over half the country Tuesday when both its eastern and northern electricity grids collapsed, leaving 600 million people without power in one of the world's biggest-ever blackouts. The power failure has raised serious concerns...
  11. Divine Wind

    The 'Viagra' transforming local economies in India

    It's amazing what some people will do for sexual enhancements. I have a feeling that if this stuff really worked, Pfizer would be all over it and either setting fungus farms or synthesizing it for mass distribution. BBC News - The 'Viagra' transforming local economies in India
  12. michaelr

    India to pay gold for Iran oil, China may follow

    India to pay gold for Iran oil, China may follow Huge back fire for Obomber, good for me though.
  13. meridian5455

    China, India skyscraper boom may herald downturn

    China, India skyscraper boom may herald downturn - Yahoo! Finance
  14. F

    Afghanistan signs 1st strategic pact _ with India

    Afghanistan signs 1st strategic pact _ with India :: Thoughts? The U.S. is now willing to let India play a larger role in Afghanistan, and certainly Afghanistan wants it," said analyst Lalit Mansingh, a former Indian foreign secretary and ambassador to Washington. "After years of...
  15. jackalope

    Analysis: Blast another blow for "clueless" India government

    Crap .... NINE years until they can train enough policemen? Seems like they're kinda needed now...
  16. jackalope

    India: Redefining responsibility

    I think I don't agree with Rohan. He makes the case for his opinion of the actions so far, and does note critiques of India's actions, but the short bits devoted to the critiques made me want to know more about those critiques: I'd say the summary of these four decisions by India on the...
  17. G

    India: Terror attack kills 17, wounds 81 in Mumbai

    India: Terror attack kills 17, wounds 81 in Mumbai Near-simultaneous bomb blasts rocked three busy neighborhoods during evening rush hour in India's busy financial capital Wednesday, killing at least 17 people in what the government called an apparent terrorist attack on the city besieged by...
  18. Divine Wind

    Study shows girls increasingly aborted in India

    This problem isn't unique to India. China also had a high number of female fetus abortions and flat out infanticide cases due to a strict ZPG program allowing parents only one child. India's problem seems to stem not from governmental ZPG regulations, but from ancient cultural traditions...
  19. TheHighForester

    India lets its girls die

    India's economic progress during the past few decades has been impressive, but its social and moral progress has been nearly non-existent. As the country becomes wealthier, the pace of selective abortion, female infanticide, and murder through deliberate neglect of female children is growing...
  20. E

    The East Unleashed – by Raam Gokhale

    A Dialogue - between Raam Gokhale and Kedar Joshi - Concerning the Political Ramifications of the Developing World “India is a macrocosm and may be the world’s default setting for the future.” – Patrick French “Freedom for India is an insult to freedom.” – Kedar Joshi...