1. DemoWhip

    FCC doubles down on its decision to raise broadband prices on American Indians

    FCC doubles down on its decision to raise broadband prices on American Indians By Walter Einenkel ==================================================== Talk about Republican insensitivity and discrimination against Native Americans! The First Americans are now being targeted in this...
  2. sweettee

    Indians worship Trump Oh, wow. *gag*
  3. cpicturetaker12

    While 'Indians' were protesting, just down the road: 176K gals of crude leaked

    Ironic huh! These people were saying it's GOING TO HAPPEN. It likely did concurrently--while cameras and teepees were parked a little too far away to see it. Eh, who gives a shit right?? Afterall it's only 176,000 gals fouling water in North Dakota. Afterall some country club type needs to...
  4. BDBoop

    Obama unveils plan to help young American Indians

    Obama Unveils Plan to Help Young American Indians - ABC News I can't C&P on my Kindle, but I was very happy to see that efforts are being made on behalf of our indigenous youth.
  5. Madeline

    Need A Laugh?

    Cleveland has a baseball team whose mascot is a happy Native American that was designed back in the 1940's. This apparently causes as much sorrow to some as the use of the "Redskins" name does in DC. This is the mascot: Some enterprising people made an anti-Wahoo parody and the tee shirts...
  6. TennesseeRain

    Ted Nugent: 'My Lifestyle…Is More In The Indian Tradition Than Many Of The Indians

    Ted Nugent called in to Glenn Beck’s program on Friday to defend himself after a number of his shows have been cancelled by Indian tribes because of his long history of racist remarks. Nugent told Beck that in fact “my lifestyle as a white guy — though I’m hard to accept that designation — is...
  7. BoiseBo

    The Indians brought more than just ‘corn’ to the first Thanksgiving!

    They brought sexy color! I'm very curious as to whether this ad for a tanning salon offends anyone. For me? Ill-advised. Offensive? Not so much considering that the designer is Native American. Tanning salon’s Thanksgiving special: ‘Sexy color’ like Native Americans -
  8. TortoiseDream

    A Proclamation from the Indians of All Tribes, Alcatraz Island, 1969

    This is a primary source document in one of my history books. It's really something, check it out: One of my favorite articles.
  9. Z

    Joseph Smith preaching to the Indians.

    Artist's rendition of Joseph Smith preaching to Indians. Local governments were alarmed by the possibility of Mormon-Indian alliances.
  10. M

    Rush Limbaugh: Holocaust On Indians Okay

    I heard this on the Radio today and I was waiting for media matters to pick up on this. The stereotype that all Native Americans profit from Indian owned Casinoes is one held by many conservatives in this country of both parties. Yes, many Indians on reservations tribes receive money from...
  11. J

    american indians could reap almost 38b in stimulus

    American Indians could reap almost $3B in stimulus By MARY CLARE JALONICK, Associated Press Writer Mary Clare Jalonick, Associated Press Writer Wed Jan 28, 3:23 am ET...
  12. Z

    Why did the Indians go to

    North America? They came over from Asia, right? But why? What made them leave Asia?
  13. J

    Pope says indians longed for their genocide-it was a christian act of purification

    the genocide in south america carried out by spain and portugal accoding to the pope was an acyt of purification something the idians where longing for Adam Jones: When Does Genocide Purify?