1. B

    Fascism in its infancy

    Now Trump's Campaign Is Roughing Conservative Reporters, Too | Left Wing Nation <--- tweets regarding incident. Read more: Trump campaign manager gets rough with Breitbart reporter - POLITICO Follow us: @Politico on Twitter |...
  2. Mertex

    Why Republicans want to kill Obamacare in its Infancy!

    Why are Republicans in Congress so adamant about killing the Affordable Health Care Act? Because they know that once it is fully implemented they will not be able to fool people into believing that it is a bad program. Republicans want to kill the Affordable Healthcare Act in its infancy...
  3. C

    Art: a means to regain the laughter of infancy

    Art: a means to regain the laughter of infancy Civilization has become an uncritical style of life that sacrifices the free energies of the citizen to a self-absorbed and largely fictional pattern of social meaning. Free energies can lead us back to the laughter of play provided we gain a...