1. KnotaFrayed

    Coincidence or A Presidential candidate asking foreigners to hack and steal info?

    And their complying? Why, other than Trump being his usual self and pursuing any avenue to "win", would Trump propose Russians seek missing HRC e-mails? The suggestion is that the Russian hacking did nothing to influence the election toward Trump, yet from all account, the RNC was not hacked...
  2. excalibur

    Ex-defense contractor receives prison sentence for unlawfully storing classified info

    Some people are less equal than others. Ex-defense contractor receives prison sentence for unlawfully storing classified information
  3. MaryAnne

    New Info On the Investigation

    Mueller has tapes of Don Jr. and Russian Oligarch. Explains why Trump is a Twitter this week, along with the collapse of his Spy story, thanks to McConnell, “ no surprise there!”
  4. excalibur

    Feds probing how Stormy lawyer got Cohen’s banking info

    Indeed. Felonies afoot.
  5. HayJenn

    Mueller's team questions Russian oligarch about payments to Cohen

    Special counsel Robert Mueller's investigators have questioned a Russian oligarch about hundreds of thousands of dollars in payments his company's US affiliate made to President Donald Trump's personal attorney, Michael Cohen, after the election, according to a source familiar with the matter...
  6. C

    Doj probes comey over classified info

    This is just the beginning. It's all starting to unravel for the traitors... Justice Department Watchdog Probes Comey Memos Over Classified Information By Byron Tau and Aruna Viswanatha Updated April 20, 2018 1:20 p.m. ET 385 COMMENTS WASHINGTON—At least two of the memos that former...
  7. Crusher

    Rand Paul - FBI Trump Haters Still Have Top Secret Clearance - Sensitive Private Info Original Request - January 30 Response - Two months later Seriously? There is no way to limit anti-Trump staff that have been demoted or "re-assigned" from accessing sensitive private material? Also, it took the FBI...
  8. Friday13

    Breast cancer and screening info removed from HHS website

    The definition of malignancy is the tRump admin and GOP. Removal of Breast Cancer Website and Related Webpages from within HHS's Office on Women's Health Website Breast cancer and screening info removed from the government's health department website
  9. Chief

    Facebook sold your info to Russian American for "academics" Makes me think... Putin once said he was jealous of Obama because of all the info gathering of the NSA... but maybe he really wasn't, because he has...
  10. excalibur

    Strzok and Page Discussed Classified Info in Unsecure Messages

    Strzok and Page Discussed Classified Info in Unsecure Messages
  11. HayJenn

    Equifax hack put more info at risk

    The Equifax data breach exposed more of consumers’ personal information than the company first disclosed last year, according to documents given to lawmakers. The credit reporting company announced in September that the personal information of 145.5 million consumers had been compromised in a...
  12. cpicturetaker12

    'We've got significantly more info that raises MORE ?? abt Russian hacking' says SEN

    What the hell else have they got? Remember he sits on the INTEL CMTE and Warner is not a flame thrower. (PS Related to this new set of questions OR NOT, I'm going to repeat this as I have asked many many times on this board and in real life. How do we KNOW if state election equipment wasn't...
  13. HayJenn

    Trump Jr. asked Russian for info on Clinton Foundation

    Donald Trump Jr. asked a Russian lawyer at the June 2016 Trump Tower meeting whether she had evidence of illegal donations to the Clinton Foundation, the lawyer told the Senate Judiciary Committee in answers to written questions obtained exclusively by NBC News. The lawyer, Natalia...
  14. cpicturetaker12

    FAKE STORY: Antifa/atheist thread running, comes from INFO WARS/Alex Jones

    Let's start fact checking this shit in REAL TIME. "Alex Jones, who devoted his entire Saturday to doing live coverage on his web-show Info Wars on a second American civil war that absolutely never happened, also pushed the idea that the shooter could somehow be an antifa activist. “Was this...
  15. cpicturetaker12

    Congr's wants info on GOP'r who killed himself using Russia to find Hillary's emails.

    On your mark get set go! BLAME IT ON HILLARY! SHE had him offed. Sure that's it. In the mean time this is a GOP operative reportedly working with Flynn and Bannon, apparently using 'Russians' to help them find her missing 'personal' emails on the dark web. Nothing suspicious here right...
  16. Spookycolt

    More info on Trumps tax plan

    Looking like the middle class will benefit the most from this. Single filer Joint filing How your tax bracket may change under Trump's new tax plan, in one chart
  17. cpicturetaker12

    FACEBOOK hands over info to Mueller for a $150k (very targeted) ad-buys by Russians

    Okay, I don't see this up. I heard about it driving around scouring for GAS and WATER, picking up supplies, yada yada. 7 gas stations to finally get a tank of gas. STILL NO WATER. So anyway if this is a duplicate, MODS pls. delete or combine. Apparently these ad-buys were very precisely...
  18. PACE

    Anonymous hacks Osteen's personal info

    Anonymous ?hacks? Christian pastor who refused to open his Houston mega-church | Metro News
  19. MaryAnne

    White House Posts Sensitive Info.

    Who,in their right mind would give these fools voter information?