1. excalibur

    More Insanity by a Federal Judge

    Claiming President Trump cannot block people on Twitter. Oy vey! The insanity continues.
  2. J

    Amoungst this insanity, there is one positive note.

    That positive note is millions of people in this country are started to find out the truth about the right and how devastating their idea for this country are. This group that makes people poorer with tax policy , then attacks them for that poverty , calling them leaches and then trying to...
  3. cpicturetaker12

    More INSANITY ensues! Bannon, "Say the revolution is coming, I can't get enough."

    THIS is inside the White House people. Assistant to the President of the United States. Keep it coming, tear down more statues. He was talking to the NY Times. I wouldn't say something like that to the local 'penny saver'. Yes, this is INSANE. ‘Say the revolution is coming, I can’t get...
  4. Bronwyn

    The insanity continues

    CHICAGO (CBS) — A Chicago pastor has asked the Emanuel administration to remove the names of two presidents who owned slaves from parks on the South Side, saying the city should not honor slave owners in black communities. A bronze statue of George Washington on horseback stands at the corner...
  5. cpicturetaker12

    TRUMP undercuts TILLERSON mediating Qatar dispute, "Insanity"

    (Apparently within a few hours... (I leave for a couple of hours and the ORANGE MAD MAN on a late FRI afternoon goes off the rails--again)... ‘Insanity’: Internet stunned as Trump sides with Saudis instead of his own secretary of state in Qatar dispute ELIZABETH PREZA 09 JUN 2017 AT 18:21 ET...
  6. libertariat720

    Insanity at Evergreen State College

    A professor there has been holding classes in a park because it is not safe for him to teach there. A mob of 200 students chased him out and has made demands to for his resignation on the grounds that he is racist. He objected to the revised "Day of Absence", where white people were invited...
  7. KnotaFrayed

    People acting on what they and many more see as the insanity.....

    While trying to trash one's opponent to try to make your own look good, might seem somewhat expected and normal, the sheer pile of hypocrisy or absolute and total denial of the same people that took others to task for the same things, when it comes to their doing the same to Donald Trump, is...
  8. John T Ford

    Merkel Doubles Down on Insanity

    "The embattled leader says Europe has an obligation to take displaced people from Syria and Iraq. She also said Islam "is not the cause of terrorism" and that combatting extremism needs the cooperation of Muslim countries. In a wide-ranging speech at a Munich security conference, the German...
  9. excalibur

    Prog Insanity at 30,000 Feet
  10. cpicturetaker12

    TEXAS INSANITY: Drs. required to provide FUNERALS for abortions or miscarriages!

    This is FUCKING MISOGYNISTIC MANIPULATIVE PUNITIVE BULLSHIT! So how much will an abortion cost NOW? Even the doctors are outraged. *Assess Your Resources. You do not want to add to the stress of unmanageable funeral, burial, or cremation costs. The average funeral cost is between $3,500 and...
  11. excalibur

    California Climate Science Truth and Accountability Act of 2016

    Totalitarians, unite!
  12. excalibur

    The Further Adventures of 'Progressive Insanity'

    The lunacy continues unabated. And it will only get worse. Chicago Students Now Required To Adopt Transgender Newspeak Chicago To Punish Kids For Wrong Pronouns | The Daily Caller
  13. excalibur

    Some Sanity in an Age of Insanity

    American College Of Pediatricians Warns: Youth Transgenderism Is Child Abuse Doctors Say Transgenderism Is Child Abuse | The Daily Caller
  14. BDBoop

    Pat Robertson ongoing insanity thread

    Pat Robertson: Comfort grieving mom by saying God stopped her dead baby from becoming next Hitler Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you Pat Robertson: Grief Counselor.
  15. K

    Bringing it home! This is Utter Insanity!

    Lets say that the Chernobyl Reactor accident had happened not on a fixed, ground based power plant, but on a floating Ice Breaker Ship power plant, when the reactor explosion and melt down occurred. It is five days into the melt down crisis, and America wants to step up to help... Sooooo, We...
  16. vikingbeast


    Billions of dollars blow on marketing just to get the views of ding-a-lings. Dude, for real? I don't know why this thought filtered through my brain this morning, but it hit me how absurd, indeed insane, the billions of dollars spent on marketing for talking heads, cable news, etc. What a...
  17. slslady1

    Insanity: Repeating the Housing Market Mistakes

    Obama administration pushes banks to make home loans to people with weaker credit - The Washington Post So here we go again. Pushing high risk loans to people who can't afford them, backed by government entities that the taxpayer continues to bail out after massive losses. Is everyone ready...
  18. C

    Rush has finally left all semblance of sanity behind him Okay, so, let me get this straight. DC comics, back in the 90's created this character Bane for the sole purpose of being able to insert him into a movie scrit that was penned in 2010, because DC, Warner Bros., and the DNC, all working in conjunction with each...
  19. Divine Wind

    How to stop election year insanity

    Some interesting ideas and thoughts here. The two I like the most are #2 and #3. #4 and #5 seem to have First Amendment problems. How to stop election year insanity -