1. cpicturetaker12

    6 OTHER GOP'rs connected with COLLINS to insider info/trading scandal

    Yes, ONE has been arrested but MORE are involved. We'll see if there is ANY fallout. Fucking PRICE is a POS. These 6 Republicans are connected to the insider trading scandal that just exploded on a Trump-loving congressman ] TANA GANEVA 08 AUG 2018 AT 11:27 ET...
  2. bajisima

    NY congressman arrested on insider trading charges

    Rep. Chris Collins, R-N.Y., will be indicted by the Justice Department on insider trading charges, federal prosecutors announced Wednesday morning. The indictment relates to "securities of Innate Immunotherapeutics ... an Australian biotechnology company on whose board of directors...
  3. cpicturetaker12

    TRUMP confidant Carl Icahn DUMPED $31.2 million in 'steel' stocks--last week!!

    Impeccable timing, you say? Trump confidant dumped millions in steel-related stock last week Carl Icahn has impeccable timing. JUDD LEGUM MAR 2, 2018, 10:22 AM [*=center] Billionaire investor and longtime Trump confidant Carl Icahn dumped $31.3 million of stock in a company heavily...
  4. MaryAnne

    Business Insider

    Confirms Gowdy pay off with tax payer money. To a wronged Veteran,no less! Trey Gowdy used $150,000 of taxpayer money to settle ex-employee claim - Business Insider
  5. cpicturetaker12

    Top GOP insider "drops hammer on titantic fraud MIKE PENCE for lying about Russia"

    Mr. 'hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil' PENCE knew and then went out and LIED THROUGH HIS ASS. Bet your ass, he knew! Hell, his cat probably knew by the end. Who the fuck are we kidding here? I'll repeat, he is a publicly pious prick! And he if he knew and SHILLED for and covered...
  6. PACE

    for those who think free speech is unlimited, here's an article from Business Insider

    linking 100 hate crimes/murders to a Nazi website, StormFront, from 2014 100 Hate-Crime Murders Linked To - Business Insider and the founder of stormfront praises trump for his support, in 2015 Got new servers calls himself a White Nationalist, who believe they should have...
  7. L

    Trump insider pursuing bid for FBI building contract, raising questions of conflict o

    By MATTHEW MOSK BRIAN ROSS Jun 12, 2017, 7:19 AM ET In what ethics experts are calling a glaring “direct conflict” of interest, a significant business partner of both President Donald Trump and his son-in-law and senior adviser Jared Kushner is pursuing a $2 billion government contract to...
  8. thrilling

    Donny's HHS pick. Insider trading guy?

    Trump?s pick for HHS head could face insider trading investigation | New York Post Does this mean we will be great again?
  9. Babba

    An Insider's View of Deep-Red White America

    I found this point of view very interesting. The Depression had a powerful negative impact on people of this same region and so they more readily accepted the prescriptions of the liberals that made their lives much easier at the time. This last recession didn't impact them as hard and so it may...
  10. Monk-Eye

    Buy Passing Stock Act Congressional Insider Trading

    " Buy Passing Stock Act Congressional Insider Trading " * Ignoring Common Place * How easy would it be easy to determine whether a politician profited through insider trading ? How pervasive is insider trading within us political systems ? * Escape Goats Down Dumping * Can anyone see how...
  11. HayJenn

    FBI Leaked Insider Info To Trump Campaign

    Rudy Giuliani said Friday that he knew the FBI planned to review more emails tied to Hillary Clinton before a public announcement about the investigation last week, confirming that the agency leaked information to Donald Trump’s presidential campaign. The former New York City mayor and Trump...
  12. The Man

    Insider about Crimea operation

    Former Ukrainian cop who defected to Russian/pro-Russian forces and was involved in Russian takeover of Crimea tells about these events to Russian reporters: Ukraine's ex-cop reveals details of his participation in Crimea takeover : UNIAN news Vladimir (he is ethnic Russian and that is how...
  13. ptif219

    Insider leaks koch bros, rubio plan to stop trump

    This isn't aa source I like but what i found Imagine that their great plan is to bring back the failure Romney if Rubio can not win Florida. Trade one useless politician for another one. This is why GOP voters are leaving and becoming independents. Bombshell: Insider Leaks Koch...
  14. C

    Jeanne Shaheen Conspired With White House Insider On IRS Targeting Scandal

    Jeanne Shaheen Conspired With White House Insider On IRS Targeting Scandal Apparently Jeanne Shaheen played a role in the IRS targeting of conservative groups. No big surprise there. Anyone paying attention knows what a disgrace to NH she is. Hopefully the Dems won't be able to steal...
  15. meridian5455

    Mark Cuban not guilty in insider trading case

    Mark Cuban, the billionaire owner of the NBA's Dallas Mavericks, was acquitted by a federal jury in Dallas of charges that he committed insider trading. Prosecutors had accused Cuban of avoiding more than $750,000 in losses by illegally selling 600,000 shares of Canadian search engine company...
  16. michaelr

    Obama's 'Insider Threat' Program a 'Sweeping' Crackdown on Leakers Yicks Common Dreams is up in arms against Obama..... I view this as an admission. The crimes being leaked are crimes against us, or crimes supposably done in our names, like killing children with drones or arming AQ, and broad sweeping spying...
  17. BDBoop

    Congress Acts Quickly to Kill Transparency For Their Own Shady Insider Trading

    Congress Acts Quickly to Kill Transparency For Their Own Shady Insider Trading AND the President signed it. Yesterday. So I'm pissed at him, too. 4/11/2013 Introduced in Senate 4/11/2013 Passed/agreed to in Senate: Introduced in the Senate, read twice, considered, read the third time, and...
  18. meridian5455

    Former administration insider skewers Obama national security team

    An administration riven with infighting. A commander-in-chief given to "dithering" on critical wartime decisions. A suspicious and devious White House staff erecting a "Berlin Wall" around a secluded and standoffish president, shielding him from those advisers -- particularly at the Department...
  19. Ronin Tetsuro

    Paul Ryan's Insider Trading Scandal

    That didn't take long... Brad DeLong: Yes, Paul Ryan's Flacks Snookered Benjy Sarlin: Republicans Lie, All the Time, About Everything Blogging But that's NOT all. Here's the documents. The Richmonder: Paul Ryan traded on insider information to avoid 2008 crash Should this disqualify Ryan...
  20. michaelr

    Ryan committed insider trading

    Paul Ryan Dumped A Bunch Of Bank Stocks The Same Day As Congressional Leaders Met With Hank Paulson During The Crisis Paul Ryan Traded on Insider Information to Avoid 2008 crash He should be in jail, but here in Happy Land this makes him a viable candidate.