1. cpicturetaker12

    DeGrasse Tyson when asked about intense earthquakes/hurricanes "Earth is pissed off"

    Tyson is a pretty happy guy. Downright ebullient. All the time. I've never heard him say anything negative. Seems like he can take any subject in his sphere and put a positive spin on it. When he said this a few days ago, surprised the hell out of me!! He said it with conviction! "These are...
  2. T

    Trump promises intense effort on opioids

    Remember when the president assigned his son in law the daunting task of tackling the opioid epidemic in this country? Yeah, well, I guess the Kush got busy. Yesterday the president addressed the problem, by stating, unequivocally, he was going it enforce the law. Yeah, not sure that is a...
  3. Dr Sampson Simpson

    8 years of intense scrutiny and comes out unscathed

    That's probably what pisses the right wingers off so much about Obama. That he had 2 terms as president given a huge mess, and with republicans looking for anything to attack Obama on, he comes out unscathed. THis has made the right look foolish, childish, and without any credibility what so...
  4. excalibur

    Democrat Party Machine in New York Under Intense Scrutiny

    Just last week the incredibly corrupt former Speaker of the New York State Assembly, Sheldon Silver, was sentenced to 12 years in federal prison. Now there is a whirl of investigation surrounding NYC mayor Bill de Blasio. And today we read that two cronies of Governor Andrew Cuomo have had...
  5. Red Eft

    U.S. Spate of shootings on Kansas highways prompts intense investigation

    As Kansas police investigate a spate of shootings on highways around Kansas City, residents say they are shaken but not deterred from driving by the possibility that an attacker may be randomly shooting at cars in the area. Police say 12 of the 20 incidents reported in the Kansas City area...
  6. michaelr

    Armed bank robber escapes intense law enforcement search, remains at large

    Armed bank robber escapes intense law enforcement search, remains at large The the gestapo is now involved in local law enforcement. These fucking clown just say this shit like it is normal, well I have news for these idiots, it ain't.
  7. M

    Intense Chemo Helps Multiple Myeloma Patients

    A scientific article by researchers at the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences says more intensive chemotherapy during treatment of multiple myeloma helps improve remission and overall survival rates. A study of 576 multiple myeloma patients showed that those who received the more...