1. USA-1

    Interested in a run for President, Stan?

    I found my 2012, Candidate, I think the Republican Party should talk to Mr. McChrystal, I think he'd wipe the floor with his former boss. McChrystal Tells Army He's Retiring
  2. USA-1

    Hizbullah not interested in dialogue with US

    Read more: The Daily Star - Politics - Hizbullah not interested in dialogue with US - Qassem (The Daily Star :: Lebanon News :: Lebanon News :: Middle East News :: The Daily Star - Lebanon) :f_whistle: Like so many other Bush policy courses that aren't changed, W's legacy skyrockets again...
  3. Sparta

    Anyone interested in drafting a healthcare bill?

    Purpose: To do what congress can't. Rules: No lawyer talk, even the poor people who will benifit from this bill should be able to understand it. Budget: How Low is Low? Anyone interested? FOR THIS THREAD I WILL DELETE ANY OFF TOPIC POSTS.
  4. Amit

    Schilling interested in Kennedy's seat

    BOSTON -- Curt Schilling, the former major league pitcher who won the allegiance of Bostonians by leading the Red Sox to the 2004 World Series, said Wednesday that he has "some interest" in running for the seat held for nearly 50 years by Democratic Sen. Edward M. Kennedy...
  5. B

    If anyone is interested in watching last night's debate

    Here's a link to the video with the transcript running along side it. Pretty neat. Democratic Debate: Analyzing the Details - The New York Times My favorite part is where Hillary says she "supported the peace process in Northern Ireland" as part of her vast experience. I had no idea she was...
  6. N

    I am greatly interested in your opinion...please read!

    Oil companies are good. I just wanted everyone to know that.
  7. C

    I am interested in disinterested knowledge

    I am interested in disinterested knowledge Disinterested knowledge is the energy bunny. It generates the energy for exploration and for overcoming some of the inhibitions consciousness places on the unconscious. Disinterested knowledge is an intrinsic value. Disinterested knowledge is not a...
  8. R

    Our goal is clearly NOT TO FIND a qualified and interested U.S. worker.

    It's on video, believe it or not, and even presented as a selling point to peddle their services by Cohen & Grigsby Law Firm. That's right, this group of attorneys put an entire seminar on how to screw over the American worker on YouTube. Imagine that, a seminar from lawyers on how to make sure...
  9. C

    Is religion interested in wisdom?

    Some consider that wisdom is “seeing life whole” John Henry Newman wrote that the pursuit of knowledge will "draw the mind off from things which will harm it," and added that it will renovate man's nature by rescuing him "from that fearful subjection to sense which is his ordinary state."...
  10. D

    How interested is the Iraqi "Unity Government" in "unity"? How capable of consession?

    On a scale of 1 (totally opposed to any serious reconciliation and unable to make the smallest political concessions) to 10 (Both very interested and extremely capable of political compromise)?
  11. H

    Robert Novak: U.S. not interested in Hamas peace calls

    Robert Novak: U.S. not interested in Hamas peace calls By ROBERT D. NOVAK Syndicated columnist WASHINGTON - On April 7, ending a seven-day visit to Israel, I finally got an interview I had sought for a year. I sat down in a Palestinian National Authority office in Ramallah with a leader of...
  12. R

    why i am not interested in sons of Gods

    Like many people when I read myths or tales I do not assume they are to be taken literally. As a rational and logical person I also do not assume something as being true without objective, substantiated, first hand evidence. Like many people who read more then just one book or story, I also...
  13. I

    For those interested in finding out "the truth" about global warming....

    Here is a very interesting thread where REAL SCIENTISTS discuss the issue with people who do not have a scientific background : I just watched An Inconvenient Truth - Science Forums, The Original