1. USA-1

    Enhanced interrogation

    Petraeus Ponders How Far Interrogators Should Go It's definitely a ponder question and I agree with Petreaus. An authorization from the top, I suggest the President and Attorney General approval requirement, does anyone have another suggestion, the American People do need to ponder this question.
  2. Towski

    Santorum on McCain: He Doesn't Understand How Enhanced Interrogation Works

    Ok, yeah, it's out of context. Still gave me a wry smile and a headshake. Here's the full quote and link: The Hugh Hewitt Show
  3. michaelr

    Enemy Belligerent, Interrogation, Detention, and Prosecution Act of 2010

    Enemy Belligerent, Interrogation, Detention, and Prosecution Act of 2010 The bill is in PDF form. There has never, in the history of the world, been a time when torture, permanent detention, any of it, has been used against enemy states or causes , where those same tactics have not been...
  4. Bluegrass

    CIA Interrogation Report Highlights

    Below are excerpts from the now declassified May 2004 inspector general's review of CIA interrogations during the so-called war on terror, which was released by the Obama administration on Monday afternoon in response to an ACLU lawsuit. Page numbers link to the actual page of the report. (You...
  5. S

    The answer to our interrogation policy

    For those who still don't know the whole story and how our government operated within the law for the sole purpose of saving American lives this might help you understand. Critics Still Haven't Read the 'Torture' Memos - By VICTORIA TOENSING Sen. Patrick Leahy wants an...
  6. N

    CIA destroyed 92 interrogation tapes

    AP Newsbreak: CIA destroyed 92 interrogation tapes (hey, wait a minute, I thought.... » Bush Mum on Destroyed CIA Interrogation Tapes ) :popcorn:
  7. V

    Bush Aware of Advisers' Interrogation Talks

    So like all of them were in on approving torture and Rumsfield and Tenet won't give a comment and Powell doesn't remember and ... IMHO, the sins of this administration will harm our nation for generations to come if the sinners are not held accountable.
  8. J

    House Passes Restrictions on Interrogation Methods I just read this and am wondering how many days before the veto? Anyone want to place some bets? Gentlemen bets of course. I say, a day. Of course the intel community states we haven't conducted waterboarding since 2003...
  9. M

    Giuliani: I Used ‘Very Aggressive,’ ‘Intensive’ Interrogation Techniques

    The Article Here.. So this clown would have you believe that he tortured the mob, what a liar!
  10. D

    The Art Of Interrogation - Experts Agree Coersion Does Not Work

    Capital Sources: The Art of Interrogation - Newsweek National News - The Art of Interrogation Coercion doesn’t work. Empathy is a more powerful tool than you might think. A veteran Air Force interrogator who grilled prisoners in Iraq talks about how to gather information during...
  11. Z

    What Interrogation Techniques Do You Support

    Please name techniques you would personally, if you were an interrogtor, would use on a suspected terrorist, or enemy soldier. Please dont say: "Any technique that applies to Geneva Convention". No; That is a borring answer. Please be specific. My Techniques: Slap across face Loud Music Water...