1. RNG

    Justin Trudeau's intro to unintended consequences

    We in Canada are quite concerned about the potential for NAFTA to disintegrate, the impact on present tariffs and the potential of the tariffs on automobiles. And the government has said they would work to minimize job losses. But in one area they not only failed miserably, they in fact caused...
  2. O

    How about this intro campaign ad?

    I think it's great. What say you?
  3. Douglas

    My intro was deleted

    Could someone be polite enough to tell me why, please?
  4. Isalexi

    Delayed intro

    I have been here a few months and never introduced myself.....and I already have foes on the left and the right. I guess it is because I am aware that I am behind a keyboard and freer to say what I want. I started to come to these boards for insights from people on the right and became a...
  5. S

    Intro Time

    Hi all, I am new to and very happy to be here.
  6. M

    Reverse intro

    This will likely be one of my last posts on here. It has nothing to do with anything about anyone here, no grudges. I hope you all feel the same. Thank you for engaging in discourse with me, and thank you Seraphima for allowing me a chance to be part of your site. Farewell my friends :)
  7. Koios

    Reverse Intro; Had a blast this election cycle.

    I've bordered on addiction to PH and need to get while the getting it good ... aka things winding down post-election. But I've had a ball and only warm regards for all with whom I've kibitzed and/or agreed with. Great site, and for me, a driving force behind my staying informed so rivals are...
  8. J

    New guy saying hello

  9. A

    Sorry for the belated intro.

    I'm obviously new here and if you've stumbled across any of my posts, I tend to be a bit on the libertarian side of things. In my personal life, I tend toward the conservative life style. If you lean left or excessively right and I challenge you, its not personal. I actually have friends and...
  10. Christopher

    Pre-Merge Intro from PH

    Since it seems a merge will happen between this forum and PH soon, I thought it would be appropriate to register here and introduce myself. I have been a member of PH for several years. I tend to lean towards the conservative and libertarian side of the spectrum politically. I am also an...
  11. taxed

    My intro

    I can't remember if I ever posted an intro, so here it is. I am so conservative libertarian that I scare other conservatives and libertarians. Free market capitalism is sacred to me, like air to a bird, or water to a fish. I have been fortunate to have been successful in my young life as a...
  12. T

    Kind of a anti intro

    Peace out folks. I can not negotiate this new forum, nor, looking around, does it hold much for me. To those I like, you know where to find me. To those I don't, shove off. I will take one thing from here. Lakeman, rest in peace. You taught me all that I know about arguing like an...
  13. D


    26 year old AD service member stationed in NJ. Originally from Texas. I dont think I'll post much, I'm here for reading. Who knows, I may voice my opinion from time to time. Look forward to being here.
  14. M

    My intro

    hello my name fingers a new member in this . thanks.
  15. R

    Hello Intro for Rhino30

    Hello everyone, My name is Brian AKA Rhino30. I look foward to another exciting forum. I am active on a few other forums Powerline forums,, and Bill O'Reilly's site forum. So if you are on those sites you may know me. I am slightly conservative, however I find myself more...
  16. A

    Commie Intro

    I heard there aren't many commies in here so I decided to join. I'm 17 and Kuwaiti - and I still believe I'm the only Kuwaiti commie. Arright now.. Hasta la victoria siempre