1. D

    Dem, GOP senators aim to breathe life into immigration debate by introducing narrow D

    Dem, GOP senators aim to breathe life into immigration debate by introducing narrow DACA bill with no wall By ALI ROGIN ==================================================== That is a good start to protect DACA recipients and address immigration concerns. With a bipartisan effort and...
  2. A

    WTH? The Sergeant at Arms introducing Trump last night went a little overboard.
  3. PACE

    introducing tropical storm lee

    so will it turn into an Asian named storm such as: Ho LEE SHIT!!????? And Anna Navarro's tweet on twitter:
  4. S

    Introducing the Donald Trump-Mike Pence divergence tracker

    Click the link to learn how far apart Trump and Pence are on the following issues: Free Trade Iraq War ACA Muslim immigration ban Abortion Ted Cruz Press credentials The Khans Name calling John McCain Paul Ryan It seems clear that Pence was chosen to "soften" the lunacy displayed by Trump. I...
  5. HayJenn

    Trump’s speech introducing Pence

    Was one of the worse, most bizarre things I have ever seen. First Trump comes out to the Rolling Stones song "You can't always get what you want" - hmmm...because Trump was basically forced by his kids to pick Pence? Next Trump talks about himself for 28 minutes. Rambling the entire...
  6. meridian5455

    Clinton supporter awkwardly sidesteps saying ‘under God’ while introducing Hillary Hillaryous! But also pitiful. Ironic for Hillary, who's taken pains to remind audiences what a big Christian and churchgoer she is.
  7. BoiseBo

    CNN's Jeff Zucher considers introducing more substance into programming

    Shocked about 15.3 million viewers for substantive Dem debate, Jeff considers covering something besides plane crashes, shipwrecks, Israel and Ebola. :D Strong Debate Ratings Make CNN Consider Introducing Substance into Programming - The New Yorker
  8. D

    Introducing, Your Next President America

    Howdy America, It’s me, Dick Johnson, Head of the U.S. Honesty Party and candidate to be the next President of these here United States of America. Here’s an intro video of me announcing my new Patreon Campaign. spread the word America, Here comes Dick Johnson, YeeHaaaaa...
  9. vikingbeast

    Introducing Your Two "Third Parties"

    And who are they? They're quite familiar, noisy, and in the end, pointless. Yes, the two major THIRD parties are your Democrats and Republicans! Wasn't long ago, independent voters were 40% of the nation's voters, and that continues to creep up where today, it's 42%. That makes independent...
  10. jackalope

    HuffPost Goes International: Introducing HuffPost Canada

    For Seraphima, who is sick of so much American news on the site. :f_cool:
  11. Parky Pundit

    Introducing, ME!

    I haven't done the political forum thing in awhile, being perfectly satisfied with pontificating on my own blog. I've found places like this tend to be ruled by iron-fisted little dictators who ban those who disagree with them. I will hope that is not the case here. About me? Just your...
  12. M

    Introducing, Fighting Out Of The Anything But Red White and Blue Corner....

    Hello everyone, My name is Matthew as the username may lead you to suspect. I intend to engage constructively on matters of geo-political consequence with y'all and trust you are all in good health and spirits. I would describe my idealogical baggage as decidedly evolving. Matthew
  13. Seraphima

    Introducing myself

    I figured I should introduce myself. I'm 21, a neuroscience and biological anthropology double honours student. I work for a health care company currently, but did do an internship with a local MPP when I was younger. I'm a democratic socialist, but I vote Liberal in Canada because I despise the...
  14. A

    Canada introducing plastic cash!

    This is awesome, the Aussie trend is spreading! :)
  15. V

    Represenative Dennis Kucinich is introducing Articles of Impeachment against GW Bush

    Right now Dennis Kucinich is on CSPAN introducing 35 Articles of Impeachment against GWB.
  16. M

    Introducing our new Moderator

    johnflesh is PH newest member to the moderator team, I welcome him with open arms. Sorry Johnflesh I had to blow your cover....:whistling: