1. Blueneck

    After 7 deaths, Cuyahoga County found to have violated inmates civil rights

    U.S. Marshals: Cuyahoga County deprives inmates of food, water and Constitutional Rights amid string of seven deaths This doesn't surprise me a bit. I imagine if it weren't for the deaths, this would continue and I suspect many jails and prisons are just as bad. "What you do to the least of...
  2. Coyote

    Is The End Approaching For Sessions?

    Can't say I'll miss the Keebler Crook, but it seems like Trump dislikes him even more than I do. Donald Trump just gave a GIANT hint about when he'll fire Jeff Sessions - CNN Politics
  3. Friday13

    Trump gears up to strip more clearances from officials tied to Russia investigation

    Abuse of power, obstruction of justice, sedition...mimicking Putin. When does he start calling them "enemies of the state", or even poisoning them? This should be too far for even the corrupt GOP congress.
  4. the watchman

    Exclusive: Pentagon spokeswoman under investigation for misusing staff, retaliation.

    Washington (CNN)One of Defense Secretary James Mattis' most senior civilian advisers is being investigated by the Defense Department Office of Inspector General for allegedly retaliating against staff members after she used some of them to conduct her personal errands and business matters...
  5. L

    Brett Kavanaugh's confirmation must be stopped until Mueller's investigation is...

    Tom Steyer and Ron Fein Donald Trump shouldn't be able to nominate the justice who will decide the fate of his presidency. Jul.11.2018 / 3:04 PM ET / Updated Jul.12.2018 / 7:59 AM ET snip In 1610, the legendary English jurist Sir Edward Coke wrote “aliquis non debet esse Judex in...
  6. cpicturetaker12

    Roger stone aide held in contempt for refusing to testify in RUSSIA investigation!!

    I was on my cell earlier. Just ASSUMED this was covered and I was missing it but I don't see a thread. Not even worth an 'honorable mention'? This is a BIG FUCKING DEAL (to quote Biden) or the PRELUDE to a really big fucking deal. STONE has been giving interviews for MONTHS telling everyone...
  7. the watchman

    Trump Thinks He Can Convince Mueller's Team Their Own Investigation Is a Witch Hunt.

    President Donald Trump reportedly wants to meet with investigators working on special counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia probe because he believes he can convince them it is actually a “witch hunt.” The New York Times reported that Trump is pushing against the advice of his lawyers not to sit down...
  8. excalibur

    FEMA personnel chief under investigation for widespread sexual harassment

    Another non Øbama scandal. Wait ... FEMA personnel chief under investigation for widespread sexual harassment The recently departed head of the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s (FEMA) human resources department is under investigation for allegedly enabling sexual harassment in...
  9. MaryAnne

    Ohio State Investigation

    Now has 100 first hand accounts of abuse. 100 more to investigate. Ohio State has at least 100 firsthand accounts of sexual misconduct by Strauss - News - The Columbus Dispatch - Columbus, OH
  10. BoiseBo

    What Trey Gowdy totally gets wrong about the Mueller investigation

    Howdy Gowdy is a funny guy. One minute he tells Trump to stop acting guilty if he isn't guilty, and the next he's calling the Special Council investigation a witch hunt and demanding that Mueller "finish the hell up". I won't miss the creepy lil dude. Wish he'd take Nunes and Jordan with him...
  11. excalibur

    The IG Report Should End Mueller’s Obstruction Investigation

    Of course there never was any obstruction of justice to begin with, that was fantasy, as that involves some aspect of the judicial power as pointed out in the USAM and in my signature. The IG Report Should End Mueller’s Obstruction Investigation...
  12. Crusher

    Comey Under Investigation For Handling Of Classified Information

    Comey Under Investigation For Handling Of Classified Information | The Daily Caller Former FBI director James Comey is under investigation for mishandling classified information, DOJ inspector general Michael Horowitz revealed Monday. He is specifically under investigation for his handling of...
  13. MaryAnne

    The Latest Investigation

    Rosenstein asking the House Investigators to be investigated! So there! :f_yikes:
  14. Goofball

    IG report shows fix was in from the start in Hillary email investigation.

    I'm sue the alt-left members here will continue to deny the obvious truth......
  15. Rev. Hellh0und

    Comey Broke From FBI Procedures in Clinton Probe, Watchdog Finds

    Well for one, I feel a little vindication. He clearly deviated from norms when dealing with hillary and indeed damaged the image of the FBI.
  16. the watchman

    Justice Dept. Seizes Times Reporter’s Email and Phone Records in Leak Investigation

    this is just being reported out. It's chilling to ever see the Justice Department go after journalist. This started under Obama. First time under Trump. Except, it would appear that the Justice Department did not follow their own regulations concerning seizing these...
  17. bajisima

    Teacher under investigation for mocking black childs hair

    A substitute teacher in Canada is being investigated for posting a photo on Instagram that smacks of “anti-black racism,” school officials say. The post appears to mock a young black student’s hair. It shows a picture of a small child in a classroom next to a picture of a character from the...
  18. cpicturetaker12

    DR. Ronny (Pres. physician) fired from WH--DOD IG opening an investigation

    You know Dr. Ronny Jackson worked for 3 presidents. He got glowing remarks. But was Dr. Ronny the kind of man that all of us have known in our lives? KISS UP, KICK DOWN. Lots of brass on your uniform might make you an officer but not necessarily a 'gentleman'. John Bolton apparently is the...
  19. Friday13

    Mueller's investigation has cost $50.3 Million less than Trump's golf

    Mueller investigation cost $16.7M over the first year, Trump's golf trips cost $67M
  20. excalibur

    Obama White House Tried to Intrude on FBI's Russia Investigation

    Well of course they did, as the Strzok text message indicates. Obama White House Tried to Intrude on FBI's Russia Investigation