1. HayJenn

    Mueller investigating Russian billionaires Trump inauguration

    Special counsel Robert Mueller’s office is investigating how several billionaires tied to Russia were given access to President Trump’s exclusive, invitation-only inauguration parties, ABC News reported Thursday.The outlet obtained guest lists to festivities, many including businessmen who got...
  2. The Man

    Trump invited Putin to WH

    Trump Invited Putin For Meeting at White House, Kremlin Says
  3. Devil505

    If you were invited to a gun club to fire automatic weapons would you want to go?

    I would. ....and I have fired them in Quantico.....It was great fun!.......although the DEA was to cheap to let us trainees fire full magazines of ammo :(
  4. aboutenough

    Student Who Recorded Teacher’s Anti-Military Rant Was Invited to White House

    Los ANGELES (CBSLA) — Officials from a Southern California city are roundly condemning disparaging comments made about members of the U.S. military by a local teacher. Audio first emerged over the weekend of history teacher and Pico Rivera Council Member Gregory Salcido telling students U.S...
  5. The Man

    Russian Prez "Candidate" invited to Trump breakfast

    Vladimir Putin's Challenger Invited to National Prayer Breakfast About the lady, see previous threads:
  6. cpicturetaker12

    Sessions NOT invited to Trump cabinet pow-wow at Camp David

    Probably just an oversight. Sure that's it! Donald Trump left Jeff Sessions off invite list to Camp David NEWSWEEK 05 JAN 2018 AT 18:11 ET Don't miss stories. Follow Raw Story! Follow @rawstory Posted with permission from Newsweek The Department of Justice said on Friday that...
  7. cpicturetaker12

    In case you weren't INVITED! Trump private party at Mar-A-Lago (photos)

    How many 'undisclosed' lobbyists have access to the highest levels of government on an UNDISCLOSED 'guest list' to a private party with the President? $200k to join, $650 for a ticket and no one needs to know their business. These are just a few photos from the event. Trump in Palm Beach...
  8. MaryAnne

    Obama Invited To Harry’s Wedding.

    Barack Obama just got invited to the Royal Wedding, Donald Trump is losing It! - ABC News Media
  9. cpicturetaker12

    LOL!! UK PM doesn't want Obamas invited to royal wedding, "Trump could react badly"

    You just can't make this shit up! Just more batshit crazy TRUMP fallout. Harry and Barack 'bonded'. It is most likely the Obamas will be invited to the royal wedding. Never occurred to me one way or the other what if the TRUMPS weren't invited. NO ONE WANTS him in England anyway which is...
  10. PACE

    DOJ secretly invited reporters to view texts from ousted FBI agents on Tuesday night

    This,,, is seriously grimy, during an ongoing investigation and an investigation by the inspector general. Caligula lives Strzok Page texts in Mueller Russia probe were viewed by reporters at DOJ - Business Insider
  11. Puzzling Evidence

    When Trump invited Bill Clinton's "victims" to sit in the front row of the debates.

    L-R) Kathleen Willey, Juanita Broaddrick, Kathy Shelton and Paula Jones What are your thoughts on these women and their claims that they made against William Jefferson Clinton? Where they a bunch of lying trash like Moore's accusers or were these women telling the truth? I would love to...
  12. T

    Jewish congressional Democrats not invited to Trump White House Hanukkah party

    There's petty., Really petty. Unbelievably petty. And there is Trump. The White House Hanukkah party excluded some folks. Congressional Democrats. Anyone Jewish and critical of Trump. Which seems very odd, almost petty in a mean girl sort of way, like the leader of the nastiest clique in 9th...
  13. DemoWhip

    Trump not invited to Paris climate summit next month

    Trump not invited to Paris climate summit next month - ABC News By Sylvie Corbet, Associated Press ==================================================== Can one blame the French for not inviting Trump to the climate summit after Trump's stance on the Paris Accord? He is simply not...
  14. T

    France: Trump not invited to climate change summit 'for the time being'

    Amazing. The president of the United States is simply not invited to a meeting with over 100 countries attending. That is the deep level of respect that the president has cultivated in his short tenure, in my opinion, whereas countries simply say why the fuck bother? He's just going to be a...
  15. the watchman

    Here's what happened when Trump invited reporters' kids in costume into the Oval "she's Japanese"? Wow. Just wow. Only Trump could turn a photo op with Halloween kids about him. Insulting their parents to boot.
  16. Wonderer

    WATCH: Black Lives Matter Invited On MAGA Rally Stage

    WATCH: Black Lives Matter Invited On MAGA Rally Stage RedState By Joe Cunningham September 19, 2017 <Excerpt>: If there are two groups you would not expect to have a “come together” moment, it might just be the MAGA crowd and Black Lives Matter. However, when a BLM group showed up to...
  17. cpicturetaker12

    Canada's Trudeau invited to US Governors ASSOC. meeting, keynote speaker...

    There are many possibilities here. Not the least of which TRUDEAU is doing a workaround TRUMP on NAFTA. And wants to discuss a little SIDE issue, called Climate Change. And, the fact he would like to speak with people with some common sense and brainpower and to figure out what the hell the...
  18. MaryAnne

    Were You Invited To The Party Today?

    Republicans Had a Party to Celebrate Obamacare Repeal Vote in House
  19. cpicturetaker12

    RW 'fake news' circle is COMPLETE, Limbaugh invited to dine with Trump at the WH

    No big stretch! Limbaugh lives in the same 'neighborhood' as the OrangeTweeter. The fake news circle is complete. Trump invited Limbaugh to dine at the White House: report BY PAULINA FIROZI - 04/05/17 07:46 PM EDT 465 1,902 1.9 © Getty Images President Trump recently hosted...
  20. cpicturetaker12

    VET GROUPS invited to WH, PISSED: No Trump, Pence, Mattis--OMAROSA takes the meeting

    I think this is an insult as well. OMAROSA? Was she, at least, in the military? I don't think so. Vets groups feel insulted after Trump skips meeting with them — and sends Omarosa instead BRAD REED 09 MAR 2017 AT 11:00 ET Omarosa Manigault on Shutterstock President Donald Trump pledged...