1. excalibur

    Germans Stop Money Transfer to Iran

    A real POTUS getting real work done, again. The U.S. campaign to rein in Iran has scored a victory in the German financial sector, after the Deutsche Bundesbank− the country’s central bank− imposed a rule stopping a $400 million cash delivery to Tehran. Iran's cash-starved economy...
  2. T

    China ignores Trump threat on Iran, says business there will continue

    Odd. President Trump said anyone doing business with Iran will not be doing business with the US, but everyone doing business with Iran seems to be continuing to do so, despite the boy-king's declaration. Apparently, other heads of state and head's of governmetn don't heed the presdient's...
  3. Dittohead not!

    Trump warns countries against doing business with Iran

    Trump warns countries against doing business with Iran Trump is going to unilaterally cut off trade with any nation doing business with Iran. He says.
  4. L

    Trump's offer to meet with Iran's President Rouhani won't get us a better deal...

    ...We had our chance and lost it. Iran has offered American deals to end their nuclear programs before, but we preferred belligerency to diplomacy Jul.30.2018 / 12:42 PM ET In March 2003, the Iranians sent a comprehensive negotiation proposal to the George W. Bush Administration through...
  5. Goofball

    Iran currency plummets.

    Trump's new sanctions already working.
  6. RNG

    Iran sues the US over sanctions

    The only print that has this so far is the NYT and their paywall is so strong I can't even get the URL of the story. I got it on twitter and CNBC has a video with highlights. Apparently the reneging on the nuke deal will be...
  7. NightSwimmer

    Will Republicans support going to war with Iran to soothe Donald Trump's bruised ego?

    A simple question with a simple choice of answers: Yes, or No. Would it be worth it to you, as a supporter of the Republican Party, to see the US launch a military attack on Iran? Your vote won't be made public, so you can be honest in registering your opinion.
  8. The Man

    Syria: Russia vs. Iran

    I thought about just putting this here: But, this deserves own thread IMHO Putin just met with two important people: Israel's Benjamin Netanyahu, in Moscow for the third time this year, seeking to convince...
  9. 5 stringer

    Iran has ceased harassment of American warships

    What happened to make Iran stop harassing our Navy?
  10. The Man

    Iran, Hezbollah withdraw from Golan border

    At Russia's request: Iran, Hezbollah Pull Back From Israeli Border at Russia's Request, Syrian Watchdog Group Says SOHR is far from a reliable, impartial source. However, yes, Russia has been pressing Iran to keep away from Golan and the Israelis. Reportedly, Putin promised this to...
  11. Macduff

    Iran Admits To Facilitating 9/11 Terror Attacks

    Iran Admits To Facilitating 9/11 Terror Attacks This is who we mortgaged our foreign policy to make a deal with.
  12. Crusher

    [GW #24] Senate report says Obama officials gave Iran access to U.S. financial system The Obama administration secretly sought to give Iran access — albeit briefly — to the U.S. financial system by sidestepping sanctions kept in place after the 2015 nuclear deal...
  13. The Man

    NATO won't aid Israel against Iran

    NATO chief says alliance won’t aid Israel if Iran attacks I'm sure the US would get drawn in anyway. And Canada probably too, our government has a big Israel lobby here as well...
  14. The Man

    India won't heed US Iran sanctions

    Indian Foreign Minister Sushma Swaraj (right) talks with Iranian counterpart Mohammad Javad Zarif in New Delhi. More: India, Top Iranian Oil Importer, Says Will Not Heed U.S. Sanctions India's not scared of Trump's fat orange ass lol What's he gonna do, Tweet about them? :D
  15. Darkman

    Report: Israel, Iran engage in indirect negotiations over Syria fighting

    Report: Israel, Iran engage in indirect negotiations over Syria fighting The report said a Jordanian mediator carried messages between the sides. By YASSER OKBI/MAARIV, YAMI ROTH / MAARIV May 28, 2018 00:35...
  16. The Man

    Iran signs free trade with EEU

    Iran Agrees Interim Free Trade Zone With Russia-Led Eurasian Union I posted before about how Trump's confrontation with Iran is benefiting Russia:
  17. P

    Iran hails ‘constructive meeting’ with EU on nuclear deal Good to see the world moving past America.
  18. Darkman

    Iran preps 'industrial-scale' nuke production after U.S. leaves nuclear deal

    Iran preps 'industrial-scale' nuke production after U.S. leaves nuclear deal Iran preps 'industrial-scale' nuke production after U.S. leaves nuclear deal -- Iran should turned into a fucking parking lot.
  19. Eve1

    Boeing big loser in Trumps dumping Iran deal=US workers lose $20 Billion deal

    The contracts to sell commercial aircraft to replace airplanes in Iran due to their aging fleet is dead. Who wants to guess who ends up getting the contract instead? Boeing had jumped in head first. Boeing signed a deal in 2016 with IranAir to sell 80 aircraft with a list price of some $17...
  20. L

    “all ego, zero strategy”: Has trump set the u.s. On a path to war with iran?

    In the murky aftermath of the president’s sledgehammering of Obama’s signature accomplishment are several possible paths forward—all of them dangerous. BY ABIGAIL TRACY MAY 9, 2018 5:45 PM On Tuesday afternoon, Donald Trump announced, with deep breaths and discomfiting wheeziness, that he...