1. Lysander Spooner

    how Neo-Cons sabotaged Iran's help with Al Qaeda

    Bush/Cheney/Rummy turned them down. They thought it was best to isolate them further and call them axis of evil. Neo-cons suck. Obama is neo-con too, especially when it comes to foreign policy.
  2. Chief

    Iran's telling blow: We are nuclear nation Iran's punch: We are a nuclear nation. So, what's your take on this? EU is talking about discussion leading to possible sanctions. sigh My view is this. Clearly sanctions will not work. Iran told us that about...
  3. Six

    Iran's Nuetron Initiator

    A Neutron Initiator ? For nuclear power applications ? It's basically a trigger from what I remember. It takes a soccer ball size of pleutonium surrounded with high velocity explosives to start a fusion reaction. ( H-Bomb ) So are we at the point were we just accept that their real...
  4. B

    The Losers In Iran's Latest Nuclear Gambit

    With the revelation that Iran has been secretly working on an undeclared uranium enrichment facility near the holy city of Qom, the world finds it's attention once again riveted on the recalcitrant regime in Tehran and it's opaque nuclear aspirations. Following the harsh condemnations and...
  5. justoneman

    Iran's new nuke plant

    Hey Folks, They just need a lot of electricity that is all. Not for a bomb no sir. Sure they have a huge oil reserve but hey they want nuclear. I am sure they just want to limit their carbon footprint that is all. What a joke...
  6. B

    Iran's Drive For Nuclear Weapons - Reality Verses Rhetoric

    The alarm goes off. A shar pelbow in the back informs you the snooze timer's gone off for thesecond time. Grumbling through the sleepy haze, you fumble for the remote and flip on the television. Lying in bed, you await the standardfare of mindless morning chit-chat intermingled with the local...