1. bajisima

    Was Michael Jackson chemically castrated?

    Now being alleged since his dads death.. Following the death of Joe Jackson, Michael Jackson‘s controversial doctor Conrad Murray has made explosive claims about the father-son relationship, according to a new report. Murray, who was convicted of involuntary manslaughter and served two...
  2. BDBoop

    Abusive deranged lunatic father of Jackson 5 dies

    Good. Pancreatic cancer - I hope he suffered.
  3. M

    RIP Joe Jackson

    Father of Michael, dead at 89. Not unexpected, reported to have terminal cancer a few days back.
  4. T

    Exclusive: Pence's doctor alerted WH aides about Ronny Jackson concerns last fall

    Remember when Trump said he would only hire the best people? Yeah, that was funny. Despite the president's Twitter rants and portions of his rambling campaign speech the other night about How Ronny Jackson was so awesome and the accusations untrue, it seems some other White House doctor's...
  5. Singularity

    Despite Trump scandal anger, Ronny Jackson won't be re-nominated OR return to old job

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WDM_ZohMCGk If Jackson had nothing to answer for, the president would insist on sending him through, he'd get hearings, the truth would come out. But nobody in Trumpland wants that, so much so they don't want Jackson around at all. He's done as Trump's physician...
  6. the watchman

    dr jackson drops out of nomination

    https://www.cnn.com/politics/live-news/ronny-jackson-trump-va/ no big surprise. Just as it's no surprise Trump is still claiming he was a good choice for the job.
  7. M

    RIP Keith Jackson

    Long time sportscaster Keith Jackson dead at 89. "Whoa Nellie!" was one of his trademark expressions. He was described as the "Voice of the Rose Bowl". You knew it was a big game when you heard his voice. One of the original Monday Night Football crew.
  8. M

    Jessee Jackson

    Announced he has Parkinsons. How about that? He's 76 years old...
  9. Goofball

    Sheila Jackson Lee questioning Sessions

    Holds up paper...........first question: "Mr. General, do you believe in this BOOK, the Constitution". One of the Standard Bearers of the Dim party.
  10. Babba

    An open letter from the great, great grandsons of Stonewall Jackson

    They lay the whole thing out very clearly and simply. Stonewall Jackson's grandsons: "The monuments must go."
  11. CEngelbrecht

    Why didn't Michael Jackson just tell the world he was...

    ...a castrate singer? Castrated by his psychotic dad when he was around ten, 'cause Joe Jackson had seen the voice break in Michael's older brothers, and that had cost the Jackson family gigs.
  12. cpicturetaker12

    TRUMP QUIT DIGGING! Tweets Jackson saw civil war coming & was mad wouldn't let happen

    OH MY GOD! SHUT THE FUCK UP you stupid son of a bitch! You don't double down on your stupidity! ‘For the love of god, stop digging you fool!’: Internet aghast after Trump digs in heels on Andrew Jackson praise BOB BRIGHAM 01 MAY 2017 AT 22:55 ET Photo of Donald Trump by Flicker User...
  13. Madeline

    Michael Jackson Episode Cancelled Over Race

    Some cable channel I never heard of made a biography of Michael Jackson as a tv show, and hired a white actor to play him. Jackson's family, especially his blue-eyed, blonde "bio daughter", Paris, objected so strenuously to the casting that the channel has decided not to broadcast it. Too...
  14. BAZINGA DrumpF

    FFS! $825 million payday for Michael Jackson in one year! It's great/pays to be dead!

    Michael Jackson's Sony/ATV Sale Gives Him Largest Celeb Payday Ever! Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” famously depicts grisly ghouls from various tombs closing in to seal the doom of the song’s protagonists. Similarly, the real-life King of Pop has risen from the grave, this time to clock a...
  15. bajisima

    Jesse Jackson calls on Pres Obama to pardon Hillary Clinton

    Thoughts? The Rev. Jesse Jackson called for President Obama to issue a blanket pardon to Hillary Clinton before he leaves office, just like Ford did for Richard Nixon. Stopping short of saying Clinton did anything wrong, Jackson told a large crowd of University of Michigan students...
  16. bajisima

    Janet Jackson pregnant at 50

    Congrats to her! The "BURNITUP!" songstress, 50, is expecting her first child with husband Wissam Al Mana, but a source tells E! News that her pregnancy hasn't been easy. "Janet isn't feeling that great. She has gained more weight than she anticipated," the insider shares. "It hasn't been the...
  17. BAZINGA DrumpF

    Michael Jackson Stockpiled NUDE Images Of CHILDREN, According To Police Report! Oops!

    Michael Jackson Stockpiled NUDE Images Of CHILDREN, According To Police Report! Oops! Authorities seized more than 80 video recordings and computer hard drives, as well as notes, diaries, documents, photographs, and audiotapes. Police discovered Michael Jackson had a large collection of...
  18. PopeADope

    Saint Andrew Jackson

    Trump says that if He becomes President he will keep Saint Andrew Jackson on the 20$ and Put Harriet Tubman on a 2$ bill. We must not disrespect Saint Andrew Jackson, for He also was an annointed man, full of miracles: 7th President He fought the Battle of New Orleans with untrained Plowman...
  19. Kallie Knoetze

    Does this bill make me look fat?

    In the grand tradition of nick naming money by the subject matter on the bill (the Canadian Dollar is the loonie because of the loon on the face, the $100 bill is a Benjamin, the $20 bill is a Jackson), heretofore, the first American money with a woman on it will now be referred to as the...
  20. Djinn

    Changes to U.S. Currency - Jackson's off the $20...

    ... to be replaced by Harriet Tubman. Hamilton remains on the $10. Hamilton to stay on front of $10, sources say, and Harriet Tubman gets the $20 - Apr. 20, 2016