1. Davocrat

    Jefferson Davis memorial TARRED AND FEATHERED

    Heh-heh. Very creative. After all, what is it that Confederate apologists always say, "he was a man of his time!" Okay, here's a humiliation of your times, Jeff! ################################# An Arizona monument to Confederate leader Jefferson Davis was vandalized with tar and...
  2. R

    Is it Time to Tear Down the Jefferson Memorial?

    Some think so as in Charlie Rose and Al Sharpton.
  3. cpicturetaker12

    Trump says Jefferson HATED the press! YEP, they told truth--he was F---G' his SLAVE!!

    Dictator TRUMP QUOTED JEFFERSON THIS WEEKEND said Thomas Jefferson HATED THE PRESS. What did he say, Jefferson said, ' you couldn't believe anything between the pages'?? Old Thomas hated them when they (or just the guy below) started running stories about him FUCKING HIS SLAVE and having...
  4. thrilling

    Lawsuit filed against Republican Jefferson County election commissioner

    Soffer has been unhappy about accommodations provided for early voters in the courthouse by the county clerk, particularly whether it properly accommodates disabled voters. Suit filed against GOP poll watcher, cites conflict of interest | Arkansas Blog
  5. HenryPorter

    Jefferson Airplanes Paul Kantner Dies

    Definitely the passing of a giant. I have all of the Airplane albums. The actual albums from that time period. Loved the Airplane, okay I was in love with Grace Slick too. I think us Boomers are heading into a really rough ride.
  6. BDBoop

    Hillary Clinton’s Good Week Turns Great With Pitch Perfect Speech, Jefferson Jackson

    Hillary Clinton's Good Week Turns Great With Pitch Perfect Speech At Jefferson Jackson If you despise Hillary and Politicususa makes you go stupid with rage, this is not the thread you're looking for. Hillary Clinton we saw late last night at the Iowa Democratic Party’s Jefferson Jackson Dinner...
  7. meridian5455

    Democrats drop Thomas Jefferson & Andrew Jackson names from annual fundraising dinner

    Thomas Jefferson and Andrew Jackson are history in Connecticut. Under pressure from the NAACP, the state Democratic Party will scrub the names of the two presidents from its annual fundraising dinner because of their ties to slavery. Party leaders voted unanimously Wednesday night in Hartford...
  8. meridian5455

    CNN Anchor suggests taking down the Jefferson Memorial too Jefferson owned slaves, a minority of people in the South owned slaves. Should they both be looked at in the same way or is this differen? If it is not about slavery, than what else? Is it because the South had the insolence to try and break...
  9. April15

    Thomas Jefferson on Separation of Church and State Thomas Jefferson on Separation of Church and State All quotation taken from Andrew Lipscomb and Albert Bergh, The Writings of Thomas Jefferson, in 20 volumes. Additionally, a great collection of Jefferson quotes can be found on the Jefferson pages...
  10. R

    8 dead, 14 injured in Jefferson County church bus crash

    DANDRIDGE (WATE) - Eight people were killed, 14 injured Wednesday afternoon in a crash involving a church bus on Interstate 40 in Jefferson County. The crash was reported around 2 p.m. at mile marker 422 involving three vehicles: a tractor trailer, a bus, and a white SUV. Officers say...
  11. Old Ridge Runner

    What Thomas Jefferson Meant by 'Unalienable Rights'

    What Thomas Jefferson Meant by 'Unalienable Rights' This is what the left doesn't want "We the People" to know, so they will lie, cheat and steal to keep the truth from the people. ORR
  12. yuri zhivago

    inscription in the Jefferson Memorial

    in which the third president warned against allowing institutions to calcify: “I am not an advocate for frequent changes in laws and constitutions, but laws and institutions must go hand in hand with the progress of the human mind. . . . [W]ith the change of circumstances, institutions must...
  13. michaelr

    Jefferson County Files Largest Ever Chapter 9 Filing

    Jefferson County Files Largest Ever Chapter 9 Filing Bye Bye JP Morgan you rotten lying metal price suppressing motherfuckers, good fucking bye!
  14. michaelr

    How JPMorgan Made Jefferson County Toxic

    How JPMorgan Made Jefferson County Toxic These criminal motherfuckers. I don't know who is worse, them, the scum government, or the shit heads that consistently argued that these fucking banks get bailed out. This county is far from unique here. These toxic trash are every where, and they are...
  15. Blueneck

    Raising the dead

    Everyone likes to quote the founders, and say this or that was "never intended" by them. I was thinking, what would happen if you could bring any of them back to life? What would they think of our society and our government? The first thing I thought of was Thomas Jefferson, his dislike of...
  16. justoneman

    Hamilton Vs. Jefferson

    Which one?
  17. Jules Winnfield

    Jefferson vs. Hamilton

    The oldest partisan debate in this country was between the Federalists and the Democrat-Republicans. Jefferson vs. Hamilton. Which side would you put yourself on if you lived in post-revolutionary Amerca? Which party's policies line up most with your views? What are your thoughts on the...
  18. Vortex

    Jefferson Parish takes over oil cleanup from BP

    But it is still a little late for some marine life and marsh.
  19. G

    Jefferson Sentenced to 13 yrs

    Louisiana ex-congressman gets 13 years on corruption conviction By Paul Courson, CNN Alexandria, Virginia (CNN) -- Former U.S. Rep. William Jefferson was sentenced Friday to 13 years in prison followed by three years of supervised release for his conviction on 11 counts of corruption...
  20. Bluesguy

    Ex-lawmaker Jefferson guilty in bribery scheme

    Too bad it wasn't sooner 11 of 16 counts