1. Goofball

    CNN praises JFK infidelities while President while slamming Trump for affair.

    Is there anyone running that asylum over there? What a bunch of hypocritical morons. :smiley_ROFLMAO: CNN mocked for glorifying JFKs ?legendary? infidelity after harping on sex allegations against Trump | Fox News
  2. cpicturetaker12

    Imagine if OBAMA just let the JFK files release date slip!!

    Can you imagine the velocity of the WING-SHIT going around the internet FOX and this board? All day people waited--professionals. There was a great deal of worktime LOST because of this simpleton's stupidity or NEGLIGENCE. 25 years to get ready. Screw you, wait another 6 months. WHY??
  3. Pureinheart

    President Trump to Release JFK Docs

    Trump to release secret JFK files | Daily Mail Online It's my understanding that certain entities didn't want these files released... hummmm. I wonder if enough can be released to answer some questions, as I don't feel this situation has ever been truly resolved. Do you guys believe the...
  4. the watchman

    Will Trump allow release of secret JFK assassination papers?

    BOSTON — The anticipated release of thousands of never-before-seen government documents related to President John F. Kennedy's assassination has scholars and armchair detectives buzzing. Now, they're waiting to see whether President Donald Trump will block the release of files that could shed...
  5. EnigmaO01

    Leonard Nimoy meets JFK in a taxi cab

    Really fun revealing read on JFK. Leonard Nimoy's cab ride with JFK - Simple Thing Called Life
  6. Singularity

    JFK, LBJ, Ford, Carter, Reagan, Clinton, Obama

    None of these ^ men ever polled at 60 percent disapproval in Gallup's daily tracker. 6/12/17, Day 144 for Trump, is his first with 60 percent disapproval. Nixon's first: Day 1,736 H.W. Bush's first: Day 1,290 W. Bush's first: Day 1,758
  7. Hollywood

    Rest in peace j.f.k.

    Hard to believe that it's been 53 years since that awful day in Dallas when we lost our President. What do you think the world would look like today if we had not lost JFK?
  8. PACE

    Latest Hillary conspiracy, she murdered JFK Jr. so she could be senator

    BULL GOOSE LOONIES Roger Stone claims Hillary Clinton 'murdered' John F Kennedy Jnr | Daily Mail Online
  9. bajisima

    Is that Ted Cruz's father in the Lee Harvey Oswald photo?

    Interesting. Is it or isn't it??? "The National Enquirer has published what it says is conclusive evidence that Ted Cruz’s father, Rafael B. Cruz, is the man photographed next to JFK assassin Lee Harvey Oswald distributing pro-Castro leaflets in 1963 in New Orleans. The Cruz presidential...
  10. BoiseBo

    Dr Ben says guns would have prevented JFK assassination!

    It's becoming harder and harder to satirize loons. :D BALTIMORE, Md. – Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson told a crowd of supporters that the 1963 Kennedy assassination would not have happened if members of the Dallas motorcade – Jacqueline Kennedy in particular – had been armed. “I...
  11. PACE

    Retired Fireman with a knife tries to catch up with the Pope at JFK

    Man with knife tried to meet Pope at JFK: sources The man is seriously ill, that Adderall, is the drug of Satan in my view, it's nasty stuff. Regards Pace
  12. the watchman

    Ted Cruz’s JFK impersonation could use some work

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z7mIHoOkqpc Cruz attributes the quote to John F. Kennedy, who cited a similar line written by Irish playwright George Bernard Shaw. But the quote is most often attributed to Robert F. Kennedy, and it was also used by Ted Kennedy during his eulogy for Robert...
  13. TennesseeRain

    Bill O'Reilly Lied About Witnessing Suicide Of JFK Assassin's Friend, Former Co-Worke

    As Bill O’Reilly continues on the warpath against those reporting on whether he embellished his combat experience, new allegations have emerged that the Fox News anchor lied about being present at a suicide in Florida. “He was in Dallas,” Tracy Rowlett, a former colleague of O’Reilly’s at Dallas...
  14. grinder

    "Evidence of Revision" - epic documentary series on JFK, RFK, MLK and more

    I checked to see if this is a repost; didn't find anything. "Evidence of Revision" is a mind-blowing exploration of the circumstances around some of the 20th Century's most impactful events. Using the warnings from Orwell about what threats will be faced by free societies as a loose framework...
  15. R

    Indictment in notorious 1978 JFK Lufthansa heist

    i don't remember this, but after 35+ years since it happened, quite extraordinary. ------ NEW YORK (AP) — A federal racketeering indictment has been issued in the 1978 Lufthansa (LOOFT'-hahn-zuh) robbery at New York's Kennedy International Airport, a notorious heist featured in the Martin...
  16. Minotaur

    JFK Is Suddenly A Conservative?

    He was and has been over the years the lone Democrat President every conservative hated from past history so how would he fit in as President today? He'd be as hated as President Obama and Obamacare for the health of all Americans. In fact in his time he was the President who almost wasn't a...
  17. Cotton2226

    Castro Says, Oswald Didn't Kill JFK!

    Oswald Did Not Kill JFK, Castro Claimed
  18. J

    Remembering JFK

    Sunday, November 21, 2004 You can follow the route of the motorcade down Main Street but Houston Street is one way left so you cannot make the right turn to Elm. I drove around the block and accessed Elm Street a block East of Dealey Plaza. I told the grandkids to be very quiet. I had...
  19. P

    Keith Chagall’s Pop Song in Memory of JFK Ranks High on Radio, Vimeo and Youtube

    Keith Chagall’s John F Kennedy tribute “Sail on Betsy Ross” is already beginning to top radio charts! Last week “Sail on Betsy Ross” was in the 3rd week of being the number 1 most added on the FMQB A/C chart on radio – tied with Lady Gaga, Katy Perry. This week Lady Gaga & Katy Perry are no...
  20. J


    Growing up, I was surrounded by a family of Democrats. They were all Democrat, life-long Democrats who adhered to the party line that the Democrats were for the working people and the Republicans were for the rich people. All were democrats, except for one uncle, the husband of my dad’s sister...