1. Dr.Knuckles

    Jokes Aside - Partie Québécois Leader Suggests Quebec/New York border wall.

    Illegal border crossings from New York into Quebec topped 6,000 this year-to-date, and its more than small Quebec border towns can handle. One Provincial political party leader has a temporary suggestion. Wall an area off to divert people to legal crossing points. These are mostly people who...
  2. bajisima

    Principal jokes about calling police on black special needs student

    Not cool.. An elementary school principal is being criticized after she reportedly joked about telling police that a black special-needs student brought a gun to the school. On April 17, Shanna Swearingen, the principal at Ponderosa Elementary School, made the joke to three staff members. The...
  3. Darkman

    Real Time: Kathy Griffin Jokes She'd Redo Fake Decapitation Photo With Mike Pence's H

    Real Time: Kathy Griffin Jokes She'd Redo Fake Decapitation Photo With Mike Pence's Head — Watch TVLine 15h ago Real Time: Kathy Griffin Jokes She'd Redo Fake Decapitation Photo With Mike Pence's Head — Watch...
  4. Friday13

    How critics reviewed Trump's dinner jokes

    Misogynist AND racist...hits at his wife and two black women. The 'man' is totally devoid of class. How critics reviewed Trump's dinner jokes...from 'awesome' to 'incredibly racist'
  5. Spookycolt

    Snoop Dogg Jokes About Death of Trump

    Yet another liberal showing their desire to see our President dead. This is really getting beyond disgusting at this point. Something should be done, at least enforce the laws on the books...
  6. Spookycolt

    George Lopez booed off stage after Trump jokes flop at*gala

    It appears not as many hate Trump as the left believes. Trump hate can only take you so far and people are getting tired of it.
  7. Davocrat

    Let's make up some Eric Trump jokes!

    I'll tweet them to the family! Come on!
  8. reedak

    Humorous remarks and jokes by Trump and other US politicians

    A lot of humorous remarks and jokes were made by Trump and other US politicians during last year's election campaigns. If you can find more of such jokes by Trump or other US politicians, you are welcome to share them in this thread. Here are some examples. Trump: "Now you look at Kasich, I...
  9. GordonGecko

    Colbert jokes about an actual and worrisome power that Trump will inherit...

    the ability of a President to send out UNBLOCKABLE text messages to mobile phones. Colbert fears Trump?s unblockable texts: ?Only person I trust less with that is Anthony Weiner? As Colbert notes, we could literally be forced to endure what Trump thinks of the "Hamilton" cast or whatever...
  10. Southern Dad

    Jeff Dunham - Why They Won't Make Jokes About Hillary Clinton
  11. D

    Unstable Trump Goes Off The Rails And Jokes About Mexico Attacking The US

    How can he be saying such things about our fine neighbors to the South that we trade with? That is a great insult to the fine Mexican people and as such, no doubt continues to contribute to American citizens of Hispanic and Latino ancestry as well as their supporters to not vote for Trump...
  12. cpicturetaker12

    AUDIO, OH cops thought Trayvon killing was fun, lots of cross burning jokes

    You know, I guess if you are BIGOT, you just don't give a ratzass if its a 16, 26 or a 36 year old NEGRO who gets slaughtered. And it doesn't matter if you are a man in blue in Sanford, FL or a county Deputy in Ohio. Some peoples HUMANITY is just lesser so all symbols associated with them is a...
  13. CEngelbrecht


    A Ukrainian joke: A New Russian is bragging to a friend: "I just bought this tie for 3,000 dollars." "You idiot! You could've walked three steps into the next store and bought the same tie for 5,000 dollars." Post 'em!
  14. meridian5455

    Mayor Bill de Blasio jokes about ‘colored people’ time with Hillary Clinton

    From the imagine if a Republican had said this file, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio joked on Friday night at an event with Hillary Clinton that the reason he didn’t endorse her sooner was because he operates on “CP time,” which is short for “colored people time”...
  15. G

    Ted Cruz jokes about hitting Trump with a car on ‘Jimmy Kimmel’

    If given the opportunity, Republican Texas Sen. Ted Cruz joked Wednesday night on ABC’s “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” that he would possibly run over his GOP presidential opponent Donald Trump with a car. Before Cruz came on the set to chat with Kimmel, a segment brainstorming April Fool’s Day prank...
  16. GordonGecko

    Thread for Donald Trump jokes....

    I'll start... "When you look at Trump's collection of wives... you see that there are certain jobs in America only immigrants will take."
  17. Amelia

    Racial jokes ... left versus right ... what do you hear from your friends?

    I have rightwing friends who tell bad jokes. In particular they will tell racial jokes. Not often in my presence, coz I discourage it, but enough that I suspect they tell them more often to others. Most of my friends whose political leanings I know are rightwing. My very few leftwing...
  18. meridian5455

    Two sponsors drop 'The View' for hosts' lame nurse jokes

    Do not mess with nurses. Two sponsors -- Johnson & Johnson and Eggland's Best --have dropped their ads from "The View" following jokes that hosts Joy Behar and Michelle Collins made about the nursing profession. The controversial comments came in response to Sunday’s 2016 Miss America pageant...
  19. meridian5455

    StemExpress CEO jokes about selling ‘intact’ aborted babies in new video

    After a judge in Los Angeles ruled that StemExpress couldn’t stop the Center for Medical Progress from releasing more undercover videos, an 8th video was posted that has StemExpress CEO Cate Dyer bragging and laughing about how her company sells fully intact aborted babies for research...
  20. TennesseeRain

    Ted Cruz Cracks Jokes On Gun Control Days After Charleston Shooting

    RED OAK, Iowa - Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) dropped a few gun control jokes during his latest swing through Iowa, days after the shooting deaths of nine people in a Charleston, South Carolina, church. "You know the great thing about the state of Iowa is, I'm pretty sure you all define gun control...