1. Oscarb63

    The joys of govt run healthcare

    Last month my Army Reserve unit had our annual SRP (soldier readiness processing) to ensure that we are all medically/adminstratively fit to be mobilized. Because I turned 50 this year, I now have to get an annual EKG. Also, the dentist who did our exam saw something he didn't like on my...
  2. conservative

    The Joys of Hyperinflation

    The Joys of Hyperinflation Credit isn’t wealth. A lot of people are discovering that the hard way. Welcome to the credit deflation prelude to hyperinflation. During a credit deflation, things get cheaper. Without lines of credit, people can’t bid things up and prices fall to their...
  3. D

    The joys of being in a newly designated swing-state

    I was sitting here at my desk in Greensboro at 1:45, when a co-worker mentioned that Biden was in town, due to speak at 2:00 two blocks north of my office. I hoofed it up the street and sure enough, a lively throng greeted Joe to a soundtrack of "Move on Up" by Curtis Mayfield. I was right in...