1. Goofball

    Republicans break record for appointing Judges to key Court.

    And they have Shitstain Harry Reid to thank. McConnell is pushing thru judges at all levels so that Trump will be shaping the judiciary for decades to come. Thanks for nominating Hillary...
  2. Rev. Hellh0und

    Are Dog Show Judges Sexually Harassing Dogs?

    Will dogs get their #metoo moment too? Just askin.
  3. HayJenn

    Session - Says Domestic Violence Is Not Grounds for Asylum

    WASHINGTON — Attorney General Jeff Sessions said on Monday that fear of domestic violence is not legal grounds for asylum in a closely watched immigration case that could have a broad effect on the asylum process, women who have endured extreme violence and the independence of immigration...
  4. Friday13

    North Carolina legislature is attacking judges who rule against it

    If you can't play by the rules, try to change the rules...and get smacked down. The North Carolina legislature is attacking judges who rule against it
  5. The Man

    JUDGES allowed to drive DRUNK

    TASS: Society & Culture - Russian Interior Ministry gives judges a get out of jail free card for drunk driving Judges already enjoy huge impunity in Russia, especially with driving. In Rostov, in the South, a drunk judge not too long ago hit and killed another man with his car. Took months to...
  6. DemoWhip

    Judges: North Carolina must redo map skewed by partisanship

    Judges: North Carolina must redo map skewed by partisanship - ABC News By Gary D. Robertson, Associated Press ==================================================== Gerrymandering must be stopped and parity given to all of the political parties where no one party will have the advantage...
  7. DemoWhip

    McConnell: Democrats shouldn't be able to use procedure to block judges that GOP used

    Republican hypocrisy never ends does it. Republicans are walking a thin line in proposing this. With more people now opposed to Trump and Republicans more than ever the handwriting is on the wall that they cannot continue being the majority party for much longer. Whatever they change now to...
  8. bajisima

    Judges: No special elections for North Carolina

    Federal judges on Monday rejected a request by North Carolina voters who sued over General Assembly district boundaries to hold special elections next March in new districts once lines are redrawn to eliminate illegal racial gerrymandering. The unanimous order by the three-judge panel means...
  9. The Man

    Thugs and judges...

    ...Putin's weapons against his political opponents. Y'all remember Aleksei Navalny? http://politicalhotwire.com/world-politics/161863-putins-arch-enemy-run-president.html http://politicalhotwire.com/europe-russia/168833-alexei-navalny-arrested.html Today, on one side, a Russian court...
  10. L

    One of America’s Most Conservative Judges Just Denounced Trump’s Judge-Bashing

    MARCH 16 2017 12:47 PM By Mark Joseph Stern snip “I wish to comment on the public discourse that has surrounded these proceedings,” Bybee wrote. “The panel addressed the government’s request for a stay under the worst conditions imaginable, including extraordinarily compressed briefing and...
  11. DemoWhip

    Federal judges find Texas gerrymandered maps on racial lines

    Federal Judges are speaking out and rightfully condemning Republican practices of gerrymandering districts in Texas where Hispanics and Latinos primarily reside. This is good news for the Democratic Party. It is outrageous and despicable that the GOP would stoop that low in order to dilute...
  12. GordonGecko

    Sen. Ben Sasse confirms Judge Gorsuch's concerns over Trumps flame war w/ judges-

    Ben Sasse Confirms Gorsuch's Concerns About Trump's Flame War With Judges (VIDEO) | RedState First, to dispel the Usual Rightwing Responses? This story is from CONSERVATIVE "Red State"....concerning what a REPUBLICAN told another REPUBLICAN on his morning show. Second, it means Trump...
  13. Singularity

    Senator: Gorsuch told me he's disheartened, demoralized by Trump's insults to judges

    Via NBC's https://twitter.com/BraddJaffy All we have so far. Don't think this has happened before.
  14. G

    Let’s narrow down which judges wouldn’t be demographically biased against Trump

    Let’s narrow down which judges wouldn’t be demographically biased against Donald Trump Donald Trump has insisted over the past two weeks that the judge overseeing the Trump University fraud case cannot act impartially because he is "Mexican" (later: "of Mexican heritage"). That insistence has...
  15. HayJenn

    Trump On Muslim Judges

    Donald Trump expanded his argument against a Mexican judge on Sunday, suggesting that a Muslim judge might not be able to rule impartially in a Trump lawsuit either because of his call for a temporary ban on Muslim immigration. It’s the extension of an argument that has rattled even many...
  16. cpicturetaker12

    OK judges says drunk girl--in/out consciousness, couldn't be forced to perform 'oral'

    WOW, maybe some of us live in the wrong states, huh? (Would you like your daughter to move there?) Being too drunk for CONSENT to perform forced oral sex isn't a crime. The 'she's a slut and it's her fault' paradigm. Same shit, different decade! A panel of judges deemed it okay so it must be...
  17. cpicturetaker12

    Obama was elected to nominate judges, "I was elected to stop him" says 1st term R-SEN

    Really? This little pissant Senator was elected to BOTTLE UP the SCOTUS. I am a WHITE MALE REPUBLICAN and I am more powerful than the President of the United States so screw him. Cotton: Americans re-elected Obama to nominate justices — but they elected me to stop him Travis Gettys 04 Apr...
  18. Amelia

    Having only 8 judges will hurt conservatives

    With Scalia gone, SCOTUS will be less likely to be able to overturn liberal decisions from the lower courts. Things which would have gone 5-4 will now be 4-4, which means the lower court decisions will stand.
  19. cpicturetaker12

    Scott Walker investigation AIN'T over, now includes WI Supreme CT judges

    I remember bits and pieces of this as they came out. It looks like someone doesn't think it is over! So Walker, supposedly (according to POLITICAL BOARDS with RW'rs attempting to whitewash him) won this appeal, then that appeal and another. It was over. Last thing I heard it had been sent...
  20. Lilly

    Trump judges his wealth as how he feels on a given day.

    Donald Trump net worth: I'm worth whatever I feel - Apr. 21, 2011 Nice way to cover the fact he lies a good deal of the time. Of course he judges what is happening in the entire world and where his investments are as to project his wealth but I could see this changing to his benefit...