1. Sassy

    Kevin Spacey also accused of SA

    Surprisingly, I don't see a thread on this? Pretty big deal. He essentially admitted it. Came out as gay and said he doesn't remember molesting boys, but offered a sincere apology if he did, in a drunken state, and is seeking treatment. Stripped from a movie already in progress, no more HOC...
  2. cpicturetaker12

    Seen these billboards? "Let's talk about RUSSIA" with Kevin Nunes face on them?

    It's in Nunes district. A full sized billboard. He seems to be out so maybe this was underway before his ouster. Anyway, I'd have no problem putting up a few of these around Florida. Maybe each town as close as possible to each of Rubios' Senate offices. I have no idea who this group is but...
  3. bajisima

    Shark Tank's Kevin O'Leary running for conservative leadership in Canada

    Canadian businessman and reality TV star Kevin O'Leary is running for the leadership of the federal Conservative party. He joins 13 other contenders in the crowded race. Mr O'Leary, who appears on the reality show Shark Tank in the US and Dragon's Den in Canada, has been seriously exploring...
  4. BoiseBo

    Huck, Cruz and "Bobby" visit RW wackanoid preacher Kevin Swanson

    Now they'll claim they've no idea about the level of hate this dude has spouted for many years. Watch a few of the videos (from the top - click the youtube icon to enlarge) .. Oh.. see if he doesn't remind you of an exaggerated version of Jim Carrey's character Fire Marshall Bill - he's...
  5. BoiseBo

    After Kevin drops out, CHARLIE McCarthy announces run for Speaker!

    One surprise “outside-the-box” announcement came from Charlie McCarthy, the dummy partner of radio ventriloquist Edgar Bergen, father of actress Candice Bergen. “I can get more than 218 votes on the first ballot!” said Charlie McCarthy through an interpreter, adding, “knock wood.” “I don’t...
  6. BoiseBo

    McCarthy in rehab after admitting struggles with nouns and verbs

    Well, this is good news! In a brief statement to reporters, McCarthy offered a blunt assessment of his situation. “It bad,” he said. “But soon it be less badder.” Kevin McCarthy Enters Rehab After Admitting Struggles with Nouns, Verbs - The New Yorker
  7. the watchman

    In House Speaker Race, Utah's Jason Chaffetz to Challenge Kevin McCarthy.

    Representative Jason Chaffetz, a Utah Republican who heads the House oversight committee, is planning to run for speaker of the House, Politico reports, citing sources familiar with his decision. Representative Kevin McCarthy of California is the heavy favorite to succeed Speaker John Boehner...
  8. GordonGecko

    Democrats might support Kevin McCarthy for Speaker....

    A bipartisan vote for Speaker? | TheHill Join with the "Establishment" House Repubs and deny the Tea Partyers a shot at the Speakership. Why? Think about it.... 1. It would drive the Far Right ABSOLUTELY NUTS. But they'd be helpless to stop it. 2. McCarthy would know his...
  9. BoiseBo

    Kevin McCarthy: The Speaker who couldn't speak

    This guy makes George W. Bush look like a rocket scientist .. not qualified to be small town mayor! Behold: “If I look at history of where we are it seems a lot like 1979,” McCarthy informed his audience in the ballroom of Washington’s St. Regis hotel. “We must engage this war of...
  10. BDBoop

    Happy Birthday, Kevin Spacey!

    Love that man. And any excuse to air one of my favorite movie scenes ever.
  11. meridian5455

    Tony Stewart not charged by grand jury in death of Kevin Ward Jr. I imagine he will be sued by the family of the other driver though
  12. Babba

    Wherein, I Disagree with Kevin Drum

    Kevin Drum has been one of my favorite pundits since before the invasion of Iraq. Which he supported. I disagreed with him then and i disagree with him now. This is something that too many lefties didn't get about Obama and HRC back in 2008...
  13. N

    Louisville's Kevin Ware suffers one of most horrific sports injuries ever (Elite 8)

    Horrific injury: Louisville's Kevin Ware breaks leg vs. Duke in Elite Eight - NCAA Basketball - Sporting News Simply unbelievable injury. Looked like a break of all bones in the leg. Good on those young men (both teams) for continuing on to play hard despite that awful scene. Apparently the...
  14. Helena

    We Need to Talk About Kevin

    I randomly came across this book couple of years ago, and after reading several pages somewhere in the middle I was all "WAIT WHAT OH SHIT SERIOUSLY??" When I read it all, it took me a few weeks to "get over it" at least to some degree. Then a friend borrowed it and she was equally stunned, same...
  15. Sparta

    6 Degrees of Kevin Bacon

    I'm sure everyong knows how this works, connect any actor to Kevin Bacon through film. Sam Neill. Sam Neill was in Event Horizon with Lawrence Fishburn. Lawrence Fishburn was in Mystic River with Kevin Bacon. Easy as shit. Start with an easy one, Brad Pitt.
  16. T

    FCC Chairman Kevin Martin acting undemocratically

    Well, the FCC, in its infinite wisdom, wants to give consumers less choice when it comes to media. The FCC's chairman Kevin Martin is moving forward with plans to allow for more media consolidation, even in the face of stiff resistance from the public at large and Senators on both sides of the...