1. Goofball

    Shutdown Schumer blocks healthcare funding for poor American kids in favor of illegal

    Why did Shutdown Schumer refuse to fund CHIP for 6 years and hold poor, sick American children hostage to his desire to grant amnesty to illegals?
  2. the watchman

    guess cnn and msnbc don't care if kids are watching.

    so, all day long on both networks they have a headline plastered up on the screen using profanity. You know what word I'm referring to if you've been watching. Why? Because if the point of it all is suppose to be that Trump referred to these countries in a profane manner, that point is lost in...
  3. The Man

    Kids at the Kremlin

    Found a video, from a lady who does a lot of video blogging in Moscow, this one from yesterday, about her taking her little daughter, Toma, to the annual Children's New Year Party at the Kremlin's performance hall They do amazing parties and shows...
  4. ptif219

    California Parents Barred from Opting Kids Out of Mandatory LGBT-Inclusive Textbooks

    It seems the democrats think they are dictators and can take away parents rights. The democrats need to stop looking at Trump and need to look at their own party. This needs to be addressed by the GOP...
  5. DemoWhip

    Susan Collins to CHIP kids: No health care for you, maybe next year

    Susan Collins to CHIP kids: No health care for you, maybe next year By Joan McCarter ==================================================== How Heartless! How Cruel! How Insensitive! How Downright Stupid to do our nation's children that way, Republicans! You have No Heart, No...
  6. cpicturetaker12

    Good Samaritan mom & kids tried to give away gift cards in Walmart. Were kicked out!

    They didn't want this 'bitch' giving away cards, already paid for, to people who would SPEND 'new' money in their store! Now had I been this generous, I too would have gone to a Walmart. Worth mentioning here. The Walmart FAMILY in aggregate is worth $130bil. Richest in the US! (If you...
  7. The Man

    Putin granting kids wishes

    It's another thing he does around every New Year holidays: bunch of kids around the country (who had earlier written letters to the special Kremlin website and asked for stuff) get presents from him. This year, 8th grader Alina Bobok, from Bryansk region, got a Labrador puppy she'd requested...
  8. DemoWhip

    Thousands of kids could lose health insurance next month if Congress doesn't act fast

    Thousands of kids could lose health insurance next month if Congress doesn't act fast - ABC News ​By Meridith McGraw ==================================================== But you see, children's lives sure appear to not be a Republican priority. They are clearly showing Americans...
  9. The Man

    How Siberian kids walk to school

    Video today: Here, all schools would probably get shut in such weather. But over there, in Yakutia, in Northern Siberia, that's just a regular morning :D This is why no enemy cpuod ever defeat Russia... lol
  10. cpicturetaker12

    F'G GOP!! Stripping a $250 tax write off for teachers who buy kids school supplies!!

    This absolutely BURNS MY ASS! I hope these craven political bastards go down in FLAMES! They had to dig down deep for this. A $250 DEDUCTION written about 5 years ago which had to be renewed each year, written by--drum roll please--SUSAN COLLINS!! It helped offset teachers who BUY SCHOOL...
  11. Singularity

    Roy Moore blocked a lesbian from visiting her kids for defying the "laws of nature"

    Eventually, higher courts removed him from the case and reversed his order. Most likely, Alabama will elect this guy to the Senate next month. How many think his Republican colleagues will express no reticence to serving alongside this ass?
  12. DemoWhip

    House Republicans pass sham Children's Health bill, put 9 million kids in jeopardy

    House Republicans pass sham Children's Health bill, put 9 million kids in jeopardy By Joan McCarter ==================================================== Why is there so much opposition to children in the U.S. House? It is simply mind-boggling...
  13. the watchman

    Here's what happened when Trump invited reporters' kids in costume into the Oval "she's Japanese"? Wow. Just wow. Only Trump could turn a photo op with Halloween kids about him. Insulting their parents to boot.
  14. PACE

    New FBI documents reveal Adam Lanza threatened to shoot kids at Sandy Hook in 2008

    FBI Documents: Adam Lanza Threatened To Kill Mother, Schoolchildren « CBS New York FBI report, I went thru the first thirty pages, shaking my head.....
  15. Spookycolt

    Astonishing 50 kids a week referred to sex change clinics

    This is simply not normal and its the LGBT community pressuring society into this fear that all these kids are suddenly trapped in a body they don't want. They are wreaking havoc with the minds of young children and who knows how that will mentally play out into their young adult lives...
  16. cpicturetaker12

    Chuck Todd unearth's TRUMP Jr. infomercial selling gun silencer--aimed at KIDS

    Boy, NBC is on a roll today. So we have a silencer that reduces recoil. Don't ask me the physics of that, I'm reading what it says. It is an infomercial which apparently we are told will bring KIDS into the game. SilencerCo’s product, Trump Jr. said in the clip, would help get “little kids...
  17. Friday13

    Trump "kids" ski vacay: Over $300K for security

    Another flagrant display of their presumed entitlement. This is for ONE week in Aspen. After all the brouhaha over President Obama's vacations...this, added to the Million$ spent on weekly excursions to Mar-a-Lago and other golf clubs for tRump himself and Tweedle-Dumb and Tweedle-Dumber"s...
  18. The Man

    Woman loses kids over suspected sex change

    Russian Woman Loses Custody of Children After Breast Surgery National Children's Rights Ombudswoman Anna Kuznetsova Hardline conservative Orthodox Christian mother of six, wife of a priest No to mention long time co-leader, with husband, of a prominent national "family values" group that...
  19. The Man

    Parents of unvaccinated kids will be punished

    In Russia, punished financially. Minister of Health Protection Veronika Skvortsova, center said today, I am seeing lots of talk in Russian media and social networks about it, that the Ministry will likely begin to penalize parents who fail to produce their children for vaccination at their...
  20. W

    Kids executed by electrocution for 'dishonor'

    Karachi Pakistan, a place I've visited, is a human rights hell hole, and moreso for women.....perhaps Hillary, Mrs. 'Women's Issues', could reignite her political career over there. I laugh when poor, put-upon, perpetually bitter American leftists whine about the awfulness of America.