1. excalibur

    Liberal Cyclists Said Evil Doesn’t Exist – ISIS Killed Them

    So very sad. Yet there are millions like them who want open borders. Liberal cyclists Jay Austin and Lauren Geoghegan, both 29, quit their jobs in 2017 so they could take a bike trip. Austin worked at HUD and Geoghegan worked at George Washington University. They were extremely contemptuous...
  2. The Man

    Three European journalists killed in Central Africa Republic ambush

    Three European journalists killed in Central Africa Republic ambush Among the dead is Orkhan Jemal Very prominent member of the Russian Azerbaijani community, famous journalist like his father, Heydar Jemal, who covered the conflicts in Ukraine and Syria and elsewhere as a war correspondent...
  3. J

    Two black women killed by white supremacists (Separate Incidents)

    Conservatives sweep this white terrorist behavior under the rug while screaming "but muh illegals!" And they wonder why most blacks, most Hispanics and even now most ASIANS (!!!!!) vote Democratic?
  4. Friday13

    AZ candidate killed his mother with a gun, runs against gun control

    IMO he should be in prison. AZ candidate shares story of killing his own mother to show why he's against more gun control AZ Central: Arizona Senate candidate who killed his mother supports 'good guys' with guns
  5. excalibur

    Jim Jordan's Nephew Killed in Car Crash

    Only 21, very sad news for the family.
  6. The Man

    Ex-UCLA basketball star killed by cops

    Ex-UCLA Basketball Star Tyler Honeycutt Dead of Apparent Suicide After Police Shootout | This is being widely reported in Russian media, because Honeycutt has played a lot in Russia in recent years, for Khimki, a Moscow region team based in a suburb town of same name. He was well...
  7. The Man

    Baghdadi's son killed in Syria

    Breaking: Baghdadi’s son killed by Syrian Army, Russians in Homs Son of Islamic State leader al-Baghdadi killed in Syria: IS news channel ISIS been trying to attack that area in Homs for awhile now, they are isolated in a small pocket in the desert region and indeed been trying to break...
  8. the watchman

    Trump meeting with 'angel families' whose loved ones were killed by illegal immigrant

    Trump meeting with 'angel families' whose loved ones were killed by illegal immigrants ok, let's just wait and see if the media has it right this time. They're predicting that Trump intends to use these families as political props. They're using a tweet and claiming it's a preview of what he...
  9. D

    5-month-old girl mauled, killed by babysitter's dog

    5-month-old girl mauled, killed by babysitter's dog By The Associated Press ==================================================== Oh but those darlingly cute and precious doggies! How wonderful they all are...NOT! You can never underestimate the animalistic instincts and nature of a...
  10. cpicturetaker12

    Florida man who killed four kids during standoff got a gun despite domestic violence

    Holed up most of yesterday, a cop was called out on a domestic disturbance in Orlando with 4 kids being held hostage--he took a shot at the cop. Police didn't know if the kids were alive when I saw it last night. He shot all 4 kids and himself. He has a long rap sheet including several...
  11. The Man

    US serviceman killed in Somalia, 4 wounded

    More: US service member killed in Somalia I'm guessing the attackers were al Shabab (Somali al Qaeda). Although I have read that ISIS has also been active in some areas of Somalia lately...
  12. Dangermouse

    Hurricane Maria killed 4,000 Americans!

    Now I have your attention. A Harvard study has shown that the official death toll on Puerto Rico is woefully inaccurate to the point of cover-up. It appears more Americans have died there than on 911, to almost no response. Hundreds of survivors are still homeless right now, and no shits are...
  13. ptif219

    Gunman killed by armed bystander after injuring 2 in Oklahoma City restaurant

    Once again an armed citizen stops a criminal Gunman killed by armed bystander after injuring 2 in Oklahoma City restaurant shooting | WGN-TV
  14. O

    Female cop killed, 16 year old in custody

    Recently cops in Sacramento responded to a possible burglary and chased a suspect through backyards and over fences to his own grand parents' yard, where cops mistook the cell phone the perp held for a weapon, and emptied their guns into the unarmed man. There's a reason that sort of tragedy...
  15. bajisima

    NTSB investigating Tesla crash that killed 2 teens

    The National Transportation Safety Board will investigate a deadly Tesla crash and fire that killed two Florida high school students, the agency said. Barrett Riley and Edgar Monserratt, both seniors, were traveling near an area known as “dead man's curve” in Fort Lauderdale Tuesday night...
  16. bajisima

    Pedestrians killed by cars surges

    Well duh. Anyone check out people crossing the street anymore? They have their heads down in their phones and so do half the drivers. With the number of pedestrians struck and killed by vehicles in the U.S. climbing to a 28-year high, safety regulators are sounding the alarm. "This is a...
  17. ptif219

    Four palestinians killed by idf in latest round of gaza protests

    Hamas led Palestinians still showing themselves as terrorists. Where are the Palestinians calling for peace?
  18. Friday13

    Teen killed by police backing mom's minivan out of driveway

    "Justified"? How do they "justify" killing a young man for backing his mom's car out of the family garage? The kid "allegedly" threatened suicide, so they make sure he dies by firing 13 ("or so"?) shots into the minivan. No questions asked, no notification to anyone in the family. There is a...
  19. L

    3 killed at Waffle House in Tennessee

    By Holly Yan and Janet DiGiacomo, CNN Updated 7:29 AM ET, Sun April 22, 2018 (CNN)Three people were killed and four were wounded in a shooting Sunday at a Waffle House in the Nashville area, Metro Nashville Police tweeted. Police say the gunman, who was nude, opened fire at about 3:25...
  20. cpicturetaker12

    Trump FIXER, Cohen, got Jr's affair story killed by US Weekly

    Busy busy boy. WSJ says Cohen got Don Jr's affair story quashed. Wonder what he has on US. Or who he paid off? 5 years ago? Was that in anticipation of Trump running or just to save Jr's ass from embarassment or a big divorce settlement? PS Doesn't Jr. have a kid about 5 or 6? These...