1. cpicturetaker12

    Mark Kirk's (R-IL) PISSY insult to Tammy Duckworth about her American heritage...

    Perhaps he thought he had SCORED. Perhaps he needs a genetics lesson. Her mom was from Thailand, her dad was from a long line of American ancestors apparently going back to the American Revolution. She has a right to mention that she was among her long line of family members who SERVED...
  2. Dangermouse

    Kirk Douglas still has it at 100!

    His op ed nails Trump. " ...The longer I’ve lived, the less I’ve been surprised by the inevitability of change, and how I’ve rejoiced that so many of the changes I’ve seen have been good. Yet, I’ve also lived through the horrors of a Great Depression and two World Wars, the second of which was...
  3. PACE

    Mark Kirk's website lists him as an Iraq war vet

    But he isn't, he served stateside in the Naval Reserves Mark Kirk campaign site falsely calls senator 'veteran' of Iraq war -
  4. the watchman

    Sen. Mark Kirk: I'm Un-Endorsing Trump.

    Sen. Mark Kirk: I'm Un-Endorsing Trump - Christine Rousselle dammit, jim.
  5. TennesseeRain

    Mark Kirk Apologizes For Saying Lindsey Graham Is A 'Bro With No Ho'

    Sen. Mark Kirk (R-Ill.) apologized on Monday for calling his colleague Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) a “bro with no ho” last week. Five days of news coverage, almost exclusively negative, preceded Kirk’s apology, which came in an email statement and was first reported by the Chicago Sun-Times. The...
  6. MaryAnne

    Kirk- Menandez Bill

    Who are they working for? Not,We The People it is clear. Look what is buried in the bill. Boehner's Conspiracy To Empower Netanyahu To Start America's War With Iran
  7. B

    Senator Mark Kirk (R) has suffered a stroke

    and has had successful surgery to relieve the swelling around the brain, done today. He is recovering in the hospital. Get-well wishes to Senator Kirk and thoughts for his family as well! -Bonncaruso
  8. Mertex

    Republican Rep Mark Kirk also lied about military service - Operation Iraqi Freedom

    If it is wrong to lie about Military Service, shouldn't all who do it be exposed? All this hoopla about Blumenthal, and yet, here we have a Republican who has done basically the same thing, yet no one wanted to expose him? Why the double standard? It will be interesting to see what...
  9. U

    Paul Kirk Threatens Constitutional Crisis if Scott Brown Wins Election

    I think if they go down this road, it creates a dangerous escalation, where democratic processes are not being respected. If Kirk stays in after the election, a Federal court injunction should be sought. What’s Kirk’s authority to remain in office...
  10. Amit

    Kirk Cameron and his best buddy Charles Darwin

    This is really, really fricking weird. oM0oBuhTLRI The ex Mike Seaver is now an evangelical Christian who is has decided to take it upon himself to give away 50,000 copies of Darwin's The Origin of Species to celebrate the 150th anniversary of Charles' original publishing. He's giving...