1. cpicturetaker12

    Even the DALAI LAMA is making fun of TRUMP (video, watch him mimic 'the hair')

    He's not cruel, he's the Dali Lama, but he's having fun making fun of The Donald... September 22, 2016, 09:26 am Dalai Lama does Trump impression By Jesse Byrnes Add the Dalai Lama to the list of Donald Trump impressionists. The Buddhist spiritual leader laughed at the mention of Trump...
  2. PACE

    The Dali Lama nails it
  3. mrmike

    Dalai Lama supports female successor if she's hot

    Dali logic: She would be more fun to follow if she's hot? Dalai Lama supports a female successor as long as she's hot September 24, 2015: The Dalai Lama says a female successor could take his place, but that she must be attractive otherwise ‘it is not much use’. The Dalai Lama has...
  4. meridian5455

    Dalai Lama says that any female successor would have to be 'attractive'

    TO his millions of fans in the West, he is the living, breathing embodiment of humanity and compassion. But if stepping into the Dalai Lama's shoes was not a tough enough act already, he has now laid down an extra qualification for whoever should succeed him. Tibet's spiritual leader has...
  5. S

    "Kindness is my religion...." The Dalai Lama

    In Buddhism, it's most important to be kind. I know that but forget it nearly every day when I get caught up in countering what I perceive to be an ignorant stance. In fact, every day when I do my own personal inventory I find places that I remembered the teachings and places where I forgot...
  6. Blah

    Obama rejects the Dalai Lama

    http://www.telegraph...hina-happy.html Here's the dilemma for Liberals who have a "Free Tibet" bumper sticker and an "Obama 08" sticker... which one do they scrape off? Yet another broken promise. It's getting increasingly hard to tell what part of Obama's political rhetoric he...
  7. T

    who is the dalai lama? anyone know anything about him?

    I don't know anything about him beyond the fact that he's from Tibet. Any details?