1. Idiocracat

    Impeachment looms large in White House midterm plans

    It's about time. Hopefully this will come with indictments and removal from office. The Dems will take the House this fall... Impeachment looms large in White House midterm plans
  2. PACE

    FBI now investigating large money transfer from Russia to the NRA

    FBI looking at potential transfers from Russian banker to NRA - NY Daily News Seems the gun business isn't so profitable, eh????
  3. Dr Sampson Simpson

    The large corporations doing other things to feed their greed (Patent system)

    As a back drop to the attacks on the patent system we are seeing, here are some points 1. there have been a number of egregious SCOTUS cases involving patents (Mayo, Myriad, Alice) that have limited what is considered eligible patent subject matter. This drastically efffects software patents...
  4. PACE

    Large crowds expected to protest trump's rally in Phoenix

    The mayor asked him not to come, and the governor will greet him on the tarmac, but not attend the rally, his reason: ensuring the safety of the event Big protests expected as Trump plans Phoenix rally | Reuters I dare say if trump received a greeting like this, he'd be melting on twitter...
  5. cpicturetaker12

    Ambassadorship announced: Amb. at Large for Religious Freedom, Sam Brownback

    Pander pander pander pander! Poof, transgenders no longer in the military. Poof THE MOST religious politicIan gets THIS ambassadorship. Honestly, I didn't even know we had such a thing. We promote, officially, religious freedom through the State department? Another BORN AGAIN running that...
  6. bajisima

    Large asteroid whizzes by Earth today

    NASA is confident the world will not be destroyed by a large asteroid that will pass Earth on Wednesday. The asteroid is expected to be 1.1 million miles away, or about 4.6 times the distance from Earth to the moon. The pass is the closest heavenly encounter since asteroid Toutatis, a...
  7. ptif219

    Irony: Obama Admin Approves Large Shipment of Uranium to Iran from... Russia

    So Obama approves a large shipment of uranium to Iran so they can make several nuclear weapons. Obama shows he loves the terrorists and hated the United States Irony: Obama Admin Approves Large Shipment of Uranium to Iran from... Russia - Freedom Outpost
  8. ptif219

    President Obama bans oil drilling in large areas of Atlantic and Arctic oceans

    Obama wants to continue to destroy our economy and keep us dependent on foreign oil. Obama needs to stop trying to making new laws in his last month...
  9. G

    Donald Trump's Pants on Fire claim of 'large scale voter fraud'

    Donald Trump tripled down on his baseless claim that the U.S. election system is rigged against him, capping a weekend of lashing out at the media for publishing "fabricated" allegations of sexual assault and at Alec Baldwin for impersonating Trump on Saturday Night Live. House Speaker Paul...
  10. Singularity

    Trump still has yet to pick up a single natl or large regional newspaper endorsement

    Even from Republican stalwarts, some of which have not endorsed a Democrat in their entire history or did so only in unique cases, like FDR during World War II. The most extreme example is The Arizona Republic, which has backed the GOP every single election, no exceptions, since 1890 but...
  11. The Man

    Seattle mall shooting, 4 dead, gunman at large

    4 Dead in Seattle-Area Mall Shooting, Gunman on the Loose, Say Police - ABC News
  12. T

    Any religion that spawns a large “fringe” of evil doers is rotten somehow at its core

    There is something about Islam that is most disturbing. Their entire history has been one of conquering people and forced conversions. They have little evidence that God is on their side. No miracles, no magnanimous acts of kindness, no tolerance for others, and so on. In the last 100 years...
  13. Friday13

    Weasel Takes Out Large Hadron Collider

    Pop went the weasel and down went the Large Hadron Collider
  14. C

    large number of boots on the ground in the ME

    the new American ground war is nearer then we all hoped.... Maryland National Guard to deploy to Middle East this fall By - Associated Press - Monday, February 22, 2016 BALTIMORE (AP) - The Maryland Air National Guard is preparing to make its first major deployment in the U.S.-led...
  15. meridian5455

    Hillary’s explains why she receives large speaking fees

    Hillary said yesterday on “Meet the Press” that she collected those six-figure speaking fees as a result of so many wanting to hear about her part in the raid on Osama bin Laden. Yeah, I suppose she had to dodge enemy fire. Instead of inflating her...
  16. meridian5455

    Swirling ‘UFO Gateway’ Appears Over Large Hadron Collider In Bizarre Video

    An swirling ‘dimensional gateway’ opens up over the Large Hadron Collider - and a glowing orb flies into it, in a video hailed as proof aliens are visiting Earth. The video was posted on YouTube by Section 51 - a UFO fan channel. Section 51 claims that the bizarre film was captured by American...
  17. Devil505

    Would you vote "Yes" for the opening of a large ME refugee camp in your neighborhood?

    The U.S. has agreed to accept 8500 ME refugees as part of a worldwide humanitarian aid package. Let's see how we really feel about this.' (Votes are anonymous so please be honest)
  18. excalibur

    Large Majority Uncomfortable With Direction on Social Issues

    Not surprising. Americans ?Uncomfortable? With Direction of Country on Social Issues After SCOTUS Rulings | Washington Free Beacon
  19. Spookycolt

    More than 347,000 convicted criminal immigrants at large in u.s.

    So it sounds like Trump was right after all. More Than 347,000 Convicted Criminal Immigrants At Large In U.S. - Breitbart
  20. Lunchboxxy

    Sudden onset of Antarctic sea ice so large it affects Earth's gravity field

    Now this is not a consequence that I expected.